Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I've been completely immersed in the whole flying humanoids phenomena of late. I don't know what it is...perhaps my love of Superhero's...or the fact that being able to fly is a power on everyone's wishlist. But, the enigma itself is unsettling. Just thinking about humanoids possessing the ability to fly---hovering over our heads, in the dark, unawares---is enough to creep out the toughest investigator. So, I've wrestled various theories and come up short everytime, until I caught this post on Paleo-Future about a man, with a JETPACK, flying over Disneyland in 1966! Yes, 1966! So it got me to thinking, if this was possible in 1966, imagine what a really clever engineer or backyard jetpack enthusiast could come up with today, and considering that probability, is it not possible, maybe even factual and sound to consider that maybe what we percieve as otherworldly flying humanoids are nothing more than gadget geeks testing out the new wave in Jetpack technology? I'm considering it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

There's one born every second it seems...

Miraculous Mud Pond with Alien Healing Powers is the HEADLINE...

People are flocking to wallow in the mud of 3 small remote ponds that locals in Peru believe to possess miraculous healing powers brought by alien space ships. Residents of Chilca — a dusty, desert town on the Pacific coast 40 miles (20 kilometers) southeast of Lima — claim that aliens altered the mud flats in town, infusing them with inexplicable healing powers.

A man is covered with mud in a medicinal mud pond at the “Lagoon of Miracles” in Chilca, Peru. Photo China Daily

It’s said that the lagoons cure everything from acne to rheumatism and boast plentiful cures. Ailing Peruvians arrive sick and in a short time set forth healed and revitalized.

The nutrient rich mud is applied to the skin as a natural peel that restores the cells of the skin and eliminates toxins. The secret of the cure is to bake in the sun, allowing the mud to thoroughly dry after utterly plying yourself from top to bottom with the medicinal muck.

People apply mud one to another at the “Lagoon of Miracles.” Photo China Daily

Two women cover their skin with mud at the “Lagoon of Miracles.” Photo China Daily

A man applies mud to his face at the “Lagoon of Miracles.” Photo China Daily

The 3 Healing Lagoons
The “Lagoon of Miracles” which lies near the entrance of the town along with the mud ponds that surround it is said to heal skin aliments, acne, rheumatism, and arthritis with its distinct greenish colored mud containing minerals of chloride of sodium, sulfate, and carbonate of calcium.

The “Lagoon of Enchantment” is a crevasse in the interior of the lagoon linked directly with the sea by an underwater canal, sought after to heal ailments of the eyes, nerves, joints, and low blood pressure.

The “Lagoon of Mellicera” is believed to increase fertility and may be attributed for the unusually high birth rate of twins in the village. Locals use the lagoon to cure skin and bones aliments, and relief from diabetes.

A man covered with mud at the “Lagoon of Miracles.” Photo China Daily

Photo REUTERS / Enrique Castro-mendivil

Photo REUTERS / Enrique Castro-mendivil

UFO Sightings
Local doctors and scientists accredit these enigmatic and inexplicable healing properties to the UFO’s which have allegedly been sighted and well documented in the area that seemingly radiate the waters.

Mayor Ruma Nueda says, “Lots of people claim to have seen UFO’s and strange lights in the night sky over Chilca. People here believe in UFO’s.”

“Locals say that space ships come to harvest an unknown material from the [ocean] area off Chilca’s beach. The UFO’s supposedly leave behind substances that leach into the ponds and give them curative powers.”

“Townspeople cite an abundance of twins in Chilca — more than 100 pairs in this town of 10,000, as proof of the power of the ‘Twin Maker’ pond.” Nueda says.

A plethora of information can be found on the net claiming Peruvian sightings and film footage, with sites even dedicated to UFO’s in Peru.

Joshua Shapiro claims that that about 50% of Peruvians have either had a UFO experience or knew of someone who did. Some claim to have had a pleasant contact while others have not. In the more rural areas, UFO’s are accepted as real and nothing extraordinary.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


BoA:Audio explores ghost hunting with guest Larry Flaxman, founder of the Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team (ARPAST).
Topics discussed :: The ins and outs, creation and evolution, and research methods of the ARPAST group. We'll get Larry's critical thoughts on EMF meters, EVPs, orbs, and some of the problems with today's ghost hunting groups. Plus, we'll have lots of big picture discussion on the ghost hunting field, its explosion in popularity, and the plusses and minuses of the rapid growth for that esoteric genre.

Time : 1 Hour, 50 Minutes


When I was about 11 or so, my mom bought the TIME LIFE BOOKS MYSTERIES OF THE UNKNOWN collection. I claimed the UFO MYSTERIES for my library. But there was another (the title eludes me) that was all about sea monsters, giants, little people and flying creatures and that was when my sister and I discovered the MOKELE MBEMBE. We prided ourselves on getting the pronunciation right and we watched every program we could on the subject. We were both convinced that it was a brontosaurus or a plesiosaur. I wanted to grow up, become and explorer and enter the African Congo in search of the beast. I still wonder what it might be, and I still believe in it...I just wish I could check it out for myself.

The Walson vid's/PRANKS---the ruin of UFOLOGY

It figures that sooner or later something like this would get exposed. I am not saying I ever believed any of it, but I did think it was cool nonetheless. I can totally get behind believing that there might be ancient craft floating out there in the deeper, darker recesses of space. Why not? According to the geniuses of the world, we are relatively young, so what if there is a much older, space faring race out there...or was. Heck, for all we know everyone else could be dead and we could be remnants of some great, lost race. Whatever. All I have to say is I was conned. I was intrigued and now I am pissed. Hoaxers are the bane of my existence. Hoaxers are killing ufology. Every judgemental person I've ever encountered---every sceptic---they all have the hoaxers for an excuse.
So, as ufologists, what's ours?

Friday, February 08, 2008

An Altar Beyond Olympus for a Deity Predating Zeus

Wow! Just...wow.

The excavators were astonished. They were digging in a sanctuary to Zeus, in Greek mythology the father of gods and goddesses. From texts in Linear B, an ancient form of Greek writing, Zeus is attested as a pre-eminent god as early as 1400 B.C. By some accounts, the birthplace of Zeus was on the heights of Lykaion.

After reviewing the findings of pottery experts, geologists and other archaeologists, David Gilman Romano of the University of Pennsylvania concluded that material at the Lykaion altar “suggests that the tradition of devotion to some divinity on that spot is very ancient” and “very likely predates the introduction of Zeus in the Greek world.”

As Dr. Romano remarked, quoting a quip by a friend, “We went from B.C. to B.Z., before Zeus.”

The discovery by the Mount Lykaion Excavation and Survey Project was described last week in interviews and a lecture by Dr. Romano at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at Penn. Mary E. Voyatzis, a project co-director from the University of Arizona, discussed her analysis of the telltale pottery. The project’s third co-director is Michaelis Petropoulos of the Greek Archaeological Service.