Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Roswell Legacy Reviewed

The book, By Jesse Marcel, Jr., is reviewed by Frank Warren.


Episodes # 70&71


July 8th 2007 Show:

An excellent interview with Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden on their book: "Captured!: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience." Kathleen Marden is Betty Hill's niece. This interview is so articulate and full of information that I have never heard before regarding the Betty and Barney Hill abduction story.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

VIDEO: The Grays Agenda

43 minutes long...

Please watch it because I am so aggravated with people who consistently expound on things they have no clue about...

Pay attention FORTEANS

The things of mystery and mylarky have come to rear their ugly heads upon the next generation of cynics...

Friday, July 13, 2007

SuperMEMES and the Preponderance of Greatness

Every single one of us longs to be something more...someone better, than who we are. It's a feeling that drives some to fame and fortune whilst others whither in the shadows of anonymity. What is this driving force that makes us all want to be GREAT?
I doubt there is one person who has never heard of Superman, Hercules or Jesus. Those names are synonymous with GREATNESS. After spending most of my life with my nose in a comic book, and having a weakness for mythology, I have come to the conclusion that the SUPERHUMAN is not some made up being we humans use as tools for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical enhancement. Instead, I am of the belief that SUPERHUMANS may be a memory of our past.
Imagine if there was a time when we were bigger, fitter, faster and smarter than we are today. Imagine if there was a time when we were like (g)ods. There are stories scattered around the globe to support such ideas.
Michael Cremo said we are devolving and I can't help but wonder if this is true. What if we are mere shadows of what we once were? I think we only have to look at the Great Pyramids to feel the weight of a couple thousand years of lost power to understand.

(to be continued)

Sunday, July 08, 2007


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Benner believes there may be some organisms hiding on Earth today that are based not on DNA and proteins but on a more primitive type of biochemistry. A number of researchers now theorize that DNA-based life evolved from an RNA-based predecessor. RNA is an unusual molecule that can both store genetic information and act like an enzyme, cutting apart other molecules or putting them together. Benner is convinced that 4 billion years ago, Earth was home to simple RNA-based organisms that could find food, grow, reproduce, and even evolve. Over time, some of these developed the ability to build proteins and switched to double-stranded DNA to carry their genes.

The *new* Seven Wonders of the World

The list was announced in a ceremony at Lisbon, Portugal.

Chichén Itzá
Christ Redeemer (1931) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Great Wall of China
Machu Picchu (1460-1470), Peru
Petra (9 B.C. - 40 A.D.), Jordan
The Roman Colosseum (70 - 82 A.D.) Rome, Italy
The Taj Mahal (1630 A.D.) Agra, India

The Glastonbury Crop Circle Symposium

Glastonbury, England. July 27-29th


Well, the Roswell celebration came and went this 4th of july. I am sure plenty of people will be filling their blogs with information regarding who said what and whatever else they experienced at the event.
That's cool. I did entertain the idea of going. But then I changed my mind. You'll find out why on Monday when my next article hits BoA.

Till then, for the newbies who still can't grasp the Roswell Incident story in its entirety, here' the wikipedia version. It does some justice.

Brad Stieger@BoA (Season Finale)

One of my All-time favorite people!


The season finale of BoA : Audio, Season Two promises to be a landmark episode, as we welcome a true icon in the world of esoterica, the venerable Brad Steiger. In this lengthy and in-depth conversation, we'll be discussing what it was like for Brad to break into esoteric studies, over 50 years ago, at the young age of twenty years old. We talk about the lessons he's learned from all these years studying the paranormal, the evolution of his journey as a researcher, the explosion of esoterica from niche market to veritable cottage industry, his thoughts on the lack of cohesion in esoterica, the role of the media in covering the unknown, the hopefulness of the 1960's, the problem with today's newcomers to esoterica, and tons and tons more. It's truly the culmination of many of the big picture themes from Season Two, posed to a bonafide first ballot esoteric Hall of Famer, Brad Steiger.

Full Preview : In leui of the usual "bio / background" opening question, we begin this interview by finding out the event or series of events that initially sparked Brad's interest in the esoteric. We talk about his early interest in the esoteric and what it was like breaking into the field at 20 in 1956. He talks about his grandmother's frightening advice on his interest in the esoteric, his near death experience at 11, and the stunning, ephemeral, revelation he received and the reaction upon his return from near-death. He find out about some of Brad's early influences and the people who helped paved the road for his entry to esoterica.

We find out if Brad's early entry into esoterica was the exception to the rule or if it was more acceptable for young people to have an interest in the esoteric in the '50's. We get some advice from Brad for newcomers to esoterica and expresses his disappointment with some aspects of today's esoteric newcomers. He shares some of the lessons he learned from his early days of esoterica and his thoughts on what the ghost phenomenon may be all about.

We look at the evolution of Brad's work, through the various genres of the esoteric, and what shaped that evolution, leading him to different areas of research. He tells us how his UFO research started, the "beginner's luck" he had with regards to his book "Strangers from the Sky", and his how his initial reaction to the UFO phenomenon changed shortly after he'd started looking into it.

The next topic of discussion is the lack of cohesion in esoterica. We find out if it has was that way when Brad first got into studying the paranormal, which genre has the worst lack of cohesion, which fields are better for working together, and which field essentially tried to force him out of studying the genre. We discuss how and if this lack of cohesion can be changed.

We discuss the paradox of today's esoterica, in that it is hugely popular, but still marginalized by the mainstream. Brad shares an amazing recounting of what it was like when he first started doing radio interviews with skeptical hosts. We find out if the "giggle factor" existed all along, if if was better or worse back in Brad's early years in esoterica, and if we can ever overcome it. We also discuss the paradoxical problem of the esoteric desperately needing quality control over the researchers, without seeming to be censors.

Brad reflects on the hopefulness of the 1960's, the strange transition during that period that saw a newfound interest in the esoteric, his interractions with the "movers and shakers" of the time, like Timothy Leary and Ken Kesey, and Brad tells us what consistent study of the esoteric requires. We find out if Brad is frustrated with the overall lack of answers, so far, in esoterica and how he deals with that frustration factor.

This leads to a discussion on the role of the media in esoterica and if Brad is surprised by the inactivy and failure of the media to properly cover the esoteric and help to get to some answers. We get Brad's thoughts on conspiracy in general and how pervasive he thinks conspriracy runs. We also get Brad's take on the science v. politics debate within Ufology. We find out what Brad thinks the government knows about UFOs.

Next, Brad answers a question from Tina Sena regarding whether or not Brad ever feels unstimulated by the esoteric and how he cultivates interest in the genre. He then answers a question from Regan Lee regarding Brad's thoughts on paranormal Bigfoot. Brad speculates on the future and whether the human race is heading towards a crescendo.

Wrapping it all up, we find out what's next for Brad Steiger, including a new book coming this Fall, "Real Angels, Guiding Spirits, and Benevolent Beings", and the re-issue of his classic book "Shadow World" from Anomalist Books.


Brad Steiger Bio
Brad Steiger is the author/coauthor of 162 books with over 17 million copies in print.

Steiger's first published articles on the unexplained appeared in 1956, and he has now written more than 2,000 articles with paranormal themes. From 1970-'73, his weekly newspaper column, The Strange World of Brad Steiger, was carried domestically in over 80 newspapers and overseas from Bombay to Tokyo.

He was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on February 19,1936. He is married to Sherry Hansen Steiger, a licensed and ordained minister, herself the author or coauthor of over 22 books. He has two sons, three daughters, and six grandchildren.

His website is