Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Disclosure my ass

Ex-Air Force Personnel: UFOs Deactivated Nukes

Say Reports of Unexplained Lights in Sky Near Missile Sites Corresponded With Mysterious Shut-Downs of ICBMs

(CBS) Whatever the mysterious lights in the sky were, they seemed to have an interest in our nukes.

One of the more out-of-the-ordinary press conferences held in Washington this week consisted of former Air Force personnel testifying to the existence of UFOs and their ability to neutralize American and Russian nuclear missiles.

UFO researcher Robert Hastings of Albuquerque, N.M., who organized the National Press Club briefing, said more than 120 former service members had told him they'd seen unidentified flying objects near nuclear weapon storage and testing grounds.

Star & Stripes quoted former Air Force Capt. Robert Salas, who was at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in 1967 when 10 ICMs he was overseeing suddenly became inoperative - at the same time base security informed him of a mysterious red glowing object in the sky.

Robert Jamison, a retired USAF nuclear missile targeting officer, told of several occasions having to go out and "re-start" missiles that had been deactivated, after UFOs were sighted nearby.

Similar sightings at nuclear sites in the former Soviet Union and in Britain were related.

It's not that I don't think it'll happen someday. Okay, I DON'T think it'll happen at all. Why? Because
that is just not the way things work. The government won't just decide oneday to tell us we are not
alone. Nor will they suddenly get all gracious on us and open up secret files for public viewing. What
will happen is far more sinister. And honestly, we should all be prepared. What will happen is something
big, maybe bad...maybe worse than bad. And then the Powers That Be with have no choice. So if
you are waiting for that epic moment when BIG BROTHER comes out of the closet, don't hold your

The aliens will beat them to it.

You can read the full article here.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Detailed Triangle UFO description

Three of us were returning from a high school football game in a SUV traveling north on 17th street on the east side of Bend, Oregon. It was 10 pm when we noticed lights to the north, off in the distance, perhaps several miles away. It was a clear night and no moon light. 

As we discussed the incident later, all of us at first just assumed it was an aircraft at first. However the object then went from what seemed like a stationary point several miles off and at a high rate of speed, perhaps 1500 mph, as though it was shot from a gun, it came directly towards us and stopped a short ways off, maybe 1000 feet away. It stopped instantly; there did not appear to be any acceleration or deceleration -it just went full speed and stopped on a dime. 

Then the object in a similar manner shot off in easterly direction and stopped again then it came back again and hovered perhaps 500 feet away and not more than 500 in elevation. Then the object moved very slowly getting closer to us. We could see very clearly the object was triangular in shape perhaps the same mass as a medium sized motor home, not really very large. Underneath the object were perhaps 15 symmetrically placed bright white lights that formed the shape of a triangle with lights inside the triangular shape as well. I would estimate the diameter of the lights at 5" and they were definitely round in shape, the bottom side protruded down sort of like spot light in shape. All the lights were on and extremely bright, not flashing or pulsing or fading. 

The object was approximately 1/3 longer than the width of what appeared to be the rear of the object. On the sides were red lights that appeared to at times be on wings or perhaps the upper sides of the craft. One of the witnesses with me said he saw blue lights, which I did not see. When the craft was slowly hovering a short distance away it seemed that part of the craft, the part illuminated with the red lights, rotated or shifted some how in a very bizarre manner, as though they meshed, passed through each other and traded sides on the craft which gave the impression it was flip flopping around, although the triangular shaped lights on the bottom remained constant and did not change or fluctuate in their positions. 

These events all unfolded in about 90 seconds, then again the craft shot off, like shot from a gun. It went from a hovering position to full speed instantaneously which was at a very high rate of speed in a westerly direct and in just an instant out of sight. All of these maneuvers did not generate any noise, the craft was absolutely quiet and did not stir up any dust on the ground. We did not see it again, it was gone. 

All of us were shocked and nervously laughed about what we just seen. Not one of had ever seen anything like it before. We started to try to explain what we saw. We eliminated helicopters because it would have been noisy and would stirred up a bunch of dust. A helicopter could never perform those types of maneuvers, we eliminated airplanes for similar reasons. The only conclusion we could draw was that the object was a UFO. 

Perhaps this was a once in a life time event for the three of us, but we all agree, we hope to see it again. It was very interesting and fascinating. In retrospect not one of us was fearful or frightened, only curious. I spent a good portion of the next evening looking into the night sky hoping to see it again. We all agreed we would never look up to the night sky in the same way after seeing our first UFO.
View the entire Report here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weird Pic O' the day!

Take a seat.

On Mars.


Existence under a microscope @ INTANGIBLE MATERIALITY

In the last post through the library of language as a time binding agency of thought as processed through cultural and individuated memory, I came to the nexus of perceptual camouflage as a defense mechanism of a non human. Missing time equates to missing memory, and missing memory is also perhaps present in the images superimposed on observers as the imprint of intentionally absurd, false realities.We normally assume that these perceptual anomalies are aggressive, whereas I am equally convinced they are defensive. It is difficult for us to envision a reversed series of causation in regard to cultural contamination, which they may seek, or as another possibility,direct perceptual interaction may be a toxin, or it is simply a matter of incompatibility between two systemic states of sentience. What we normally project is aggression, what we normally assume is intentional perceptional disassociation as an act of tactical invasion. What if we are wrong? What if the shoe of nature lies affixed to the other foot and we are such sentient anomalies that direct contact, not by cognitive choice but by our respective sentience is so oppositional that one must avoid the other by a screen, or a screen or camouflage is created when the admixture jells as one misconceives the other? When looking at the biochemical aspect of abductees and the chemical simulations that our minds produce from photon irradiation, I looked at how would be victims of reciprocal feeding processes can produce defensive foul smells, biological feints, paralyzing agents as in the cetacean species, misconception by appearance, etc. What is striking in this is how much all of this is taken in our case, simply at face value. This is what we saw therefore this is what it appeared to be and leave out the most critical factoring, that is why a sleight of hand is necessary? These are tactical in nature quite literally, and yet no real thought has been given to this. Even at the human cellular level with toxins, and antibodies and so forth, a sort of cross mimicry occurs as a balancing of the environment to the living system as a somatic contingency.

David Icke @ BOA

The Binnall of America season finale was no small bow. It was more of a massive supernova. With David Icke and Reptilians. Check it out!

BoA:Audio closes the book on Season V with one of the most requested and anticipated interviews in the history of our program as we proudly welcome a bonafide global esoteric superstar: the incomparable David Icke. Taped weeks before he embarked on a 10 city, 8 country world tour, David Icke joins us for a two hour conversation covering his infamous 'Reptilian' theory as well as the furor that continues to surround it. We'll delve into his latest work, which sees the master conspiracist allege that the Illuminati agenda is on the verge of crumbling and that the moon is an artificial satellite. We'll also talk about his notorious Wogan interview from 1991 which saw Icke become a household name in the UK, much to his chagrin, and find out how that changed him personally and professionally. Icke will also reflect on his return to Wogan in 2006 and his infamous 'turquoise period.' We'll learn what he thinks of contemporary UFO reports, the stagnation of the 911 Truth Movement, and, getting seriously deep, the very nature of God. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Vatican believes Aliens can be converted

You don't have to be a human to believe in Jesus Christ. At least, not according to Vatican AstronomerGuy Consolmagno. Consolmagno told The Guardian, "Any entity – no matter how many tentacles it has – has a soul." And it is the soul and free will that makes an Extraterrestrial a creation of God. Right?

Soooo...if Extraterrestrials show up, pretend to be god, manipulate most of us into worshipping them, thereby allowing them to creep in when we are most vulnerable and destroying our planet...does that mean they are doing God's work?


You can read the rest of the Guardians article here.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Battle Of Los Angeles (1942)

Was there more than one UFO in the sky the night of the infamous

Time Walker (1982)

The first time I saw this movie, I was probably 9-10 years old. It had a strong impression
on me. Since then I have searched off and on for a copy. The movie is hard to find in any medium which makes me wonder, why?

I know there could be Hollywood distribution politics to explain this, but given the fact that so many people already believe extraterrestrials had a hand in pre-history, it just makes me wonder if this is a scenario our gov't could have encountered.

Imagine an EBE stranded on earth and mummified while in some sort of suspended sleep or what have you. Fast forward to an age where humankinds technology is capable of allowing such a being to regain consciousness and return home.

Yeah, it's far fetched. Yeah, it's absurdly Hollywood. But still, stranger things have happened. Just because you can't read it in the morning paper, that doesn't mean it isn't news.

If anyone can supply me with a copy of this film, I would appreciate it.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Time of the Trolls

Jon Downes is keeping track of the recent upsurge in Troll sightings.

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Batteries Not Included

A Missouri couple reports being awakened by a bright flash of light in their bedroom at 12:30 a.m. on September 3, 2010, and discovering a "small, disc-like" object hovering in the room, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.
The object was described as being 12 inches in diameter, gray metallic in color, with a dome on top and windows around the dome.
The husband first saw the object "move about the room from corner to corner, flashing the strobe-like light (he believes it is a camera of some sort), then it hoovered over his bed." He then woke up his wife, who also saw the object.
The small craft also had small beings inside.