Monday, January 22, 2007

Today is January 22, of the year 2007. The O'Hare sighting has had its moment in the spotlight, and now, perhaps because our prayers have been answered and people are starting to pay attention, or, maybe because we-ufologists- are paying attention, we are now in the midst of a flap.
Yes, you heard it. Flap.
Something akin to 1954, when Grandma was baking cookies for your tales of invaders from mars were playing on the radio...or on 1 of 4 channels. Either way you cut it, a 'flap' hasn't been an oft used word for a long, long time. Yeah sure, there have been moments when we THOUGHT we had a flap...even moments when we all may have agreed there was a flap. But we never really got one justified enough to earn the title 'Flap'. Atleast not since the advent of scifi. And now, here we are, in the beginning of the New Year and not one person has cared to mention, "Um, there's been a flap in the Middle-east for a while now..." Yes, a flap. In the Middle-east. UFO's everywhere.
But now since O'HARE is in everyone's vocabulary it has become customary for everyone act 'new' in the situation. This really rattles my chain because the message is clear, "If we don't think its important, than it isn't." Imagine all the sightings that haven't made the headlines. Imagine all the reports that haven't been written. Imagine all the pertinent info we've lost because it didn't happen in our backyard.
So what kind of FLAP is this? Does it have a designation? AMERICAN FLAP, ALL EYES ON THIS FLAP, THE GREAT AMERICAN UFO FLAP OF 2007?
C'mon people.


Most astonishing of all, and not too far from the current subject, scientists have found craters near the GREAT PYRAMIDS and automatically assumed they were from meteor strikes. A story like this, under the radar as it is, would wet the palates of every believer of the " Aliens built the pyramids" hypothesis. Meteors. Flaps. Pyramids. Aliens.
It's all relevant. It's all UFOLOGY.

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