Saturday, November 05, 2011

Why Nicholas Cage is not a vampire...

                                                                 (Count Bull-Crapula)

A few months ago a picture straight from EBAY began to circulate the world wide web. It was an 1864 image of  a confederate prisoner that bore a striking resemblance to the actor Nicholas Cage. Theories on top of lame ass theories came to light. One more popular idea was that Cage was a time travelling Vampire. Well, for those of you who need an answer, I have it.

Nicholas Cage is not a vampire. Why? Well because we've overlooked the obvious: Vamps can't be captured in photographs. The end.

Please people, use your imagination for more important things like John Travolta, the time travelling ALIEN.


Iris Morali said...
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BrokeMama said...

How do we know what vampires can and can nor do. Maybe they just wanted us to think the can't take pictures so that they can hide easier...duh