Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Peter

I don't know who came up with him first. Who saw him first, or maybe who made him up, but sometimes I just feel the need to remind kids who say, "There's no such thing..." that Santa Claus does exist. And why wouldn't he? They say if you believe in God, then you have to believe there's a devil. Well, since I've seen the opposite of Santa Claus, it's only logical to think that the story about the Jolly old elf with a sack full of toys has some basis in truth.

Fact is, I was probably one of the few teenagers who still believed in Santa Claus. I made it a habit of scaring little kids in the family by reminding them that Santa Claus was watching (like some Seasonal Big Brother) and that I knew how to reach him to let him know who was naughty and who was just plain annoying.

I even had an idea, however ridiculous it was, that Santa Claus didn't keep an actual tangible, paper list. No. The list was just some cosmic alert system. If you believed, Santa left you something. If you didn't believe, you didn't get anything. The end.

And why did I believe all this? If you've never heard of Black Peter, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: The Grinch is not entirely fictional. Somewhere, somehow there's a darker, creepier and perhaps sinister version of the Smiling, red-cheeked old man on a Coca-Cola can.

In tradition, Santa Claus (Or Sinterklaas) is loosely based on Saint Nicholas, a 4th century Bishop who was known for his generosity. In Iceland, Santa Claus is in fact no different from the God Odin. The fact that Father Christmas is associated with a God is probably what should raise a few eyebrows among Ancient Alien Theorists.

Odin road around on a sky chariot being propelled by a magical creature similar to a reindeer. The creature was eight-legged, and originally (before Rudolph was invented), Santa Claus had eight reindeer. But Odin only left gifts for the children who fed his eight-legged beast.

Now, Black Peter, although never associated with evil, was (according to the Dutch) a helper of Sinterklaas. Not much else is known about Black Peter and maybe what I know as Black Peter isn't really him at all, but everything has an opposite, and if Santa Claus has one... I've seen him.

I was twelve and honestly, to this day I don't exactly remember why I decided to sleep on the couch. But I was the sort of kid that always wanted to prove something truth or false. I vaguely remember a pact with my sister to see if Santa Claus was real, but it's vague and I can't be certain. What I do remember is falling asleep on the couch, in front of the Christmas Tree.

It took me a while to finally knock out because the pulsing lights danced behind my eyelids. When I did fall asleep I was abruptly awakened by the fact that I was in complete darkness. The lights were no longer flashing in my eyelids. I had the unnerving feeling that something was standing over me, blocking out the lights.

Growing up in a haunted house, you learn a few things. First, never open your eyes when you KNOW something is standing over you and, Second, never ever assume it's just your mom. I had run in's with that kind of stupidity. Thinking the lady in white standing by my window was my mom, or the vague outline of a dark mass standing at the foot of the bed was my mom. Not this time. I was hyper-aware that whatever was standing over me was radiating a malevolence that my mother did not possess.

I remember talking myself into breathing calmly. Into making the thing, whatever it was, believe that I was still asleep. I had succeeded because eventually the darkness was replaced with the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. But whatever it was, it wasn't gone. Yet.

Plink! Plink! Christmas ornaments were dropping to the floor. Had it not been for the Skirt around the tree, they would have made enough noise to rouse my mother. Instead they fell with dull thuds, surviving the impact only to be crushed moments later by something making its way around the tree.

I listened to the crushing and crackling of smashed ornaments and the rustling of the tree before realizing that the dark foreboding I had felt moments ago was gone. It was safe to open my eyes. Or so I thought. When I did, I tried the 'slit-method'. A method practiced by millions of kids across the globe. It is the act of opening your eyes just enough to see but not enough to be seen.

At first I saw nothing. It wasn't until I opened my eyes wider and focused that I realized the tree was misshapen. It was bent over from the top and behind it stood a being so tall it had to crook it's head slightly to fit under the ceiling. It was as black as coal, and furry, not like an animal, but just like The Grinch. A humanoid with tufts of hair, in a dirty red suit. The kind of thing a drunken and battered Santa Claus working at a local food mart would wear.

Worst of all, it had red eyes. Not glowing red. Not evil red. But more like a crimson, or fiery red that burned as it looked at me. And what I got from the creature wasn't a feeling of absolute evil as much as a feeling that this thing was OUT-OF-PLACE. It did not belong here and it knew it. It shouldn't have been there and the fact that it was meant something else was wrong.

Even more odd was the sense that it was more afraid of me. But at the same time, it scared the hell out of me. Tall, dark beings in tattered old Santa suits do not hover over you on Christmas morning. I wish I could tell you more but the last thing I remember is blacking out.

The next morning the memory of Black Peter was vague and I didn't mention the encounter at all. We ate breakfast and we played Christmas music as we opened our gifts and I had all but forgotten about that 'weird dream' from the night before until my mother made her way to the back of the tree in search of more gifts.

"Who broke all of these ornaments and hid them behind the tree?" She said. Earlier that morning she mentioned the fact that the tree looked sparse, as if some ornaments were missing. Let's just say, I have yet to see proof of Old Saint Nick, but I have seen proof that however ridiculous a story may be to you as you come into adult hood and shun your child hood beliefs, just remember one thing: Every story begins somewhere.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Peruvian alien is making the rounds

It has a non-human appearance because the head is triangular and big, almost the same size as the body. At first we believed it to be a child's body until Spanish and Russian doctors came and confirmed that, yes, it's an extraterrestrial being.

NAW! Really?

Monday, November 07, 2011

Of Giant heads and NO PROOF

Philip Coppens has an interesting article on the Mysterious Guatemalan stone head. My only question is how come no one has taken a picture of it recently. Just because it's been partially destroyed that doesn't mean it isn't still standing.

You can soak it all in here.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Let it be know, from hence forth... and yadda yadda...

...that if Micah (I've got a crush on you) Hanks can call himself a Keelian Researcher, then I hereby call myself: Tina Sena, Colemanian Researcher and... um... stuff.

And now, you may return to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

Why Nicholas Cage is not a vampire...

                                                                 (Count Bull-Crapula)

A few months ago a picture straight from EBAY began to circulate the world wide web. It was an 1864 image of  a confederate prisoner that bore a striking resemblance to the actor Nicholas Cage. Theories on top of lame ass theories came to light. One more popular idea was that Cage was a time travelling Vampire. Well, for those of you who need an answer, I have it.

Nicholas Cage is not a vampire. Why? Well because we've overlooked the obvious: Vamps can't be captured in photographs. The end.

Please people, use your imagination for more important things like John Travolta, the time travelling ALIEN.

Giant heads

Every so often Mayan culture becomes a topic of discussion. It has nothing to do with the worlds sudden fixation on Archaeology. People are just dumb enough to want to fulfill a man-made prophecy of impending gloom and doom. It's been pounded into modern, popular perception that the Maya predicted the end of the world: December 21, 2012.

Never mind the incredible pyramids or the fascination with human sacrifice... it's all about a calendar that ends on a certain day. And so, it comes as a relief when people finally start to relate the Maya to other shit entirely... like this giant head of unknown origin...

Producer Raul Julia-Levy (and son of the late actor Raul Julia) is making a documentary that states, unequivocally that the Maya associated with extraterrestrials. You can read on here.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Loren Coleman @ BOA

What's better than listening to Tim Binnall? Listening to Tim Binnall interview Loren Coleman. I shouldn't have to elaborate. Just go and listen.

Full Preview: We kick things off by finding out about Loren's International Cryptozoology Museum, which moved to a larger location on 11 Avon Street in Portland, Maine on October 30th. Loren details the origins and evolution of the museum, which began in his home in 2003 and, ultimately, became an international sensation when it opened its doors to the public in 2009. Loren discusses the massive media coverage that the museum has received as well as the reaction from skeptics and pop culture anthropologists. This leads to some discussion on how the museum serves as a unique research opportunity as it affords Loren the chance to see a wide array of visitors with varying degrees of cryptozological interests and beliefs. We also reflect on how the museum serves as a clearinghouse of crypto materials so that researchers' collections can be preserved and not discarded or destroyed.
Diving into pure cryptozoology talk, we begin with Bigfoot and reflect on both the resurgence in interest in the creature and also have Loren share his thoughts on where we stand in the quest to prove its existence. Loren talks about the paradox of high interest in Bigfoot contrasted with low funding for real expeditions as well as potential "secret projects" being undertaken to help solidify the case for the creature. Loren then shares a bold prediction on how Bigfoot may ultimately being proven to be real and explains how he came to that conclusion. Along those lines, he details an expedition along those lines which proved fruitless due to mistakes made by the researcher.
The conversation then leads to discussi

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

And there you have it, folks...

The answer to everything. No really.

A Magnetic Anomaly Map of the world can tell you about all the places where Unicorns are buried and UFO's land to get a cappuccino. However, that's not what mainstream science is saying. They have a really smart explanation that has to do with anomalies originating in rock. Yup. Because Science is cool. Or, maybe because no one is every gonna admit that giant machines are turning at the center of the earth where evil, hungry reptilians are madly tapping at their Ipad 5000's, trying to figure out a way to get tasty humans to visit hollow earth.

You can read more here.

Tonight PBS is gonna teach you Morons some SCIENCE

The Fabric of the Cosmos, hosted by Brian Greene airs tonight at 9pm on PBS. It's a four-parter, playing every wednesday night so you really have to ask yourself, "Do I watch a famous Physicist teach me something about the Universe... or, do I watch Ancient Aliens and feel once again compelled to punch something every time the narrator says, 'Ancient Alien Theorists'...?" Hmmm... so many tough decisions.


Of Hobbits and Moons

In the newly released ART OF THE HOBBIT, J.R.R. Tolkien's original artwork for the HOBBIT is on display and bears and uncanny resemblance to the Lunar Landscape and the odd/anomalous/artificial looking moonbases/buildings that have been making the rounds on the web for years.

Talk about things that make ya go, 'Holy crap!'... you can see more images here.

Monday, October 31, 2011

It all falls down...

It's that time of year again. A holiday that has been so easily misconstrued and revamped for the consumer masses (much like Christmas), that it's been reduced to costumes and candy. There was a time when Old Hallow's Eve actually meant a lot more than annoying little kids in pop-culture attire, knocking on your door, hoping to score a snack-sized snickers.

But who cares about that now? The fact that Halloween no longer invokes ANY fear is what you wanted isn't it? It's been pounded into your head. The dead don't come back and ghosts don't exist and Halloween is just an excuse to be mischievous and greedy. We get it. Actually, 'We' get it... but the rest of you nine-to-fivers are clueless.

Every year a certain Hollywood monster makes it into the pantheon of epic plumage and this year the title goes to the Zombie. Once the c-list monster no one gave two shits about, the Zombie has risen to Dracula status. There are Zombie walks and Emmy award winning Zombie television shows. The Zombie has become a symbol of all things dissident, from OCCUPY WALLSTREET to TERRORISM to a fear of the self-fulfilling prophecy of the end times.

Just when you thought Zombies were a geek phenom, the UFO community has gotten in on the whole trend, starting with an episode of ANCIENT ALIENS that aired last week. Aliens resurrecting the dead. Scientists are using Zombies to make a case for bio-terrorism and the psychology of humanity at the end of the world and now Ufologists are making a case for an actual Zombie apocalypse.

Five words: Are you fucking kidding me?

Is anyone employing their knowledge of biology here? Better yet, is anyone sane anymore? Don't get me wrong, I love Zombies. No, I mean, I LOVE ZOMBIES. I consider myself a connoisseur of the Undead. Every movie, comic book, token novel, television show... you name it... I've seen it, I own it and I know about it. And yes, I have been known to joke about the impending fictional Zombie invasion I'm preparing for. But for cripes sakes, as if the sheeple haven't enough to worry about, now mass media is drilling the idea of Zombies-as-reality into their heads.

No money. No jobs. No hope. Oh, and now you may have to prepare for Zombies. Really? Is this how we invoke Mass hysteria nower days? Forget that infamous Hallow's Eve broadcast of Orson Welles that proved people are really, really dumb. Soon we may find ourselves coveting the last can of spam and barricading our doors, in preparation for the raising of the dead.

Nostradamus would be proud. If only because he succeeded in converting a whole new generation of suckers. Happy Halloween.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Stonehenge in the Black Forest

Every so often something is discovered and if it's megalithic it's tied to the stars. According to Archaeology News Network a Celtic calendar found in a mound at the royal burial site of Magdeleneberg is focused toward the moon which is the exact opposite of Stonehenge and it's utilization of the sun.

According to researchers, tombs at Magdeleneberg mimic the sky constellations of the Northern Hemisphere. Of course the researchers were aided by computers which says a lot about the builders of Magdeleneberg. They didn't have computers... or did they, because ya know, if you've been watching ANCIENT ALIENS on The History Channel, the aliens can do everything and our ancestors couldn't even wipe their asses.

What peaks my interest is the name Magdeleneberg. It's very close to Magdelene or Magdelena which is very obviously feminine in nature and more closely related to Mary of Magdelene/Mary Magdelene. So, who exactly was buried there?

A quick trip to The Megalithic Portal only gave me enough information to suspect only MEN were buried there because, nar der, women didn't exist back then. Like, everybody KNOWS that.

You can read more here.

Pterosaurs at Roswell. I thought I'd never see the day...

Roswell is the bane of my existence. That's putting it lightly. There are just so many HOLES in Ufology and it always seems that the portal Alice fell through is where all the Roswell conspiracies, ideas, stories and supposed truths live. In other words, Roswell is a lost cause. It's intangible. The story, if it ever was there, is gone now. It died with the people of that generation who were in the prime of their lives when that supposed Saucer fell.

Now, I'm not saying it never happened. All I am saying is getting to the truth is like finding a diamond in a mountain made of cow shit. Good luck.

But just when you think there is nothing left to the Roswell mythos, someone comes up with something else. Case in point, there's a Pterodactyl in Roswell. Did you know that? Yeah, me neither. But according to Nick Redfern, a sighting or two has been experienced. For more on the story, go here.

Fucking Pterodactyls.

Dr. Greg Korbon @ BOA

A spooky turn at BOA as Tim interviews Greg Korbon.

Full Preview: We kick things off with the bio / background on Dr. Gregg Korbon and find out about his life leading up to the events depicted in Beyond Reason. This leads to some discussion on the fact that most physicians appear to be very afraid of death and dying. Getting back to Gregg's story, we find out about his son Brian's terrifying birth and the medical difficulties that beset the first three years of his life. Gregg shares his recollections on Brian's remarkable personality which emerged following those early difficult years.
Gregg then takes us to the start of Brian's riveting story, when he predicted his own impending death. Gregg details the steps that the family took to determine how to handle Brian's death premonition. He also talks about the many incidents leading up to Brian's death which clearly indicate that he knew his demise was quickly approaching. Taking the story to its tragic conclusion, Gregg recounts the day that Brian died, which included a proverbial "going away" party that he'd insisted on having as well as the Little League game where Brian passed away.
Continuing the narrative, Gregg recounts the many 'coincidences' which indicate that Brian's death was clearly "supposed to happen" and how these paradoxical events both haunted and perplexed him. Given that Brian's death prediciton was fairly well known to Korbon family friends, we find out what their reaction was to the eerily accurate premonition. He also talks about the muted reaction from the otherwise intrigued media, which essentially refused to cover the predicative nature of Brian's death. Additionally, Gregg shares some remarkable insights gained from the support group Compassionate Friends, where he discovered that a significant number of bereaved parents had their children predict their own death.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Butch Witkowski on BOA

Butch Witkowski discusses the enigma of human mutilations by extraterrestrials. mysterious deaths are nothing new but deaths associated with alien abductions aren't a popular topic, for obvious reason. Tim Binnall and Butch Witkowski discuss the strange cases that will make you think twice about wanting to take a trip in a spaceship with E.T.'s because, ya know, some people are actually dumb enough to want to go along for the ride. 
  Listen here

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Portals and Corners and Car crashes... oh my!

I grew up in a big house on a street with a curve that has rendered many careless drivers at the whim of gravity. I've seen motorcycles hit the wall; their riders bleeding in the road. I've witnessed people jumping the wall to avoid being crushed between rock and steel. For as long as my family has been here (almost 50 years), there's been a car crash to highlight each year.

You are probably wondering what is so unusual about cars hitting a wall on a road with a pronounced curve to it. There wouldn't be much of a story to it at all if not for the same account from each and every person that's ever hit that wall: " It's like I got to the front of the wall and I lost control. I don't know what happened."

I used to think it was one of those bullshit excuses people have because they don't want to admit they were doing something other than watching the road, but that wall has always had a very sinister past. For starters, half of it belongs to  a church and as you walked passed it you can't help but notice the white Mary (mother of god/virgin saint) Statue. What you may also notice is that some say it's Mary while others say it's Saint Matthew. How and why Matthew looks like a chick is beyond me. But I digress.

This is the very same wall I would have nightmares about, growing up in that house. The nightmare was always the same... playing itself over and over with no resolution. My father would meet up with an old friend at the corner of that wall. Maybe he was taking me to the corner store. I don't know. Dreams are funny like that. But the same thing always happened: A middle-aged woman would appear from nowhere, wearing a muumuu and seeming to have a pleasant conversation with my father. As they talked I noticed the tail curving up and out from behind this womans dress.

Same thing every time. The wall. The woman. And her tail. Her tail with the diamond on the end, like the devils.

My aunt has an old photograph of her teenage self standing by that wall. I recently posted it on facebook for feedback. A few people noticed sinister energy in the wall. Anything from faces peering back odd light formations. Personally,  I don't see much in that photograph. I guess it depends on the eyes.

A few weeks back another car (almost) hit the wall. Two young women were heading home. It had been raining earlier that day but the roads were dry. The sky was clear. My family was sitting on the porch when we heard that familiar screeching and the inevitable halt that followed. The story was the same. Once she got to that wall she felt as if the steering wheel had a mind of its own.

Is it the way the street is laid out that forces some vehicles to go out of control? Is it the curve of the wall and errant stupidity/drunkiness that is to blame? Or is it the fact that my house and the church next door are built on old land? The same old land that prompted my grandfather to dig his way to an ancient well that gave him such a bad vibe he covered it up and told my uncles to never dig in that particular spot again.

All I know is it's been years since I've dreamed about the lady and her tail and if I ever happen to stumble upon an old woman in a muumuu standing at that particular corner in the near/distant future... I'm climbing the churchyard fence and heading the other way. It's always been a quicker route anyway...

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Ashley and Kinga rock on.

I've been hooked to the adventures of Historian Ashley Cowie on Syfy's LEGEND QUEST, not so much because the guy knows his stuff, but mostly because when Cowie hits a dead end I start to wonder. I wonder how come someone really powerful hasn't taken Cowie's clues and taken the next step?

If Moses staff is in the wall of that old church, why hasn't someone tried to retrieve it? If that is the Excalibur, sitting on a shelf in a museum for so long, why isn't anyone studying it more thoroughly? The Spear of Destiny at Area 51? Attention Ufologists! (It was actually noted that Cowie and Producer Kinga Philipps did not film at Area 51. They never would have gotten that close to the gate anyway.)

And now it seems that Mr. Cowie may have stumbled upon the Stone of Scone itself. I waited patiently till the end of the show to hear Cowie say that the stone was retrieved and being returned to its rightful place to be studied for further proof that it is, in fact, the coronation stone. Instead, the stone will take YEARS to study. Really? And by whom? Worst of all, the media hasn't even covered the discovery.

At least not yet. The episode did just air tonight, so it may take a bit, but I guess I am just curious as to how Cowie can stumble upon new leads and stories tied to ancient mysteries we've all read about thousands of times and never heard anything new about?

How many times can you hear about Hitler and the Spear of Destiny? But hearing that the Spear may be at Area 51? Epic. The Staff of Moses as a conduit of water power, used by a tribe that was gifted in just that--- finding water. I mean, this stuff you can't make up and yet Cowie hands it to you as if it's common knowledge.

To say the show excites the inner, wanna-be Archaeologist in me is an understatement. If LEGEND QUEST does anything it inspires all the arm chair enthusiasts to find new sources of info instead of rehashing the same old propaganda. Best of all, Cowie is joined by Kinga Philipps who always keeps his head above water so he doesn't dig himself too deep into the mystery... so deep that he can't see what lies ahead.

The mysteries of the ancient world have been spun into complicated legends that lend themselves to unbelievable heights of suspension in belief, and yet Cowie reminds us that sometimes the answer is right in front of your face. And why wouldn't they be?

Many of these legends happened on this planet and were spun and woven in the very threads of our existence. To think our forefathers/mothers wouldn't leave us clues in which to navigate these stories and to be able to pick the truth from the malarky is absurd thinking.

Many of the legends Cowie encounters have to do with relics that were hidden because their power was too much to be trusted in the hands of ordinary or lesser men. But that doesn't mean someone worthy couldn't just uncover them and continue the destiny or prophecy. Eventually all mysteries are solved.

My only hope is that Ashley Cowie goes above and beyond, to search for the final resting place of Queen Boudicca, El Dorado or hey, even Atlantis. Whatever he does I will be watching because finally there's an adventure show on television that actually finds shit. And even when it doesn't it leaves the flood gates open to inquiry so someone else can continue the journey.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monsters in the sewers

Used to be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lived in the sewers. The belief was so strong among the kids in my neighborhood that some of us talked about going down there and looking. A few weeks later, a few kids--- not in my neighborhood--- did just that.

They didn't find any mutated, talking Turtles but there little misadventure did nothing to dissuade my generation from believing that the sewers were a habitat and that some things did live there. Stephen King told us Pennywise, an ancient evil that preyed on children lived there.

Old, corny horror films told us Alligators lived there.

So if you grew up in the city and rode the public transportation, you closed your eyes in the tunnels because you believed everything and anything lived there. Then you grew up and forgot about it. Well, guess what... some things never change.

CCTV in Northern Ireland ran a piece about a sighting in the sewers. The experts say it could be a trick of light but others have compared it to the comic book sometime villain The Silver Surfer. Davy Sloan, the Northern Ireland Water field Manager says:

"NI Water constantly finds inappropriate items dumped down the sewer. Items vary from nappies, wipes, sanitary products and cotton buds which wash into pumping stations and block the pumps [...] They also block sewers which often causes internal and external flooding. This time however, the CCTV picked up a spooky face at the end of the tunnel [...] We think the image is a result of a combination of the bend in the sewer line and variations in light."

Whatever dude. Just don't go down there in the dark.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Giant creatures unearthed in Central America

And more giants unearthed here.
While I do adhere to the belief that giants once inhabited the earth, I don't see how Giant aliens makes any sense. Unless they are from a nearby planet, how could an especially tall species not lose bone density traveling through space? I mean, yes, they could be suited to such a task, but with no eyes, nose or mouth? Were they even actual living beings? Or is this entire story just bull shit?
If and when EBE's visited the earth, there is no way none of them did NOT die here and weren't perhaps ceremonial ushered into the afterlife by the people who came to worship them or live among them. But no legit scholar has ever legitimized such a possibility. So, what to make of odd mummy's of possible extraterrestrial origin? Fact or fiction?

Pic O' the Day

Here is the full story.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Redfern and Noory discuss M.I.B.'s

British ufologist Nick Redfern discussed his research into the Men in Black (MIB) phenomenon, in which he looked at numerous cases from the start of UFO sightings to the present day. The first report of Men in Black was associated with Albert Bender, who was studying UFOs in the early 1950s and formed a popular group called the International Flying Saucer Bureau. But then, he suddenly shut the organization down after he was visited by three men wearing black suits who told him that he was getting too close to the truth, and if he knew what was good for him, he'd leave the subject alone. Later, researcher Gray Barker popularized Bender's tale, and implied that the Men in Black were government agents, Redfern detailed.
In many of the MIB accounts, witnesses describe the visitors as having somewhat odd appearances and behavior, including bulging eyes, being very short, sometimes lacking in emotion, and suddenly disappearing. Their goal always seems to be intimidation, which is typically accomplished with veiled threats, said Redfern, who added that he found it curious that people invariably allowed these strangers into their homes, which indicates the MIBs might employ a kind of hypnosis.

One hour audio interview w/ the Great Brad Steiger

Steiger discusses his new book (w/ Sherry Hansen Steiger), Real Aliens, Space Beings and Creatures from Other Worlds , as well as the kinds of things to make a grown person sleep with the lights on.

Hi-fives to Mike Clelland for a great job.

(Click the title for the audio.)

You can visit Brad and Sherry here.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Be afraid of the dark

When I was a kid, a series of events threatened to rock my very understanding of the Dark. From that point on, I slept in 3-4 blankets, all tucked under the mattress. I wore socks to my knees. I always slept with a full pajama set, even in 90-degree summer weather. But above all, my head had to be covered and a source of light had to be nearby. Not lamps. Not night lights. They could manipulate those. What I needed was a flashlight. It took longer to suck those dead.

You see, in my room there lived small, dark things that crawled onto beds, pulled covers, cackled and whispered in an odd language and above all else, they HATED BEING SEEN. I didn't have the courage to sleep with the lights off until I was 28.

So, now, some years later, Guillermo del Toro has produced the re-make of DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK.  Dark little things that lurk in walls and talk and crawl under covers. I will be at the theater watching this come August 26th, but only because I am curious to see just how del Toro has managed to bring these things to life on the screen. But if it's too close for comfort, I'll be sleeping with the lights on... for the next 28 years.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family Values

I am drinking. My aunt is drinking. But somehow, drinking makes it easier to open up about the things that have occurred in ones lifetime. The embarrassing things. The bad things. The scary things. You see, I grew up in a haunted house. You name it, I saw it. Apparitions in white. Dark demon-like creatures that resembled grey aliens. God-like beings, floating in the air as if they were encompassed by invisible balloons. Phantom voices that laughed and spoke in complete sentences.

It was a never-ending childhood replete with nightmares. I can honestly say, I never slept a full night in my life. I lived in constant fear. Mostly, I thought I was alone. But tonight my aunt began to speak of the horrors she witnessed as a child a full decade before me, and guess what... the same shit... different person. So what does that say about our house on the hill?

Better yet, what does it say about those things you try your best to forget? I am thirty-three years old and I have many friends in the Ufological and Paranormal studies. They have written books about the aliens that have abducted them and the ghosts that have haunted them. I have read them all and yet I think, what if I stopped writing Science Fiction long enough to write about my experiences? What shadow would I cast?

I have seen things so crazy, perhaps they are too unimaginable. I know a pervasive darkness dwells in this world that people ignore because it is scary to look into the abyss that always looks back. And yet, there is NO scientist who will tell you it is there. There is no great authority that will tell you that the monster under the bed is, in fact, real.


Mostly because we thrive on lies. Lies keep us sane. Imagine if we all knew what the world was really about. Imagine if people really knew there was more than one god vying for their souls? Or that demons DO exist. Or that the world was once inhabited by things so old and forgotten that their names cannot be pronounced even by the most talented linguist?

The world is so old it's scary. The things that dwell therein are even scarier. Worst of all, if you come from a family notorious for knowing this, you're screwed. You can live a normal life for a few months at a time, until the things come back to remind you that they only have a voice when you are listening. Or that you only have a purpose when you are listening.

This is why I delve into the paranormal occasionally. This is why, no matter how badly I want to comment on a topic I hold back. I know that the longer I keep my hand on the pulse of ultra-reality, the more the things from my childhood will think they can invade my space.

You may be an alien abductee. You may have seen a few ghosts. I am not saying you don't know what it's all about, but take it from the girl who's seen Gods in my living room, a werewolf in a rural area, a fallen angel, a few full-on apparitions who can move objects, talk and leave behind proof, creatures that can, not only pull off your covers but leave scratches on your arms and more...

You haven't seen the half of it.

(Stay tuned.)

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Barry Chamish and Giants

It's no mystery that I have a thing for giants. Always have. So when someone starts talking giants I listen. I doubt very much whether people will get passed the fabled, one-eyed ogre giant of faery lore, but hey, if it at least teaches people to embrace the 'idea' of the giant, I'm not complaining.

Here's an excerpt:

Two hundred yards above Shikmona Beach is a biblical shrine called Elijah's cave. Here Elijah preached and here or somewhere nearby in the Carmel Mountains, Elijah challenged the Canaanites to a duel of Gods. Two bulls were tethered and the gods were beseeched to roast them. Naturally, baal failed the Canaanites but Elijah's God sent a ray of light from heaven which cooked the bull on the spot. This ray must have been similar to the kind of beam which burned the sands of Shikmona Beach into a saucer shape.
Within the Cave of Elijah is an ancient drawing of something that was the spitting image of the craft burned into the sands below. The Sightings team decided the image "was a coincidence. Maybe it was a bat." When Michael Hesemann filmed the drawing he left certain it was a match for the burned sand pictures.
Although the cave drawing's meaning is in dispute, the fact of the modern UFO-burned inscriptions is not. Something unique occurred at Shikmona Beach. Alien craft decided to leave souvenirs there at least three times. By doing so, they revealed the dimensions of their craft and apparently pilot, as well as their construction material. These were not crop circles nor were they formed the same way. A very different message was left on Shikmona Beach's sands.

You can read Chamish' article here.

Giant fish = Giant predators

Yet again, there is proof that we have no damn clue what's in our oceans. According to International Business Times, a 55-foot long fish of unknown species was discovered. Or, caught and left to rot. Either way, this... is why... I don't like beaches.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cosm(et)ic History

(Photo courtesy of

Body modification is nothing new. People have been altering their appearances since before the first cosmetic surgeon cut his way out of the womb. So it shouldn't raise any eyebrows (no pun intended) when any new kind of modification is introduced into the mainstream.

The latest mod comes in the form of Elven ears. You heard me right. People are getting their ears modified so they can look like elves. The thing is, no one is 100% certain just what elven ears look like. If and when Elves did exist, it was most likely about the time the Children of Dana came down to the Hill of Tara. That's thousands of years. I don't recall any tomb drawings of just exactly what their ears looked like.

What I do know is that there is plenty of evidence to support the existence of the Long-eared people. Could these be one and the same? You don't have to look too hard or too far to find evidence of the Long-eared folks. Buddha had them. The Moai of Easter Island have them. In some indigenous cultures it is customary to modify ones earlobes to create the long-eared look.

The long-eared people closely resemble the Elven people of lore, with their red hair, fair skin and long, thin noses. Could we be talking about the very same people? And if so, then I'd hate to tell all the World Of War Craft enthusiasts getting their ears modified to a point because there's a very strong chance they're doing it wrong.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The end of SETI?

Via Seti.Org :

Federal and state funding cutbacks for operations of U.C. Berkeley’s Hat Creek Radio Observatory (HCRO) force hibernation of Allen Telescope Array – In an April 22, 2011 email (PDF) to Allen Telescope Array stakeholder level donors, SETI Institute CEO Tom Pierson described in detail the recent decision by U.C. Berkeley, our partner in the Array, to reduce operations of the Hat Creek Radio Observatory (and thus the Allen Telescope Array) to a hibernation state effective this month. NSF University Radio Observatory funding to Berkeley for HCRO operations has been reduced to approximately one-tenth of its former level and, concurrently, growing State of California budget shortfalls have severely reduced the amount of state funds available for support of the HCRO site.
What next for the ATA? – The SETI Institute is working on numerous efforts to insure the Array comes back on line as soon as possible. Pierson’s email outlines potential work the ATA may be performing for the United States Air Force. Donor support is also needed to restart SETI observations on the Array. For the first time in history, SETI researchers are poised to use the ATA to examine the bounty of smaller planetary systems starting to be revealed by NASA’s Kepler Mission. We are also working with a consortium of big thinkers to develop exciting opportunities for the public to participate in the future of SETI, making the science much less vulnerable to government budget cycles. Watch for these future developments in the realm of our citizen science. In the interim, if you haven’t already done so, check out the early results of these efforts at and setiQuest Explorer.
Public help is needed – Donate now – Help return the ATA to operations and support the exciting SETI exploration of the Kepler planets over the next two years. You can read about our Kepler Worlds search and donate to the effort here.

Four different telescopes being used to see the Andromeda Galaxy

Tracy Twyman @ BOA

Full Preview: We kick things off by getting an update from Tracy Twyman on what she's been up to since her first appearance on BoA:Audio back in the Spring of 2009. We also discuss the current state of the economy in 2011 and how it compares to where Tracy thought it would be, back in 2009, when she first appeared on the program. She explains how the IMF's austerity measures are effecting the populations of countries in Europe that are deeply in debt.
This leads to discussion on when things will come around to drastically affect the United States and Tracy tells us about how the US dollar is on the precipice of being dropped as the world's reserve currency. She also details the insane levels of intricacy surrounding the 'global supply chain,' which sees goods shipped all over the world for reasons that aren't exactly necessary for the development of the end product. Tracy also reveals what has changed in the world, since her last appearance, which has made her feel better about the financial outlook for the world.
From there, we dive in to Tracy's new book, Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge, and she details how it constitutes the next step in her study of the alchemical influences on the economy. Tracy takes us back to early alchemy and details how stories of child sacrifice and ancient Gods were influential on the study of alchemy and seems to have laid the metaphorical groundwork for the economic system in which we currently live. She explains this theory via a number of examples where the future is sold to pay for the present.
This leads to some insight on the Golden Age of Saturn and how Tracy sees it fitting into the world of alchenomics. Tracy ponders the idea that society is being engineered to conjure a new Golden Age, of sorts. We then turn to discussion on time and how it has become commodified in this new economic world. Along the way, we delve into Christmas & Saturnalia and how they connect to Tracy's concept of alchenomics. From there, we contemplate how ancient rituals seem to continue to play themselves out in our contemporary times.
Tracy also shares the chilling tale of alchemist Thomas Flamel and how his story suggests that he used child sacrifice in rituals. Somehow this leads to discussion on Tracy's father, Rich And Famous, and his stance that people should be allowed legal ownership of their organs for future use. This leads to us pondering why the human race cannot seem to break free of the economic system that has been imposed on it. Tracy also details the legend of the Lord of the Earth and how it ties into the paradox of people working for a massive conspiracy that may not be complete until long after they are dead.
Looking at the 'science' of alchemy, we ponder the idea that perhaps it is actually derived from the science of an ancient advanced civilization that lost over the ensuing centuries. Getting back to the Age of Saturn concept, Tracy talks about how she sees it fitting into the Noah's Ark story. We then find out about Tracy's skepticism about monatomic gold and the original outcry her stance received when she first voiced it.
The conversation then turns back to the world today, the current state of the economy, and how Tracy thinks things may unfold from here. Tracy also shares her practical advice on how to survive the economic collapse. We then get Tracy's take on the Road to Roota theory that Bix Weir detailed on a previous edition of BoA:Audio. We also examine the idea of a separatist United States and if that concept would create a more viable nation. This leads to Tracy talking about how the continuous attempts to stop the impending economic collapse are really just wasting time before the rebuilding recovery phase can begin.
Heading towards the close, we consider how 2012 may tie in to Tracy's ideas about the Golden Age of Saturn and the economic collapse, which leads to some talk about the moon-based calendar as well as the 'new Zodiac' meme from January. Nearing the end, Tracy tells us some of the signs to look for as the economic collapse reaches its nadir. Tracy also revisits events that have happened since her last appearance as an example of how scary events have happened and we are just used to them now. Wrapping up our conversation, we find out what's next for Tracy Twyman as 2011 unfolds, including an exciting trip to Turkey later this year. And, on a final note, she shares one more bizarre arcane connection between the economy and 2012.

Listen here.

The Houston Batman

I am always and forever intrigued with seemingly Superhuman or Ultra-terrestrial beings. From Spring-heeled Jack to the Mothman. I found this oft-forgotten but not any less exciting tale of the Houston Batman at Cryptozoology Online.

If you have a(n) Superhuman, Ultra-terrestrial, Giant or Shadow people tale to relate, feel free to contact me at yufology (at) gmail (dot) com.

One of the iconic sightings of a mysterious creature in the UFO era, that of the so-called Houston Batman, was made on June 18, 1953. Hilda Walker, Judy Meyers and Howard Phillips saw a “man with wings like a bat” sitting in the branches of a nearby tree, watching them. After a few moments there was a light display and the “Batman” was gone. The story is a classic in the annals of UFO encounters and associated creature sightings, and is dealt with in full in Ken Gerhard and Nick Redfern’s Monsters of Texas, and Loren Coleman’s Mysterious America, where it is dealt with in connection to that likewise-iconic phantom attacker, the British bogeyman known as Spring-heel'd Jack.

It turns out the likening to Jack and other phantom attackers may be particularly apt. The Lubbock Evening Journal for May 22, 1953 bore the headline “’Phantom Attacker’ Strikes in Full View of Two Officers.” The article told the story of Betty Lee Jamison, a young woman who was walking on Richmond Avenue when a man lunged from a crowd, knocked her to the ground, and fled with four men in pursuit – two policemen and two men coming out of a nearby bar. The man still escaped. Frank Murray of the Houston police department told the newspapers that it was the 13th such attack in the space of a year. I could find no references to the earlier attacks; perhaps some other intrepid CFZ member could, however.

The Mexia Daily News for June 12 (only a week before the sighting of the “Batman”) reported another attack. This time a woman was pulled bodily from a car. Again, the attacker fled. And still the attacks came, even after the sighting of the man in the tree. On May 7, 1954, the Galveston Daily News reported that an attack had taken place only two days before, but this was dealt with in no more than a passing manner. Once again, I could find no references in the intervening time, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

You can read the rest here.

Ben Bova on UFO's


The case for Nuclear war on Mars

While researching the affects of Nuclear war on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and birth defects, I happened upon something else altogether. The web is replete with pictures of the Martian surface. Barely visible areas of possible habitation that seem to have collapsed into the landscape or been swallowed up by the desert.


I always wondered what all those geometric shapes were. Buildings? Homes? Most often I wondered how could anyone compare those images with that of thriving, Earth cities. The photos of before and after devastation in areas affected by Nuclear disaster speak volumes and attest to the possibility that perhaps all those Martian cities are the product of some ancient, Martian nuclear disaster.


***You never know.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

... of Gods and Aliens

Lately I've been inundated by Ancient Astronaut theories galore. It's not that I don't have respect for the idea that an ancient, highly evolved band of 'outsiders' influenced our ancestors. Anything is possible in a world where people can make their phones turn on the lights or start up their car. However, there is one thing that just never seems to gel for me:

Gods being explained away as Extraterrestrials. 

I mean, right off the bat the very definition of 'extraterrestrial' can explain away a whole host of things that are not of this earth. So, I am not saying the description is wrong. What I am saying is that maybe referring to every god from every culture as some E.T.,---thereby denoting their god-like status--- is a bit... unrealistic.

What I mean to say is what really and truly separates GODS from ALIENS? And why can't one be a descriptor for the other and the reverse?

I do not subscribe to the theory that our ancestors were idiots. I never have and never will. The fact that they were capable of comprehending whatever it was these so-called 'ancient astronauts' had to teach them speaks volumes. Just look around you. Not everyone can grasp Quantum Physics. Hell, some people can't even grasp basic Algebra!

If our ancestors had 'help' building the pyramids, it doesn't make it any less likely that they were able to comprehend the skill behind creating such enigmas. Simply put, our ancestors were capable and those that came down and aided them knew it.

So who were those that came down?

In ancient texts around the world they are referred to as Gods. And what are Gods? All seeing, all knowing. Beings of immense power and influence. Beings who could traverse worlds, evoke fear in lesser beings, accept and invoke worship, create and destroy. Gods in the classic sense through and through.

For what is a god if not a 'man-made' creation? *Intellectuals take note.

Today, with advancements in Science we have separated God (any god) from the life equation. Since we can do it under a microscope than what good is some omnipotent, omniscient creator? The fact is our ancestors couldn't do such things. Such great allusions were left to the incomprehensible and to them those that resided between magic and myth were beyond imagining.

Whatever those beings were, they were Gods. They were the classical gods of epic poems and re-contextualized scriptures. Our ancestors knew what they were bowing down to. Angels and other less beings were straight away relegated to their place as more powerful than humanity, but less powerful, still, than the gods. There was a hierarchy.

So, if there was a level to the greatness, than it seems unfair that Ancient Astronaut theorists should straight away jump to conclusions that posit our ancestors couldn't tell exceptionally smart beings from space apart from incredibly powerful world builders from beyond.

Maybe there is no difference. Maybe Gods and E.T.'s are one and the same. Maybe there is a place in the future that we will come to... a precipice that we will stand on that lies between our Humanity and Godliness. Maybe the only thing that separates us from them and them from gods is a matter of time and perspective.

Or, maybe the gods in their flying ships are simply 'alien' in context, much like a person who is born in America and moves to Sweden is still an American. When I was a child, space was heaven and god was no different than the myriad of life forms I speculated populated the worlds within the Dark Matter. Even still, they were greater than me and I would never reach over like Adam and touch the finger of my creator and should my creator happen to be a simple E.T. with a penchant for world building, then so be it. But he/she is still a god because that's the only descriptor that fits.

It's the only title I can believe in.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Insidious thoughts

A lot of films have been made about the Paranormal. Some of them have faded into obscurity (The Dark, Them) whilst others (The Exorcist, Hellboy) have become iconic sentinels of the genre. Sometimes you see a film trailer and you think, "That might be good." And so, against your better judgement (really, is there even such a thing when it comes to Art?) you pay the $8-11 dollars and you settle into your seat with the loudest MOVIE food ever invented, Popcorn. And you watch.

Sometimes you regret it.

I saw the Insidious trailer and scoffed at the effort the filmmakers made to push the word INSIDIOUS into the paranormal lexicon by having it repeatedly jump out at you. INSIDIOUS IS. INSIDIOUS IS. 

Insidious is... stupid.

Now hear me out, if you are the kind to watch a film, no matter how ridiculous, because the story is kind of intriguing, I feel for you. I really do. But when it comes to the paranormal, cliches on top of hocus pocus does no justice to anyone. Most of all the people who actually study the phenomena. 

I read a few reviews prior to seeing the film myself. The reviewers (who shall not be named. They better feel the shame. Hey... I rhymed!) all expressed fear. The movie scared them. So I wanted to see it because I wanted to be scared. 

And I was. For 2.7 seconds. And that was it.

The story goes a father who is a gifted Astral-projectionist (is that even a legit title?) passes the gift onto his son who then wanders too far from his physical body, leaving it vulnerable to possession. Easy enough right? Oh contraire, mon fraire... no it isn't. Because in the midst of this poor kid's (who is asleep for months in a non-coma), medical woes is a family struggling against darker, stranger forces from the unknown.

The ghosts have come out to play and they all want his body for a playground. Worst of all, the main contender is a demon, who according to the film, has never had a body and therefore wants this kids for nefarious means. You get it?

There were some spooktastic moments that lost their spooktasticness (I just made that up) the longer the camera shots were, because this film was made on an $800,000 thousand dollar budget. That's candy money in Hollywood. So you have to give the filmmakers (the same masterminds behind Paranormal Activity. Cough. ) some cred. 

The movie isn't all bad. There's maybe 2-3 moments that are cool until the moment after sinks it all to oblivion. Here's why I didn't like it: It was too stupid to be true. There, I said it. I've had enough ghost hunts and ghost haunts in my life to be able to look at something so mainstream and see the defect in conventional thinking.

Demons don't wear body paint. Dead people don't smile like cracked out muppets. Mostly, entities without bodies don't conjure all that power on their own, to throw people against walls or physically manifest long enough to get you to chase them from room to room. 

I honestly felt like Insidious was an inside joke. The ghosthunters/experts are two geeks (who, for the record, are the only solid entertainment in the whole film. Sorry, Barbara Hershey.) who use odd instruments that border on Steampunk, to get results. They are funny, argumentative and perhaps a little like some ghosthunters you may know, but there methods are straight up comic-book. 

Insidious just left me with an insidious taste in my mouth. I wanted to like it, I really did, but in the end I just walked out of the theater thinking, "People have the nerve to critique Sucker Punch when stupidity like this gets rave reviews?" Oh Hollywood... you are made of FAIL. 

The ending will make you want to punch someone.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To see or not to see

I used to think experience was enough when it came to the paranormal. If you saw a ghost then you knew better than anyone else what it was. Better than the skeptic. Better than the guy who has never seen a bat in flight, much less a hazy apparition of a long since dead relative.

That was back when people had integrity, or maybe it's because back then no one could afford to lie the way they do today. Today lying can get you anywhere. Lying can get you fame and fortune. In this new generation of 'proliferation of exaggeration' everyone's got a story. And therein lies the dilemma.

I've experienced my fair share of the paranormal and maybe I'm not much of a sharer when it comes to personal matters, but I've come to know that being an experiencer doesn't make me an expert. I never say I know anything definitely and  I never lie. I'm coming to the conclusion that experience and honesty are working against me.

Maybe if I had more stories to tell, just maybe more people would read my blog. But there are just some lines I won't cross. Maybe this will lead me down to the road to obscurity where no one will ever really KNOW what I have to offer, to say, to add to the growing mystery that is the supernatty. Maybe Ufology will continue to be a male dominated endeavor.  Maybe all the popular bloggers with webcasts and magazines will continue to ignore me because I didn't have a probe shoved up my ass. Maybe... maybe... and maybe.

Maybe I just don't give a shit.

Maybe I should.

I didn't just fall into the paranormal. I grew up in a haunted house. I was the 5th grader in the library looking for books by Jacques Vallee and Erich Von Daniken. I imagined a career writing books and exploring haunted and hidden places. Then I grew up and came to the conclusion that if I didn't have a 'story' to tell, well then I was assed out.

This isn't always the case, but for those who have made it through the cracks having never been fully interested in the paranormal, or having never seen anything out-of-place and yet still making the glorious climb through the ranks, I commend you. You have it. The spark. Or whatever it is.

I think that I, like most, am just waiting for that one thing to happen... that one experience to trump them all. Then, maybe then I can write about something that hasn't been written before. Because most abduction stories bare the same basest elements. Many of the UFO sightings are ripped from the same page in the book of UFOLOGY and many a ghost encounter has its roots firmly set in the lore of every other ghost tale.

It seems there is nothing new to share and maybe that's my problem. I have nothing NEW to share. Nothing to amaze the masses. Nothing to make jaws drop, heads spin or interviewers stalk me for the deets. Nothing. But I know I am not the only one.

And  I am waiting for it. I know it's coming. Hell, it's happened before and I feel a wind blowing. Something wicked this way... it comes. It's in the air. It's testing the waters around me. I know a story is coming. If and when it happens I will write about it.

I might even share.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Aliens vs. Demons

I've said it before... the older I get, the more I lean towards Aliens-as-demons or Fallen Angels, if you will. Seems like I'm not alone.

Nick Redfern on the Djinn and Guiley's and Imbrogno's new book

Nick Redfern on Aliens and Demons...

I'm not as prolific as Redfern on the topic, so I'll just let him (and the links above) do all the talking.

Was the Battle of LA a hoax?

Seems that every time an old mystery enters the global consciousness, it is turned down by the awful truth: That there was no mystery to begin with. Battle: Los Angeles opened last week to packed crowds hoping to catch a glimpse at evil aliens destroying humanity.

Some folks went to the theatre seeking entertainment, but some went hoping to be a part of some historical
event that at one time was considered a reality, until recently when old, originals of the Famous photograph were dubbed a flat out hoax. What next? The Easter Bunny isn't real?

You can read it all here.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Memoriam

(Photo courtesy of

Every time a discovery is made of some lost, forgotten sunken land, people hop on the 'Atlantis' band wagon. Atlantis has become the Roswell of archaeology. If the place is ancient, under water and comprised of rings or concentric circles, than it is Atlantis. 

It is Annoying!

Consider the fact that many forgotten, sunken landmasses of yore lie scattered across the globe. Surely they can't all be Atlantis. Now, I venture to admit that much like we have our world divided into continents and countries and cities, etc.,. it may stand to reason that Atlantis may have been a continent or great country as well. 

That however, does not mean that every time we uncover some proof of ancient habitation on the sea bed that we are looking at a fabled land of Poseidon. We can't limit ourselves in that way. We have to realize that much in the way that our world is currently divided, our ancestors were perhaps not so different.

A discovery made in Spain has already been dubbed "Atlantis". How Atlantis came to be in the mud flats of Southern Spain is not only beyond me, but beyond Plato. It doesn't match anything every written about the whereabouts of the lost legend and there isn't much written about it to begin with.

This new find was located some 60 miles inland by and American Research team and the entire discovery has been documented by National Geographic to air on the channel as a special on Atlantis. But is it Atlantis? According to Richard Freund, the discovery may be a memorial city. Essentially, built in commemoration of the actual Atlantis. Perhaps by survivors.

But what if this 'memorial' isn't the only one? In fact, as I mentioned a while back, the city of Gilgal (Israel) and maybe even Stonehenge (with its concentric design) and many other spots on the planet may all be commemorations to an ancient way of life, an ancient land mass and an ancient people and perhaps the survivors of the catastrophe that wiped out Atlantis spread across various places on earth and went forth with whatever knowledge they had and tried to preserve it somehow. Somewhere.

Wherever they could.

Or, maybe Atlantis never existed. Maybe it's just a story. About a place. That time forgot.

You can read more on the discovery here.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Dr. Bob Curran @ BOA

Angels and Demons

Photo courtesy of

Last week, over at Mysterious Universe Micah Hanks talked briefly about UFO's, Extraterrestrials and their associations with the occult. If you would like to read the entire article, click the title above. It's an interesting thought considering the older I get the less I come to view E.B.E.'s as visitors from other Earths and more like evil, vengeful, fallen deities from other realms.

Yeah, sometime even I have a hard time understanding myself. Truth be told, had I not had the experiences that I've had in my lifetime, then maybe I wouldn't be so surefooted. But, I've never met an experience that was positive. There were no glowing entities with wings, promising to save humankind.

I get that there are people who claim to have such experiences, but they are few and far between. The rest of us see darkness, evil, fear and basically, something that shouldn't be there, and not because it's hard for us to grasp the reality of such things existing, but more so because something so downright evil has no place in our world.

Just think about it, we are flesh and blood creatures who live everyday with the same constant struggle: Awareness. We want to know who we are, what we are and where we came from. The unknown scares us. The unknown is like looking into the darkness and knowing, no matter how quickly you can look away, that there is a slim chance the darkness will look back.

As children we are told the darkness doesn't exist. It sets us up for failure. Because soon enough the day comes when we see what really lurks there (some of us sooner than most), and when we do, our world becomes even more chaotic and the answers seem farther from reach. We still have no clue who/what we are or why we are here, but even worse now we have to contend with the question of WHAT ELSE IS HERE WITH US.

And therein lies the inevitable fact that monsters can take on any guise. Superior monsters, those of old, ancient days are even keener to the ability of warping our perspectives. There was a time when they may have been beautiful men who glowed mysteriously and came down in chariots, but that's because our ancestors didn't know much about flight. But then again, even as I say that I am not fully satisfied or content with that answer.

Our ancestors met strange beings, called them gods, worshipped them, feared them and erected monuments in their honor. To say those beings didn't exist is like saying the celebrities that grace the covers of tabloids and sell films don't exist. Maybe in 15,000 years people will think Oprah was a myth too. Who knows.

The fact is, the beings of yore with their destructive powers didn't go anywhere. They just changed tactics. The wolf has changed clothes, but it is still a wolf.

(to be continued...eventually.)