Friday, September 26, 2008

Abstract or Prophetic?

There's this globe at the Vatican museum, that spins counter-clockwise and looks like one planetary body has collided into another, much bigger planetary body. And, personally, it's just out of place there. Why at the Vatican?

THOMAS HORN: Why Lake of Fire, Nephilim may return -- this year

I read Tom Horn's revelations regarding ENOCH and the Nephilim, back when he was writing it in weekly/monthly segments and putting it up on the RAIDERS NEWS website. It was just as intriguing than as it is now.


The HALLOWEEN spirit is alive and well. Makes this girls heart all warm and gushy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Giants in Atlantis?

Yeah, okay, let me clarify. There's a place called GILGAL that is about 5000 years old. It was supposedly the place where KING OG of BASHAN ruled. He was a giant/rephaim. Curiously enough, GILGAL is also referred to as REFAIM. Anyways, my point is GILGAL looks an awful lot like what PLATO said ATLANTIS looked like (minus the water).

Here are two aerial views of GILGAL, easily accessible by air because it is sorrounded by mountains...and there is a military training post there too...oddly enough. But, supposedly it is open to tourists on weekends.

Here is PLATO's description of ATLANTIS...note the 3 concentric circles around a city-like center...etc.

Lesley's sighting

Lesley relates her intriguing sighting at her home, in her latest entry of GREY MATTERS.


UFO researcher Philip Mantle and Wing Commander Alan Turner MBE (RAF Retired) discuss an incredible radar-based UFO encounter in 1971 and other fascinating aspects of the UFO mystery. You'll also learn about the International UFO Conference in the UK.


The first two episodes of JJ ABRAMS *FRINGE* are up on FOX.COM and so far I'm enjoying it. I mean, it's not the X-FILES, but it's got that old school esoterica attached to its first two storylines, and seriously, I haven't seen that in ages. I mean, where can you see I genius scientist using a camera to capture images on a dead woman's retina? Or, better yet, using electric probes to connect a comatose mans subconscious to his partner/lovers so she can recapture the image of his assailant? Best of all, there's this PATTERN; a string of world events utilizing some incredible scientific prowess. In other words, someones using the entire planet as their laboratory.Best of all, the show is centered in MASSACHUSETTS. The main lab where all the magic happens is in the basement at Harvard. In the second episode, a professor at Boston College is part of a program to create supersoldiers. It's actually interesting and I really don't put all my eggs in the basket when it comes to Abrams. He's notorious for losing his edge a few seasons in. He seems to get tired of his own ideas. I mean, every ALIAS fan knows of what I speak. Heck, even LOST has lost me. But all that aside, I am seriously hoping FRINGE takes off. Because after BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is gone, I won't have nothing else to watch. Well, there is WHEDON's *DOLLHOUSE* but the halt in production is making this WHEDON fan a tad weary. We'll see.



If you haven't seen it yet, get thee over to the site and check it out. I've been hooked since day one. Rosario Dawson plays a cop whose boyfriend may or may not have been a simulated being. I'm not giving it away. You gotta check it out for yourself.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Why is it so easy to conclude that this is a BIGFOOT print from thousands of years ago...or maybe even the famed (and in my opinion, flawed belief in) Gigantopithecus? And yet, no one's said, "Um, maybe it's just a GIANT human." There's stories of human giants all over the place. Native American legends. Old stories of excavations in the America's. THE BIBLE. And yet, people will believe in a giant, hairy beastman first. And I am not really talking about bigfoot...I'm actually adding my two cents to the whole gigantopithecus theories. One minute the big G resembles a human with extra body hair, and the next it looks like a giant ape. So which is it? Who's foolin' who?

Friday, September 05, 2008


Possibly the oldest skeletons ever found in the America's and yet, looking at this pic, that skull is just a little too big or is it the angle of the camera?

Looking into the dark can get you into trouble...

That's what my grandmothers been saying since I was seven. That was the year I ran out of the house with my uncle Kevin, after he swore he saw something roaming the rooms on the third floor. Supposedly no one was there but us (My uncle, my cousin and me). Everyone else was at a wedding. The entire house was deserted 'cept for the kitchen, which is where we were when my uncle came dashing out of the living room like a bat out of hell, yelling, "Go outside. Hurry up! Go!"
Once we were outside, we looked up at the windows of the unoccupied 3rd floor just as the curtains rose and fell. Someone was watching us. We sat outside until my entire family returned. When my grandfather checked the third floor, no one was there. And that is when my grandmother turned to my uncle and said something to the effect of, "...looking into the dark can get you into trouble." It wasn't until I was much older and fully immersed in the world of the Esoteric that her words rang true. You go looking for ghosts, eventually they will find you. You go parading around the BLUE HILLs at night, looking for UFO's...eventually, you'll find something. You sit in your room in the dark, thinking about all the things that can live in that dark corner of your room that is just a little too dark...and something in the dark will be thinking about you too.
Some people dismiss this as superstition and the workings of an overactive imagination, but there are stories out there of people looking into the abyss and finding something looking back. I can't help but think that, unfortunately, this is the only way to get answers and that in the end, maybe all the mad people out there...maybe the ones who speak to invisible people and live in a world only they can see...maybe theyre the only ones who have seen what lives in the dark, and maybe their insanity should be a lesson for us all.
But it's not like any of us are listening.