Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ROSWELL CONFESSIONS: New Witness Testimony

See the shocking new testimony from Army intelligence officer Jack Trowbridge,
who speaks for the first time about the Roswell UFO crash and how he
personally handled "memory material" taken from the wreck site.

It came from outer space

Images of UFOs, purportedly videotaped in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, have Internet viewers watching and debating.

One giant leap for space fashion: MIT team designs sleek, skintight spacesuit

Saturday, August 11, 2007


"Foundation director Yury Lavbin brought the three-ton rock to Krasnoyarsk after an 2004 expedition to the site of the so-called "Tunguska event" - a mysterious mid-air explosion in Siberia in 1908 that was 1 000 times more powerful than the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945."

Call me paranoid. Call me gullible. can call me a sucker. But, a 3 ton rock disappears, nevermind the fact that this rock has to do with the infamous/mysterious TUNGUSKA EVENT, and no one thinks this is weird?

Will wonders never cease.

Monday, August 06, 2007


Stanton Friedman does not want to hear about underground dwellers building spaceships. He isn't interested in little grey people hopping dimensions within our own. Forget about our unknown cousins traipsing through unknown forests or living like Aquaman in unexplored seas. Stanton Friedman owns it all up to space. Outer Space. The final frontier. And for that, everyone has a joke...everyone has a gripe. Everyone but me. Because when everyone stops looking at the sky, I am putting my faith in the one man who still will. I can't say I agree with him all the time, but I know where he is coming from. Ufology is an enigma within an enigma. There's no room for who knows what better than whom. Know-it-all's don't belong here. Neither do show-off's or people who may have once entertained the idea of becoming famous for the sake of being famous. Ufology is for people with their feet firmly planted; rooted in the subtext of the unknown. Who are you going to turn to when things really simmer at the surface? The guys who write a zillion books but don't know diddly and have a problem with everyone else and everyone else's theories. Or, the guy, who although biased, has maintained a state of formidable balance in an area where formadibility is nonexistent. In essense, trust the man who when this field gets weighed down by bull and banter, will still keep his eyes to the skies, hoping...for the rest of us.

Gorightly On Roswell

By Nick Redfern


“To some, challenging the Roswell-dead-alien-theory is akin to roasting Ufology’s most sacred cow, which Nick pointed out during Sunday’s speaker’s panel. Unfortunately, there are those within the UFO field who see Roswell as the fundamental linchpin holding the entire ET Hypothesis together, and that if Roswell is proven to be something other than an alien crash, it might indeed bring down a whole Ufological house of cards, which is rather short sighted, but is nonetheless the sentiment I seem to pick up on when–among the Ufological set–anyone dares challenge the Roswell crash as anything other than extraterrestrial in origin. Which is not to say that Mr. Redfern (or your humble author, for that matter) has come to a definitive conclusion as to what happened at Roswell although Nick seems as open as anyone to the possibility of ET’s visiting our planet. The point he was trying to make is that we need to look objectively at all UFO cases, not only Roswell, and let the truth lead us where it may. (Leave your agendas at the door, please.) And if indeed Roswell was something other than an alien crash, then let’s be willing to face those facts as they emerge, and then get on with further research.”

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Sometimes I can't help but wonder if some supposed *ufologists* aren't just looking for something to fill a void in their life. You know the people of whom I speak. They are always knocking the realm of ufology down for the count. They are always cynical...they don't get along with anyone...and they don't really, truly believe in the phenomena. They just open their mouths and expell contradiction after contradiction. And then, in the end, they have the nerve to ask, "What's the use?" Or, "Who cares anymore?" My answer..."You don't, so back the frakk up!"