Friday, October 19, 2007


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Alien UFOs mystery solved

Oh brother.

The Dead Speak On Roswell Will We Listen (UFO MEDIA MATTERS BLOG)


Dear Reader, are you tired of the spin doctors telling you what it is, and what it’s not on the Roswell story?

I’m asking: why don’t we try something truly way out in our society? Why don’t we agree to hear it from the people who were there?
Who knows, maybe these 600-plus witnesses might clarify what really happened…

Thursday, October 11, 2007

UFOs baffle O.C. earthlings


The hoax master has fooled thousands. But now, it appears, the jig is up. Three golf carts of security guards and uniformed men converge on Linn Murphy in a dark park behind the Orange County Fair.

They've got him – and the so-called UFO he's been hovering tonight over the fair's packed concert.

“Are you flying something?” one of the men shouts.

Monday, October 08, 2007


A pretty well catalogued site. I've been checking out the video documentaries for most of the day. And yes...I *do* have a life.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Police Investigate Bizarre Emergency Call From Bishop

Sounds to me like little grey men are infiltrating the church.

Regarding So-called "Alien Abductions" by Michael Horn

All I have to say about the *entirety* of this article is that MICHAEL HORN presumes too much. He most certainly PRESUMES that E.T.'s think like us. Well, they shouldn't, because simply put, THEY AREN'T US. And that having been said, we don't think like them...which is why we run around in circles, chasing our tails, trying to figure them out. Who's to say that ALIEN ABDUCTIONS aren' their way of trying to figure us out? So simple, yet so probable. Too many people like to look down on the human race. Too many humans...and yet, what if there is something about us that puzzles these 'creatures' from elsewhere? What if they can't quite figure out who and what we are no better than we can? I think it's about time that people started thinking outside the box if we are going to contemplate the minds of beings living outside this solar system.

And the story just keeps spinning...

I doubt whether the Peruvian *meteorite* mystery will die out anytime soon, and I am thinking, "Why should it?" Sometimes it takes things like this to reinvigorate the peoples belief in something other than the norm. When things like this happen, and scientists are rolling their eyes, while Ufologists are taking down interviews, the people in the midst of such matters are looking around at the world they live in and some part of them is thinking just how grande and mysterious the world truly is, and that always incites hope. We need some hope.