Sunday, March 28, 2010

Treading lightly...

I went out to dinner tonight, with my sister and mom. We ate, we made wise cracks about certain people we know who do stupid shit all the time. You know, normal girl talk. But slowly, as the good food (and champagne) simmered in our bellies, we got to talking about our house.

I grew up in a big grey house, formerly known as "The haunted house", but really just an old convent my grandfather bought for cheap back in the 60's. To live in that house was to know the difference between 'real' ghosts and bullshit stories people tell to pass the time.

We had the typical stuff, like hearing someone calling your name. Shadows darting around. Apparitions. Blood footsteps down the hall. TV's going off when you said, "On." On when you said, "Off." And of course, there was the running upstairs. Like an olympic sprinter was darting from room to room.

Only there wasn't anybody there.

This is also the house where I would hear the buzzing. The ominous humming and still to this day, mysterious deep hum that turned into a buzz that radiated through the walls and into my body. And the paralysis. I remember nights waking up on a metal slab in a dark room.

That's when I started to find far too many similarities between "alien abductions" and "hauntings". That's also when I started to believe in a higher, more powerful GOOD power. Because something protected me. Always. The house I grew up in was haunted. Simple as that.

But then something happened.

One day, my grandfather. My Superman in life, became my superhero in the afterlife. And this is where the conversation peaked. Because my mother, my sister and I remembered when the bad feelings in the house went away. When my grandfather died it was evident he was protecting us in that house. And in many ways, he was protecting us FROM the house.

There was a time I would never venture into the basement. You couldn't pay me. Now I go down there without a care. My mother wouldn't even walk passed the basement door, but as she went on to explain, she recently went down there at 2am to check on her thermostat.

Places that were a no go are now harmless and absent of all darkness. There is no evil there. Nothing to fear but cobwebs and old adidas sneakers. The closets have nothing but clothes in them. No one lurks. And most of all, if I sleep there, I sleep like a baby. From time to time, we see his shadow. We hear him whistle. He is everywhere and nowhere at once.

All I can say for sure is, I grew up in a haunted house. But if you came for a visit, you'd think I was full of shit.

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Rich said...

There are plenty of stories like this and they are usually just written off. I would just say that I have no idea what to think of this stuff, except to first think in terms of conventional explanations. Once conventional explanations are ruled out (if possible), then I would start looking at "other wordly" explanations.

If ordinary explanations can be ruled out, then to go on and look for something "beyond" is where the problem(s) actually really begin. How does one search, find and irrefutably document something from "beyond?"

The answer is you probably can't, unless you had help from whatever or whoever you are trying to irrefutably document. The key word here being IRREFUTABLY document.

It seems to me that if there are others from beyond, then they (at least the good ones) would do well to give all of us irrefutable evidence of their existence rather than just causing running sounds, whispering sounds, temporary appearances, turning TVs on and off, etc, etc, etc.

And this is what causes me to doubt their existence or at the very least to make me think that if they do exist...THEY DO NOT CONTROL ANYTHING.

The stories are still interesting and worth reading. As for me though, I'm still waiting for the countless "dead" to give us IRREFUTABLE evidence of their existence as they have had almost countless time (our time) to do so.

And what about these supposed aliens...?