Monday, January 23, 2012

Giants of Antiquity and beyond

Lately I've been rolling my eyes at the tales of women copulating with angels. Yeah, I know, some people actually believe that shit, but where do we draw that fine number two pencil line in the sand? Why do I have a problem with this, you may ask? It's simple, no woman has ever given birth to a giant. Now, let me clarify: Some people who've been born from average height mothers and shorter have grown to Basketball star heights and with the aid of an overactive pituitary gland, some have found their way into the guinness book.

I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the men of reknown. The giants who were the sons of watchers, born of the daughters of man, who were Jack and The Beanstalk GIANTS. Not. Gonna. Happen. Not saying it didn't happen then, but I think that people are pretending they don't know there's an elephant in the room.

Once upon a time, everything was big. Tree, animals, lizards, insects (still animals, but you know what I mean). Things you couldn't even imagine being so huge these days, like rodents were big enough to rival trees. Yes, everything was big. They called it the Pleistocene epoch. Everything was HUGE!

So, if we push back the biblical tales a bit, is it possible that the People of that epoch were huge too? I am going out on a limb here, but honestly it all boils down to logic: Giant women will beget giant children. And giant men who fly (most likely in spaceships) can only have sex with women who are the SAME SIZE.

There is no way we can turn a blind eye to the fact that when the SONS OF GOD SAW THAT THE DAUGHTERS OF MAN WERE BEAUTIFUL... what giant see's a teeny tiny woman as beautiful? Better still, what teeny tiny woman is surviving in an age when everything else is larger than the empire state or thereabouts?

People say, "Don't take it literally" and yet that is what they do all day when they try to force feed scripture to you. So the next time someone starts quoting the bible, hit them with the something to think about: How did Arch angels, or the hierarchy of heaven manage to impregnate average sized human women and create GIANTS for offspring? Because the bible says there were giants in the earth in those days WHEN the sons of god, ---not BECAUSE--- the sons of god hooked up with the daughters of man.

Yeah, there were giants in those days. Every last one of them.

Monday, January 09, 2012

The Vatican and Freemasons

I've just finished watching BRAD MELTZER's 'DECODED' . An episode on the death of Pope John Paul the 1st. The accusations and conspiracies abound. At the center of it all is the idea of the Freemasons taking control of the Vatican and killing the Pope to keep secrets. But the one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb (and the one thing no one is really mentioning) is the fact that John Paul the 1st died '33' days after he took to the Papacy.

The number '33' just reeks of Freemasonry and if there is one thing us common folk have come to know it's that the Freemasons adhere to strict rules and rigors of their belief system. To make John Paul the 1st's death a powerful page in Freemason history they had to make it symbolic. Why not use a symbol of importance like the number '33'?

Just stating the obvious.

Monday, January 02, 2012


If you've never had the pleasure of walking passed a doomsayer, then you've clearly missed out and should rethink your life. In all seriousness, nothing beats having someone push the concept of 'end times' down your throat. "The end is nigh... repent...repent...repent." Truth be told, I think a few people *cough* Christians *cough* forgot that their savior died for EVERYONEs sins. SO what are we repenting for? The Kardashians?

The fact is, January 1st came and went, and yes, we are only into day two of the prophesied year of OMG!ZOMBIES!ASTEROIDS!HURRICANES!VOLCANOES!DIEHUMANSDIE! scenarios, but oddly enough the year seems to have come in pretty quiet.

For starters, no one really got out this year. Many of the people I have known to raise a few too many glasses at some of the most crowded clubs, opted to stay home this year. And yeah, maybe Times Square was crowded, but was it as crowded as in previous years?

I stayed in with family, drank a little, watched a little tv and ate ate ate. But I didn't feel a shiver in me timbers when the ball dropped. I had no resolutions to set into action. All the hoopla from all the "HFR"s of the world made 2012 out to be the year of epic badness and I am just wondering if the year will live up to our imaginations.

If you've ever read The Secret and believed that our thoughts and desires manifest, well then, you will have to consider that if something bad does go down, like... let's say, mass extinction... then every person who's ever been a strong believer in 2012 is responsible.

If anyone needs to repent, it's the people who want the world to end simply because they can't pay their bills or get along with their boss. What about the rest of us? Maybe we like it here. Maybe we want you to shut up and do something about your problems instead of hoping some massive event will wipe them away.

In fact, if anything bad does go down in 2012, I say the rest of us prepare to kick all the doomsayers asses! For the betterment of ALL HUMANKIND.