Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wish I was there...

A lead "fold-over" sarcophagus found in Rome may contain the remains of a famous Gladiator! This warms my heart. You can read the rest here.


Benjamin Grundy...be my friend.

Listen to M.U.

You will thank me.

The Gods and their MAN PURSES...

The Annunaki were gods of ancient Sumeria, and they wielded some pretty wicked power. The power to give rise to human society, from speech to a written language. Or so our historians say. We all know that this is all subjective, but sometimes, there are just certain things that turn up that make you wonder who the hell we are and what went on in our past.

The flying gods in things shooting across the skies that are subject to interpretation can make you wonder, but then their are things like these:

The manpurses are all over the place. Are they some fashion-forward statement of the gods? Do they hold the key to some kind of ancient technology? I mean, these guys never wore shirts and always wore skirts. Maybe it was a 'look' they were going for.

Okay, I am kidding. But things like this make me want to smack skeptics, because it's a zillion percent apparent the Annunaki new the Olmecs and so on. These things don't catch on so easily in a past that didn't have internet. So, what were our ancestors up to? Did they carry tri-corders? Were their manpurses actually boxes for them to control their starships?

I could go on all night. But honestly, I'm thinking, if those things existed, someone's gotta dig one up sooner or later. And yeah, maybe the Smithsonian will confiscate it and hide it...but the Smithsonian is only a building. Ya dig?

You can read more here.


Ningen is the Japanese word for HUMAN. Only thing is, it's more often used in reference to a being that lives in the oceans. This thing is like a giant human-like fish. It first caught my attention 5 years ago, while I was messing around on Youtube. I have been intrigued ever since. I have an affinity for giants. If the Ningen is a giant water human, well then, how the eff did it evade our detection for so long?

A Physic(cal) smackdown...

I love entertainment in all its facets. Except reality tv of course. I am a writer. Regardless of whether I am good or not. I write because it's like breathing, and so for me, storytelling in every medium is gods gift to a sucky ass existence on earth. And so, I watch movies with half of my head empty, purposely, because entertainment should make you feel good, whether it's sensical or not. That having been said, sometimes, depending on how much awareness you have, you see stupidity and you can't tune it out.

Well Dave Goldberg saw a lot of stupidity in the HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and he couldn't tune it out. And you know what, I am happy he did , because the WORST thing in the world is a dumbed down society who can't accept real science. Seriously. I am tired of having arguments with idiots.

You can read Goldberg's gripe here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nick Redfern live chat at MabusIncarnate

Join Jeffery Pritchett and Nick Redfern for a live Q&A at MabusIncarnate.com, at 6pm Eastern time. Nick will discuss anything and everything, because no topic is off limits so long as it's respectful and insightful. M.I. hosts a chat every sunday, exclusively with some of the biggest names in Ufology, the Paranormal and beyond. Sign up now and be a part of the discussion.

Next week:

Angelia Joiner

Treading lightly...

I went out to dinner tonight, with my sister and mom. We ate, we made wise cracks about certain people we know who do stupid shit all the time. You know, normal girl talk. But slowly, as the good food (and champagne) simmered in our bellies, we got to talking about our house.

I grew up in a big grey house, formerly known as "The haunted house", but really just an old convent my grandfather bought for cheap back in the 60's. To live in that house was to know the difference between 'real' ghosts and bullshit stories people tell to pass the time.

We had the typical stuff, like hearing someone calling your name. Shadows darting around. Apparitions. Blood footsteps down the hall. TV's going off when you said, "On." On when you said, "Off." And of course, there was the running upstairs. Like an olympic sprinter was darting from room to room.

Only there wasn't anybody there.

This is also the house where I would hear the buzzing. The ominous humming and still to this day, mysterious deep hum that turned into a buzz that radiated through the walls and into my body. And the paralysis. I remember nights waking up on a metal slab in a dark room.

That's when I started to find far too many similarities between "alien abductions" and "hauntings". That's also when I started to believe in a higher, more powerful GOOD power. Because something protected me. Always. The house I grew up in was haunted. Simple as that.

But then something happened.

One day, my grandfather. My Superman in life, became my superhero in the afterlife. And this is where the conversation peaked. Because my mother, my sister and I remembered when the bad feelings in the house went away. When my grandfather died it was evident he was protecting us in that house. And in many ways, he was protecting us FROM the house.

There was a time I would never venture into the basement. You couldn't pay me. Now I go down there without a care. My mother wouldn't even walk passed the basement door, but as she went on to explain, she recently went down there at 2am to check on her thermostat.

Places that were a no go are now harmless and absent of all darkness. There is no evil there. Nothing to fear but cobwebs and old adidas sneakers. The closets have nothing but clothes in them. No one lurks. And most of all, if I sleep there, I sleep like a baby. From time to time, we see his shadow. We hear him whistle. He is everywhere and nowhere at once.

All I can say for sure is, I grew up in a haunted house. But if you came for a visit, you'd think I was full of shit.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Flatwoods Monster and Mass Confusion

So today I saw the HISTORY CHANNEL's 'MONSTERQUEST' episode on the Flatwoods Monster. Mind you, the episode was titled REPTILE MAN or whatever, so I was expecting something entirely different. Instead I was subjected to yet another analysis of the Starchild Skull and Stanton Friedman in the woods, scoping out evidence that the eyewitnesses of the Flatwoods monster where high on natural gases, and therefore hallucinating.

Meanwhile, a forensic artist pieced the Starchild Skull together and a Biological Archaeologist tested the skull for (more) oddities. I did find out some interesting things today, despite the fact that this episode was a hodge-podge of 'let's-throow-everything-in-there-including-the-baby-and-the-bathwater' ideology.

First off, the Starchild will never look human to satisfy any agenda. No matter how many artists these networks can hire to piece that thing together. Its eyeballs couldn't move (it's impossible for that being/child to have had normal eyes, unless the History Channel plans on airing an episode on FROG PEOPLE and having the Starchild Skull analyzed again), its neck was thick (with extra muscle and tendon to support the unusually proportioned head) and nothing like a humans, so don't give me any crap about cradle boarding or head modifications due to the culture in which that child was raised. The Starchild is biologically odd. It was born that way.

And speaking of culture, etc.,. we are talking about a being that is over 900 years old. It did not come from a cradle boarding culture, seeing as the female skull found with it was normal. In fact, I venture to guess that this child was probably feared...an outcast. And perhaps murdered. That would explain why the child was buried and the female skeleton wasn't. She probably had to bury the poor thing and chose to die beside it.

Who knows what the story is with the Starchild. But I am certain it is a sad one. Imagine if that person existed today.

On another note, finding out that the eyes never moved because it may have been able to see peripherally without looking side to side like we do, was awesome. But what really got me was finding out the FLATWOODS monster was reptilian!!! When did this piece of information come to light? Where have I been? I don't ever recall hearing the Flatwoods monster was a reptilian being with 2-fingers (on each hand) and that it terrorized so many people. Nevermind the fact that there's an old model car somewhere that bares the handprint of this creature. Burned straight through the paint.

And, now I find out the people of that part of Appalachia say the beast (or beasts, because now I know some hunter saw 3 at one time) is still there, and I can only ask why. I mean, maybe there was a reason in the 50's, but why keep coming back? And why in the same suit? Our technology has progressed since then, so why aren't they walking around in adaptable suits instead of hovering in hoverskirts.

But the one aspect I cannot wrap my head around is the fact that most of the eyewitnesses have had or died of or are still struggling with throat and lung cancer. Something is definitely there, in Flatwoods. Not sure if it's reptilian or what, and 100% not even certain what the Starchild has to do with it...seriously History Channel, what was that about...but anyways, I do believe something happened there back when Freddie May and company saw it, and it could still be happening.

And if those things are still scoping out that particular part of the U.S. I wonder what the hell they're looking for.

When Agendas Collide (or how to abduct the right human in the wrong conditions...)

I've read so much in my life, from so many books, that sometimes I forget where I read what and by whom. So, forgive me if I make an error at any point in this post. I remember Whitley Strieber writing (I'm not sure if it was COMMUNION or not, seeing as I last read that book when I had brass balls...which was incidentally, before I read John Mack's ABDUCTIONS, which is how I came to be such a chicken in the first place. But I digress.) about an incident at his cabin in which all of his guests were witness to an abduction or visitation.

Well after that, I started thinking, " What would happen if a group of Abductee's spent the night together?" And I'm not talking sleepover-with-smores kinda deal. I'm thinking more like, suppose this group of abductee's are all the victims of various DIFFERENT types of EBE's. See! Now you get the picture. Okay, so picture this (R.I.P. Estelle Getty. But again, I digress.): What if these abductions collided?

What if there was a mass abduction, of various different people, by various different extraterrestrials, at the same place, at the same time? What if they all send out the same bat signal? What if there is a universe code for, "Time to check in on the test subjects," only said Test subjects aren't supposed to a) know each other, b) be within close proximity of each other, and c) know the other people in the group are also abductees?

I know it's a little too out there to even ponder. I mean, if these beings are so technologically advanced, they'd at least be smart enough not get their wires crossed. But the Universe is a funny place. The gods, they laugh...ha ha. So, what if there were EBE's who had no clue the other existed, and by happenstance, they decided to abduct their subjects on the same night, at the same time...and just by chance, their subjects happened to be hanging out at the same house?

Imagine: Two different starships, from two different species, hovering around in the same airspace and shouting their native, cosmic version of 'What the fuck'...


Pic of the day!

Holy bat shit on a candy-striped stripper pole in Vegas on a Tuesday!

It's an OARFISH!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pic of the day!

This reminds me of the story of Cain. He killed Abel, and then was banished from Eden. years later his son was out hunting and killed his father (Cain), after mistaking him for a wild animal. Apparently, Cain had horns on his head. Things that make ya go, 'Hm...'

[42] The end of Cain overtook him in the seventh generation of men, and it was inflicted upon him by the hand of his great-grandson Lamech.

This Lamech was blind, and when he went a-hunting, he was led by his young son, who would apprise his father when game came in sight, and Lamech would then shoot at it with his bow and arrow.

Once upon a time he and his son went on the chase, and the lad discerned something horned in the distance. He naturally took it to be a beast of one kind or another, and he told the blind Lamech to let his arrow fly. The aim was good, and the quarry dropped to the ground. When they came close to the victim, the lad exclaimed:

"Father, thou hast killed something that resembles a human being in all respects,
except it carries a horn (cornet) on its forehead!" Lamech knew at once what had happened--he had killed his ancestor Cain, who had been marked by God with a horn.