Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When Agendas Collide (or how to abduct the right human in the wrong conditions...)

I've read so much in my life, from so many books, that sometimes I forget where I read what and by whom. So, forgive me if I make an error at any point in this post. I remember Whitley Strieber writing (I'm not sure if it was COMMUNION or not, seeing as I last read that book when I had brass balls...which was incidentally, before I read John Mack's ABDUCTIONS, which is how I came to be such a chicken in the first place. But I digress.) about an incident at his cabin in which all of his guests were witness to an abduction or visitation.

Well after that, I started thinking, " What would happen if a group of Abductee's spent the night together?" And I'm not talking sleepover-with-smores kinda deal. I'm thinking more like, suppose this group of abductee's are all the victims of various DIFFERENT types of EBE's. See! Now you get the picture. Okay, so picture this (R.I.P. Estelle Getty. But again, I digress.): What if these abductions collided?

What if there was a mass abduction, of various different people, by various different extraterrestrials, at the same place, at the same time? What if they all send out the same bat signal? What if there is a universe code for, "Time to check in on the test subjects," only said Test subjects aren't supposed to a) know each other, b) be within close proximity of each other, and c) know the other people in the group are also abductees?

I know it's a little too out there to even ponder. I mean, if these beings are so technologically advanced, they'd at least be smart enough not get their wires crossed. But the Universe is a funny place. The gods, they laugh...ha ha. So, what if there were EBE's who had no clue the other existed, and by happenstance, they decided to abduct their subjects on the same night, at the same time...and just by chance, their subjects happened to be hanging out at the same house?

Imagine: Two different starships, from two different species, hovering around in the same airspace and shouting their native, cosmic version of 'What the fuck'...


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Rich said...

Interesting thought. Indeed. Not saying I believe or don't believe some people are being (or have been) abducted by aliens or who knows what. But, nonetheless, interesting.