Monday, April 14, 2008

Are we covertly being colonized by Aliens?

Those of us involved in the emerging field of exopolitics attempt to make sense out of the huge body of evidence available to us involving extraterrestrial reality. I believe the stakes are very high for all of humanity that we collectively understand our situation relative to UFO/ET reality. Developing this situational awareness involves understanding the real reasons for 60 year old UFO/ET cover up even while we struggle to end it.

My personal contention with this has always been, if they are so much more intelligent, powerful and all around awesome than we are, then why so stealth? You want the planet, come and pry it from our cold, calloused, youtube obsessed, chocolate-laden, music lovin', porn making, war mongering hands.



Laurence Gardner talks to Whitley Strieber

The legend of the HOLY GRAIL...

I remember being deeply enthralled with the mystery of the HOLY GRAIL way back when INDIANA JONES and SEAN CONNERY entered a tomb and met a KNIGHT (Templar), who guarded the cup. From then on, I looked high and low for any and all info I could find on the subject, and no one knows it better than Laurence Gardner.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Battlestar Galactica returned for its fourth and final season on friday. As someone deeply intrigued with the esoteric I have found the conflict between the humans and the cylons more realistic and probable in the advent of extraterrestrial contact.
Yes, the show is about human created robots who essentially want to destroy their creators because they believe that they (the cylons), are without sin and (g)ods chosen children. But, haven't we had that mentality for eons? Imagine a race of beings landing on the white house lawn and essentially telling us, "Sorry, but we're better than you and we think you deserve to be annihilated."
This is the crux of the human/e.t. conundrum. Who will trump who in the cosmic food chain? In the Battlestar Universe it seems at times like the colonials have the upper hand, but then the cylons pull something out of their collective asses and we're back to square one.
The one thing that gets me every time is the biblical context regarding the creation being in the image of the creator. The cylons have created 'skinjobs'; cylons who resemble humans in every way, and yet, if their goal is to be better, than why not look like something else entirely?
Why mimic the very race you seek to annihilate?
Why be something you loathe? Or, is there some internal conflict that makes them want to be human but because of their programming they reject such an idea?
It's interesting because the human race has been trying to kill god for centuries and for what? To become god of course. To be as gods in the sight of the universe. Fine. But consider that whatever we create may have to follow the same protocol we set out way back when we decided we were better, and one day we may come face to face with out own universal mortality at the hands of our own children.
So, if we were created by extraterrestrials, then it's obvious at this moment why they haven't made contact? Maybe they're not ready to be upstaged by the next best thing.

Friday, April 04, 2008


In the case of the STEPHENVILLE sightings, are UFOLOGISTS buying off witnesses? I am just as p*ssed as Lesley is.