Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I am staring into the great void that is the empty text box of my blog. I want to be eloquent. I want to be persuasive. Mostly I just want to make the UFOLOGY community come together. Why all the bickering? It's not like anyones been able to solve the Mystery. UFO's are a mystery. No matter what we matter what conclusion we come to...we still know nothing. We have one side saying UFO's are manned vehicles, but from another world. Okay, that's fair. But does that make them 100% correct? Does that make them the elite of the group? No. Because we have other approaches. We have another side saying that perhaps they are interdimensional. Does that make them right? Does it make anyone right to make an assumption on such an enigma? No. I have yet to see a comglomeration of Apes discussing the planes that fly over the Zoo, and coming to the right conclusion: That an intelligent species has learned to man flying vehicles, yes, but who are they and where do they come from? Hmmm...That is the question. It will be a question for a long time. I don't know why it's become so difficult for researches to say, "Ok, I don't have all the answers, but I hope I can make sense of this thing." There is nothing wrong with having a Eureka moment, but shutting everyone else out of the field because you think what you say is gold is not making the UFOLOGY field an easy place to tread. Sometimes I wonder if younger people aren't interested in UFOLOGY solely because they see a group of old men, always duking it out, and never finding the answers, thus leaving the study of UFO's no better off than it was when ROSWELL happened. Same stories, same answers...all regurgitated. Nothing new. I walked away from UFOLOGY back some years ago, after spending most of my young life convinced that I would be on the First Manned Mission to Mars. I wanted to discover life in the universe and I collected clippings from all over the world, trying to dissect cases based on witness testimony since I didnt have the money or the clout to fly to a designated hotspot for hands on research. But after a few years, nothing new happened. It was as if the old hands in UFOLOGY were reliving the glory days. Every book on the subject listed the same handful of cases, over and over until I had memorized every detail. It got, need I say...BORING. How? Because no one was trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. Everyone wanted to prove their theory was the right one, and during that time I gave away my books, threw my clippings away and graduated to Ghosthunting, and then nothing. I left UFOLOGY and the PARANORMAL alone. Why? Because egos got in the way. People were getting rich off of books and saying slanderous things to the effect of, " All the worlds major elite are Reptilians, " And " Exopolitics, exopolitics and, oh yeah...exopolitics." There was BEHOLD THE PALE HORSE. THE DAY AFTER ROSWELL. There were scams and frauds. There were deaths...and retirements and so much chaos that it was a turnoff to think that a field supposedly created to discover the truth became...a joke. But I wasnt happy living a 'normal' life. Infact, I was depressed and even worse there was no one to discuss the latest theories and sightings with. I tried to find internet groups, but many of them were doing it for the wrong reasons. Too many people considered themselves contactees with mission statements and wise words from the ruler XON of VENUS. C'mon people. The Raelians came out the cut with their cloning technology borrowed from, you guessed it, aliens. It was a circus. Remember Heaven's Gate? That is what happens when the UFO community avoids the truth about this enigma: It's seductive to think we are special. It is. It is seductive to think that some race out there is going to save us from ourselves and this idea came from the kooks who perpetrated these beliefs back in the 60's that were never properly extinguished. No one investigated to showed the world that this was all crap. No, instead they ridiculed them and what happened? It became an underground phenomena. Now we have Indigo children or Star children. What is the message here? It is not enough to be human. Why? Because UFOLOGY has concocted a fantasy rather than a fact. The blame goes on everyone who let the bullcrap slip through the fence because it has denigrated the profession (and it is a profession), and made the gullible, disheartened fools into martyrs. It's high time we stopped letting the fools run the roost. Too many ufologists are letting their guard down. Get back on the horse, please. The age of blind alley UFOLOGY is over.

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