Saturday, February 15, 2014

Brad Steiger and Nick Redfern on BOA

I am seriously surprised a quadruple rainbow didn't issue forth from the mouth of the Loch Ness monster---while riding on the back of a robotic unicorn--- in the middle of an Alien Invasion, when this episode aired.


And when that book comes out... the Large Hadron Collider will find God.

Just saying.

You can listen to the Glory and the Wonder here.

Love and UFO's: Why the Fields of the Paranormal need more COUPLES! (and chocolate!)

Yesterday the world was aflutter with chocolate overdoses, dead rose petals scattered from bedrooms to hallways to ... places. Champagne was popped and proposals were made. Love was in the air. But that was on TV. In the real world, all the lonely people were trying to figure out just where DO they all belong.

It got me to thinking: Maybe LOVE is what's missing from the Field(s) of the Paranormal. Not so much love as a good dose of Male/Female chemistry.

For a while now, the men have dominated Ufology and even a majority of the Ghost Hunters are male. If I asked you to name your favorite Cryptozoologist, it's most likely a guy. But it doesn't have to be this way. Yes, it would be nice if the 'boys' club had room for girls, but then what would our respective fields of curiosity and awe be without  Brad and Sherry Steiger or the legacy of Ed and Lorraine Warren?

You see, what Ufology and the Paranormal is missing is COUPLES!

Don't get me wrong, there's been the occasional coupling of researchers of the same sex (mostly men) who have contributed a great deal of work because a lot of this stuff takes more than one mind---more than one point of view---to figure out.

But the male and female dynamic is something different. It's the ID and the EGO. It's the Believer and the Sceptic. It's Scully and Mulder, saving the world, one day at a time in their own special way. And what would it all have amounted to if either one of them went it alone?

The thing with the Paranormal is the men have the fortitude to drop everything and search for the unknowable, while the women have the foresight to keep things in perspective, and what does that mean? It means that when one person is researching and getting answers, the other person is asking, "What can we get out of this?" And the debate ensues and it goes on and on, however long it has to, because the two people most interested in finding the answers are always together.

They don't leave each other for vacations. They don't decide to branch off into other endeavors leaving one half to find a replacement to keep the seat warm for the next podcast. Because the mystery that is the Paranormal is not something so small and contained that it can take only one mind to comprehend. There are far too many minds trying to take this thing apart and put it back together, what have we got to show for it?

What the world needs now is love, sweet love, but what Ufology/Ghost hunting/Bigfoot researching and the full spectrum of Curious Fields needs is two minds who can agree to disagree, sleep on it, wake up the next day and revisit it and always keep it fresh... while operating from the same side of the fence.

So come on guys, couple up already. Or find some one of like-minded interest and curiosity and equal parts insanity because at the end of the day you're really going to want to roll over and say, "So what do you think about this whole Paracas skulls thing?" And you know damn well you want the person on the other side of the bed to know what the hell you're talking about.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Splashing water does not an elemental make

Inexplicata has a post re: a lighted being taken at a beach. Take a close look. Not at the being, but at the three kids standing in the foreground. One of them is splashing water. The light from the sun, reflecting off the particles of water makes an impressive just explainable being DONT you think? Check it out for yourself.

Go here.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Jim Marrs @ Binnall of America

Tim Binnall starts the eighth season of BOA audio with the inimitable Jim Marrs. You can listen here.

Here's a brief synopsis:

We begin the conversation with Jim explaining the true meaning behind the term 'occulted' as used in the title of his new bookOur Occulted History as well as the general hypothesis behind the book. Jim goes on to talk about NASA tinkering with photos of the moon and Mars as well as the potential that a 'Planet X' may be responsible for a global warming effect throughout the universe. Additionally, Jim talks about the bizarre Bosnian pyramid, which scientists claim is merely a natural hill, and how the Smithsonian Institute has repeatedly grabbed anomalous artifacts and hidden them away from the public.


Sunday, June 30, 2013


I think I was abducted last night. 'Think' is the relevant word here because honestly, I don't know what the hell happened. I think the Alien Abduction phenomena is like a notebook that's been bought with the intentions of being written in, only, there's nothing to write. I mean, what can you say about the possibility that some creatures from some other part of the universe, are coming here in spaceships, to take some people out of their beds, cars and campers, and for what? Some say experimentation. Some say... well, forget what everyone else says. At the end of the day, if this crazy shit has happened to you, the last thing you are thinking about is how someone's going to scientifically quantify it. Truth be told, I am thinking about only one thing right now and that is: HOW NOT TO GO BACK TO SLEEP! EVER AGAIN!

But again, I must stress that I am not absolutely or even remotely, certain what went down. So I can only tell you what I can remember. Or, in stranger ways, what THEY let me remember.

Yesterday was an exhaustive and unusual day for me. I usually don't leave the house at dawn, only to return at midnight. I had a full day, that I must confess, did include alcohol. So I was completely drained of all energy by the time I got home last night. I jumped in the shower. I ate the other half of my Panera grilled cheese sandwich. I downed some Smart Water and after brushing my teeth and scouring the newsfeeds on my tablet, I went to bed.

Sometime in the night I thought I heard bees.

It was a loud droning sound that went passed my window. I live on the third floor and for some weird reason my mind processed the sound so that it was familiar. Bees. Giant bees. These 'bees' went by and were gone. I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Sometime later, they came back.

Only this time I could hear the unmistakable, body numbing hum for what it was. I was suddenly paralyzed as the 'bees' got closer and as I felt myself being lifted from my mattress my head jerked to the left as something numb pricked me near the back of the ear.

The last thing I remember. Actually, the last TWO things I remember, however odd they seem now, they were plausible (to me) at the time: a) I said the 'OUR FATHER', but the second time I found that I could no longer remember the rest of the prayer, as if my mind had been wiped, and b) I do remember covering my crotch. Why? I can't even begin to give a definitive explanation, but somehow I felt like I had to keep THEM away from my crotch.

Honestly, I don't normally share much of my stranger experiences. Mostly because I can't readily explain them and also because I get tired of justifying them to other people. But today, at midday, I find myself thinking back to last night and KNOWING with a shadow of doubt so thin it could easily blow away in the wind, that something strange and unearthly happened to me last night.

Something, the likes of which hasn't happened to me in YEARS.

I don't have a better explanation. I don't have any explanation. I don't even want to know what really went down. But most of all, above all things... I don't even want to go back to sleep.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Paracast talks to Linda Godfrey

NOW PLAYING! October 21, 2012 — Linda Godfrey

A Halloween treat. All things Werewolf.

I've been having some difficulty getting my work back on the web (blogs, BOA, Examiner, etc) due to the fact that I no longer own a lap top and am at the mercy of other computer owners (family, friends) but I will be back on my A-game soon.