Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I have never been the kind of person to join a group. It's not that I dont like people. I just dont mix well with loud people who have their minds made up. I've encountered this 'type' in various web forums, on ghost hunts, and even on the midst of a discussion on UFO's that could make or break the topic entirely, depending on the wisdom of the people involved. There's the old school suit and tie class of UFOLOGY who refuse to believe anything other than UFO's are manned by aliens from outerspace. There is the new age-y class that believes UFO's are piloted by intelligent benign beings sent to save us. And then theres the younger set. The YUFOLOGISTS if you will. We've seen what the forefathers of UFOLOGY have done to preserve the integrity of the UFO community, and we've seen the publics display of malcontent on the subject. We've witnessed the fights, the dragging of names through the proverbial mud, and all that other stuff, and well...we're not taking that route. We appreciate the effort of those who braved this territory before. Infact we worship many of you. It was you who wrote that book that convinced us to pay closer attention to the strange lights in the sky. It was you who appeared on Larry King and made our imaginations soar with your theories of the origins of the cosmos. It was you who lectured about the engineering behind these strange crafts...and you and you and you. But, we dont want to be you. You've done a good job, but you haven't done THE job. Blame it on the X-FILES. The TRUTH is out THERE. Is it really? Because we may never find it in our lifetime, but that doesnt mean we have to accept what has been said before. We can find something new that hasnt been thought of before. But it's hard when the UFO community has its mind made up on the subject so if nothing else conforms, it's not worth looking into. Well, let's call this the new garde. If the old groups were nothing more than Elite clubs of the Forteans in arms, then the new groups should be composed of individuals with varied disciplines, varied ideas but one goal in mind. Having one goal keeps everyone on the same terms; without an agenda. Like I said, I have never been a 'group mind' kinda person, but the right group could make me change my mind. If that group exists.

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