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Never has it been harder to do good research
At the 1992 MUFON conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the esteemed Dr. Jacques Vallee offered:
“I am probably the only person who doesn’t know what UFOs are. Most Ufologists know (or think they know) that UFOs are spacecraft vehicles, in other words, spacecraft from another planet… In the meantime, the vast majority of scientists and technologists continue to regard all this as complete nonsense… Never has the situation been so clearly polarized. Never has it been harder to do good research.”
Fifteen years later find no improvement. UFOs are still alien spacecraft. Lake monsters are plesiosaurs. Families of hairy “missing links” frolic in the uncharted wilds of Ohio and Michigan woodlots. Mothman was an owl.
And most scientists continue to regard all this as complete nonsense.
A pioneer in forensic science, Dr. Hans Gross (1847-1915) warned his investigators against taking statements at face value because of the way the senses can be deluded by not always being able to immediately detect the true meaning of the phenomena under observation. One of his most important cautions to investigators, and one that is essential today, was to avoid the preconceived idea of a solution before the facts were collected and analyzed.
We must always work to suppress our need to be absolutely certain and our tendency to seek the effortless solution to a problem. Now and then the solutions may be simple, but usually they are not.
I am reminded of the words of Alfred Mander:
“Thinking is skilled work. It is not true that we are naturally endowed with the ability to think clearly and logically — without learning how, or without practicing. People with untrained minds should no more expect to think clearly and logically than people who have never learned and never practiced can expect to find themselves good carpenters, golfers, bridge players, or pianists.”
Which brings me to the Managing Editor of FATE magazine. David “The Amazing” Godwin is the best thing to happen in a long time. He is, indeed, a candle in the darkness. We need his thoughtful commentary more than ever.
You go Godwin!
I can almost hear the “Rocky” theme playing in the background.
Yours in research,Robert A. Goerman
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”–Theodore Roosevelt
“Every contact leaves a trace!”–Edmond Locard
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The FLAP hits hawaii...for some waves. Okay that was cheesy, but still...
Nick Redfern gives a prosaic analyses as usual.

The new film FASTWALKERS will premiere Wednesday, Feb. 21.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Today I set out to do what I do every saturday...besides laundry. I watched every single UFO/EXTRATERRESTRIAL/PARANORMAL/ESOTERIC related show I could find. I saw IS IT REAL on the National Geographic channel; VAMPIRES, ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS and LIFE ON MARS. I saw the usual banter clips of true believers and skeptics. I even caught a show on ATLANTIS. But of all the things that could have gotten my attention (from the claim that ATLANTIS is actually PLATO's reworking of a place called HELIKE which sunk just 100 miles from where plato lived, and only ten years before he sat down to write TIMAEUS and CRITIAS, to the certainty in RICHARD HOAGLANDS face when he said he knew without a shadow of doubt that the FACE ON MARS was artificial, and that nothing could shake him), I could have thrown a chair through the tv when a certain representative for SETI had the nerve to reduce the genius of TESLA to a blurb...a ridiculous insult on behalf of a whacked out theory that suggests the frequencies that Tesla picked up during an experiment with radio waves was none other than the whistling of distant thunder storms, and that TESLA was not smart enough to realize that. This is what skeptics have reduced themselves to---calling some of the greatest minds of our time Juvenile, because they were ahead of their time and not afraid to embrace the great unknown. I was flabbergasted to say the least. SETI hasnt done anything brilliant since its conception that would make me bow down and praise FRANK DRAKE as if he were some demi-god of science and discovery. Needless to say, I was looking for some strange tales to absorb and regurgitate here for you and the oddest thing I saw today was a mediocre scientist speaking out of turn. Pathetic.

Skeptics: 0
Open-Minded explorers of the great unknown: 1

Friday, January 26, 2007


France to post 6,000 UFO cases online. Set to be released by CNES-National Space Studies Centre (France). The former head of the Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope has said: “I really welcome the French move. There is a huge interest in UFO sightings. It will be great to see if there are reports in there which relate to classic UFO sightings.”

Keep it coming people. Keep it coming.
The more the merrier...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I have never been the kind of person to join a group. It's not that I dont like people. I just dont mix well with loud people who have their minds made up. I've encountered this 'type' in various web forums, on ghost hunts, and even on the midst of a discussion on UFO's that could make or break the topic entirely, depending on the wisdom of the people involved. There's the old school suit and tie class of UFOLOGY who refuse to believe anything other than UFO's are manned by aliens from outerspace. There is the new age-y class that believes UFO's are piloted by intelligent benign beings sent to save us. And then theres the younger set. The YUFOLOGISTS if you will. We've seen what the forefathers of UFOLOGY have done to preserve the integrity of the UFO community, and we've seen the publics display of malcontent on the subject. We've witnessed the fights, the dragging of names through the proverbial mud, and all that other stuff, and well...we're not taking that route. We appreciate the effort of those who braved this territory before. Infact we worship many of you. It was you who wrote that book that convinced us to pay closer attention to the strange lights in the sky. It was you who appeared on Larry King and made our imaginations soar with your theories of the origins of the cosmos. It was you who lectured about the engineering behind these strange crafts...and you and you and you. But, we dont want to be you. You've done a good job, but you haven't done THE job. Blame it on the X-FILES. The TRUTH is out THERE. Is it really? Because we may never find it in our lifetime, but that doesnt mean we have to accept what has been said before. We can find something new that hasnt been thought of before. But it's hard when the UFO community has its mind made up on the subject so if nothing else conforms, it's not worth looking into. Well, let's call this the new garde. If the old groups were nothing more than Elite clubs of the Forteans in arms, then the new groups should be composed of individuals with varied disciplines, varied ideas but one goal in mind. Having one goal keeps everyone on the same terms; without an agenda. Like I said, I have never been a 'group mind' kinda person, but the right group could make me change my mind. If that group exists.
A picture of the O'Hare ufo has surfaced. Hold your breath.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Today is January 22, of the year 2007. The O'Hare sighting has had its moment in the spotlight, and now, perhaps because our prayers have been answered and people are starting to pay attention, or, maybe because we-ufologists- are paying attention, we are now in the midst of a flap.
Yes, you heard it. Flap.
Something akin to 1954, when Grandma was baking cookies for your tales of invaders from mars were playing on the radio...or on 1 of 4 channels. Either way you cut it, a 'flap' hasn't been an oft used word for a long, long time. Yeah sure, there have been moments when we THOUGHT we had a flap...even moments when we all may have agreed there was a flap. But we never really got one justified enough to earn the title 'Flap'. Atleast not since the advent of scifi. And now, here we are, in the beginning of the New Year and not one person has cared to mention, "Um, there's been a flap in the Middle-east for a while now..." Yes, a flap. In the Middle-east. UFO's everywhere.
But now since O'HARE is in everyone's vocabulary it has become customary for everyone act 'new' in the situation. This really rattles my chain because the message is clear, "If we don't think its important, than it isn't." Imagine all the sightings that haven't made the headlines. Imagine all the reports that haven't been written. Imagine all the pertinent info we've lost because it didn't happen in our backyard.
So what kind of FLAP is this? Does it have a designation? AMERICAN FLAP, ALL EYES ON THIS FLAP, THE GREAT AMERICAN UFO FLAP OF 2007?
C'mon people.


Most astonishing of all, and not too far from the current subject, scientists have found craters near the GREAT PYRAMIDS and automatically assumed they were from meteor strikes. A story like this, under the radar as it is, would wet the palates of every believer of the " Aliens built the pyramids" hypothesis. Meteors. Flaps. Pyramids. Aliens.
It's all relevant. It's all UFOLOGY.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An interview with BRIAN VIKE:

10 - What would you say to a young man that intends to be an Ufology searcher? What are the most important points that an Ufology searcher has to learn to do a good job?
Here is where I may differ from other UFO investigators and researches. It doesn't take a lot to become a Ufology searcher as far as I am concerned. A young man or woman can enter the field of Ufology with just some simple ideas, such as treat every witness with respect, protect their identity, and most of all make sure they reply to a witness who writes or calls. The rest they will learn along the way and come up with what works best for themselves. I have never had any personal training from any group; I hadn't a clue how to go about investigating a UFO sighting. But one learns fast if one has a passion for the topic. Also because I do get asked a lot, be willing to spend a lot of time and your own money looking into the subject.

(Your standard interview, but it's cool nonetheless.)
I am staring into the great void that is the empty text box of my blog. I want to be eloquent. I want to be persuasive. Mostly I just want to make the UFOLOGY community come together. Why all the bickering? It's not like anyones been able to solve the Mystery. UFO's are a mystery. No matter what we matter what conclusion we come to...we still know nothing. We have one side saying UFO's are manned vehicles, but from another world. Okay, that's fair. But does that make them 100% correct? Does that make them the elite of the group? No. Because we have other approaches. We have another side saying that perhaps they are interdimensional. Does that make them right? Does it make anyone right to make an assumption on such an enigma? No. I have yet to see a comglomeration of Apes discussing the planes that fly over the Zoo, and coming to the right conclusion: That an intelligent species has learned to man flying vehicles, yes, but who are they and where do they come from? Hmmm...That is the question. It will be a question for a long time. I don't know why it's become so difficult for researches to say, "Ok, I don't have all the answers, but I hope I can make sense of this thing." There is nothing wrong with having a Eureka moment, but shutting everyone else out of the field because you think what you say is gold is not making the UFOLOGY field an easy place to tread. Sometimes I wonder if younger people aren't interested in UFOLOGY solely because they see a group of old men, always duking it out, and never finding the answers, thus leaving the study of UFO's no better off than it was when ROSWELL happened. Same stories, same answers...all regurgitated. Nothing new. I walked away from UFOLOGY back some years ago, after spending most of my young life convinced that I would be on the First Manned Mission to Mars. I wanted to discover life in the universe and I collected clippings from all over the world, trying to dissect cases based on witness testimony since I didnt have the money or the clout to fly to a designated hotspot for hands on research. But after a few years, nothing new happened. It was as if the old hands in UFOLOGY were reliving the glory days. Every book on the subject listed the same handful of cases, over and over until I had memorized every detail. It got, need I say...BORING. How? Because no one was trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. Everyone wanted to prove their theory was the right one, and during that time I gave away my books, threw my clippings away and graduated to Ghosthunting, and then nothing. I left UFOLOGY and the PARANORMAL alone. Why? Because egos got in the way. People were getting rich off of books and saying slanderous things to the effect of, " All the worlds major elite are Reptilians, " And " Exopolitics, exopolitics and, oh yeah...exopolitics." There was BEHOLD THE PALE HORSE. THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL. There were scams and frauds. There were deaths...and retirements and so much chaos that it was a turnoff to think that a field supposedly created to discover the truth became...a joke. But I wasnt happy living a 'normal' life. Infact, I was depressed and even worse there was no one to discuss the latest theories and sightings with. I tried to find internet groups, but many of them were doing it for the wrong reasons. Too many people considered themselves contactees with mission statements and wise words from the ruler XON of VENUS. C'mon people. The Raelians came out the cut with their cloning technology borrowed from, you guessed it, aliens. It was a circus. Remember Heaven's Gate? That is what happens when the UFO community avoids the truth about this enigma: It's seductive to think we are special. It is. It is seductive to think that some race out there is going to save us from ourselves and this idea came from the kooks who perpetrated these beliefs back in the 60's that were never properly extinguished. No one investigated to showed the world that this was all crap. No, instead they ridiculed them and what happened? It became an underground phenomena. Now we have Indigo children or Star children. What is the message here? It is not enough to be human. Why? Because UFOLOGY has concocted a fantasy rather than a fact. The blame goes on everyone who let the bullcrap slip through the fence because it has denigrated the profession (and it is a profession), and made the gullible, disheartened fools into martyrs. It's high time we stopped letting the fools run the roost. Too many ufologists are letting their guard down. Get back on the horse, please. The age of blind alley UFOLOGY is over.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The 'Wandija' rock art of Australia also bares a striking resemblance to the description given for the FATIMA apparition and has features reminiscent of the Flatwoods Monster.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

NASA has been repeatedly ridiculed for it's lack of response to the MOON LANDING naysayers. Infact, they've never really shot back and said, "Yes we did go to the moon, and this here is all the proof you need...roll the tape." Why not you may ask? Oh yeah, because they LOST the tape. They lost ALL of it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nick Redfern hates aliens and he wants you to know why. He hates them because if they are visiting,they haven't done crap to aid in our evolution. a student of Archaeology I have a completely 'different' take on that...but I will save it for another time.
Firstly, he speaks of the DOLPHIN BRIGADE; those who believe that aliens are cute and cuddly and here to help. I have never been the sort to beleive that hogwash, but upon further examination, Redfern suggest a great deception is inherent in the alien agenda.
But of course!!!
According to Redfern if aliens are good, why havent they helped us with Global warming? Do we even know what global warming is? Is it really driven by human arrogance, or is it the planet's own cycle? If it is the latter, what intelligent/evil species would get in the way of nature? IF it is the former, perhaps they have more of a hand in it than we think. Maybe they WANT is to destroy the planet, thereby destroying ourselves and thus eliminating a headache without any effort at all. Hmmm...
Then there are the Rain Forests...for beings who may live either in the ether, among the stars or beneath our feet, I doubt very much whether saving trees are on their list of to-do's. Hmmm...
Artery Clogging meals are more of a sinister undercurrent of our current economy. Aliens eat matter what humans eat. Kidding. But all in all, if they are sinister, if they hate us and if they want us to disappear...watching us eat ourselves to death is something they aren't going to interfere with. Hmmm...
Repeat after me, "Aliens are bad!"
So, Nick Redfern makes a good point, however, there may be a benevolent species of ET out there. There have been reports catering to that theory. Just as humans are divided between good and bad, so may out star-faring...or cave-dwelling neighbors.
We could get all scifi about it and postulate that perhaps an evil faction has been devouring souls from galaxy to galaxy, but a small number of rebel ET's has been following behind, trying to eliminate the threat.
But if we think they are all evil and the day comes when we aim our weapons at the skies and strike our hypothetical enemies to the ground, we may find ourselves looking at the remains of our only allies in all the universe.

A teaser of a Brad Steiger article in Fate. TOP TEN REAL-LIFE MONSTERS.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's a hypothesis I am working on, so check by here for a complete report, but I truly believe that whatever was sighted in Braxton County was similar to what was seen by the three child witnesses at Fatima.
(To be continued)

Friday, January 05, 2007

The world is replete with subjugation. Everyone is standing beside their own pissin' pot, and God (any god) help you if you try and use theirs. And UFOLOGY isnt any different. Too many people hold fast to too many theories, and the thing of it is, this kind of mindset divides us on a mystery we should all be putting our heads together to figure out.
The latest division stems from MAC TONNIES revisionist idea of the CRYPTOTERRESTRIAL. I say revisionist because JAQUES VALLEE thought about it...JOHN KEEL elaborated on it...but TONNIES has manifested the entire ideology to a point where everyone's sitting up and listening. Finally. But that doesnt mean everyone has to like it.
I'm hoping this'll bring VALLEE out of hibernation. We need him now more than ever. We need some people to stand on a pulpit and say, "Listen, we are all trying to figure this flying saucer thing out, what the BLEEP is the problem?!"
Because there is a problem.
The problem is TONNIES makes sense, and it's pissing people off. I don't know if a turf war will ensue, but even I am smart enough to realize that the tides changing on the ET Hypothesis.
If we are going to accept ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE, then we are gonna just have to wrap our minds around ALIENS FROM INNER SPACE, because as far as physics is concerned, it's all relativity.
We can all espouse our theories on how they got here, where they came from and what their motives are, but one thing we cant come to a head on is where they are they can come and go so simply in a world where we are just starting to come to grips with the possibility of multi-dimensions and anti-gravity and the like.
So, let us say they do come from here.
There's so many places to hide. There are so many places that the average John and Jane has never heard of, much less explored.
Tonnies is writing a book which I am sure will no doubt change how we view those great flying wonders, because as elusive as they may be and as scary as they may seem, they are in our world, on our turf and nomatter how they may seem to defy explanation, there is one...and it may come to us simply...if we put our differences aside and put our heads together.