Saturday, December 26, 2009

Paratopia ep# 48: The Jer shows some Binnall love

This holiday season, Paratopia welcomes Binnall of America’s Tim Binnall. Together, in an uncensored, informal chat, we roast exopolitics over an open fire for your listening pleasure. Aaaaaand some other stuff. Also for purposes of listening pleasure.

Things children see

From The Shadows has an interesting article about the things people saw/experienced when they were children. Mostly shadow people. It's very interesting to me because I can recall seeing a number of oddities before I turned ten (and some afterward).

In elementary and middle school, my friends and I would sit around in a circle, recalling the bizarre experiences we had when we were toddlers. Experiences that vanished the moment many of us inched towards puberty. From then on, it has been my belief that children have a view into the world we have become desensitized to as adults.

Most of us grow up and expect Hollywood to scare us. We forget there was a time when the world showed us just how scary and unknowable it really is. So, needless-to-say, I think this is a very interesting topic of the paranormal kind. Children do see things, and their parents either dismiss it as the work of an overactive imagination, or a very disturbed kid.

How people raise their kids is their business, but the day my five year old tells me there's a strange man in the closet... I'm moving.

Stanton Friedman @ BOA (Holiday Special)

Full Preview: We kick things off by finding out what Stan has been up to since last year's Holiday Special and he gives us a teaser of his upcoming book Science was Wrong. He talks about some of the "incorrect science" that is covered in the book such as the saga of Ignaz Semmelwies and the many previous false proclamations about the limitations of flight. This segues into Stan weighing in on Climate Gate.
Moving into UFO discussion, we get Stan's thoughts on Ufology pioneer Dick Hall's passing this past Summer. He also reflects on some of the disagreements that he had with Hall over the years and also shares an instance where Hall's criticism of Friedman's work on Shoot Them Down led to Stan improving the research into the book.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Peter Davenport @ BOA

One of the hardest working researchers in all of Ufology, Peter Davenport, returns to BoA:Audio for a discussion on the National UFO Reporting center and the world of Ufology. Peter will provide us with updates on his move to a decommissioned missile site in Washington state as well as what has been going on with the NUFORC since our last conversation three years ago. We'll revisit how he became director of the NUFORC in 1994, how the hotline has changed in the last 15 years, the pros and cons of both the emergence of the Internet as well as cell phones, his dealings with other UFO groups and the issues surrounding sharing of case reports, the woeful coverage of UFOs by the mainstream media, and some noteworthy trends and cases from the last few years. We'll also hear about Peter's 1997 meeting with government officials who were very interested in the information he's collected at the NUFORC. This re-telling of the fascinating event is a must-hear for any serious student of Ufology as it provides an amazing potential glimpse into the government's stance on UFOS.

Gizmodo explains the Norwegian Blue Light Phenom

Norwegian astronomer Knut Jørgen Røed Ødegaard says it's 99.9% safe to say that it's a rocket out of control, while some newspapers and TV channels are quoting Russian military sources, confirming that this is a failed Bulava missile launched from a nuclear submarine in the White Sea.

The Norwegian defense has confirmed that, even while they have not admitted the failure, the Russian Navy alerted them about the tests prior to the giant spiral appearing in the skies. And if that wasn't enough to convince everyone, here are two images of the missile trails being blown away by the wind, at dawn:

Check out the gallery here.

Norway Spiral (Update)

Firstly, can I just say I love NEW SCIENTIST. I wish I could write for that publication of 'bad-ass-scientific-awesome'. I'd be extremely happy. Um. Yeah. So... about that blue Norwegian Spiral.

This is what 'they' had to say about it:

It looked like a time-travelling vortex fit for Doctor Who, but a strange spiral observed in the skies above Norway on Wednesday morning was actually a failed Russian missile launch, says a Harvard astrophysicist who monitors space launches.

Gosh those Astrophysicists are sooo smart. If American Colleges weren't so expensive,
maybe I'd be one by now. Maybe.

Strange pic of the day!

A Jet stream @ Saturn's North pole that forms in the shape of a Hexagon. It never
changes. It's a freakin' hexagon! Like... how?

Cattle mutilations in Denver

Firstly, let me just say, I love cheeseburgers. I don't condone the crazy shit
that it takes to turn out my beef patty, because let's face it, Cows are living
things. So I prefer not to think about it, which probably makes me just as bad
as the men who sit there, day and night, pulverizing the poor beasts. So, yeah
even though I enjoy an occasional burger, this cattle mutilation phenomena just
doesn't sit well with me. At all. Something sinister is afoot. I just don't get
how the past few decades have seen no new answers to this mystery. Animals are
still found drained of blood, missing organs and it's just so sketchy and out-
of-place that to NOT consider it bizarre would be, well---bizarre.

It happens at night. Tongues are extracted. Sometimes it's the calfs that suffer.
The younger ones. I don't get it. I really don't. I could sit here and think about
it all day and still not be able to come up with one logical explanation for it.

72-year old Manuel Sanchez is no stranger to the cattle mutilations in Denver. They
happen on his ranch. You can watch the video of Sanchez explaining, in depth the
goings on at his place here.

As for the few who think this is the work of Extraterrestrials and UFO's, this is
not even remotely cool. It doesn't make me think, "Wow! They must be so, so
intelligent! Maybe they can cure cancer!" Instead, I'm thinking, "Once they
graduate from Cows, they better not come looking around my neighborhood."


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blue Spiral Mystery over Norway

Dear Diary,

Yesterday a vortex opened up and everybody saw it and no one knew what it really was.
Not even the military. Not sure if anything came out, but if I don't write in a few
days, that means something did, and it wasn't anything good.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Mac Tonnies remembered @ The Paracast

I meant to post this a while ago.

Mac Tonnies remembered.

Susan Kornacki @ Paratopia

Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzmann talk to Susan Kornacki. Here's a brief description of the show, courtesy of

The preeminent Emotional Intelligence expert Susan Kornacki begins by explaining emotional intelligence and why it’s important, but soon divulges how she became an expert in this field. She puts it all on the line by admitting publicly for the first time that she is an experiencer. What follows sounds like it could very well be a best-of episode of Paratopia:

–UFO vists at 3:00AM

–Ayahuasca journeys

–Experiences with “grays” changing over to experiences with “enlightened” human types wearing hooded cloaks.

–The connection between experiencers and spiritually advanced meditators.

Joshua P. Warren @ BOA

Tim Binnall does it again. Great interview.

We ease into our conversation by first talking about the genesis of Joshua's L.E.M.U.R. organization which dates back to the mid-1990's, well before the "paranormal group" boom of the last decade. He reflects on how the creation of the group was primarily based on necessity and actually generated quite a bit of controversy in his native North Carolina. We then move on to find out how Joshua first got interested in esoterica and he shares a truly amazing story of how his grandmother's brother literally vanished, out of nowhere, during the Great Depression. He also talks about his remarkably young start as a writer and how it led to his present career as one of the most prolific researchers in esoterica.

We move on to discuss Joshua's latest book: The Secret Wisdom of the Kulkulkan and he gives us a thumbnail look at what it covers. The thumbnail culminates with Joshua giving us his take on what he thinks the whole 2012 phenomenon is all about. This leads to some discussion on the commonalities between various esoteric phenomena and how there appears to be some kind of unified field theory of the paranormal that we are very close to figuring out. This turns into a discussion on how there does appear to be more blending of esoteric genres in the last few years and that perhaps the old method of specialization is beginning to subside.

Our conversation then turns towards Joshua's research into "pet ghosts," or what he likes to call "phantimals." Joshua explains why he began using the term "phantimals" and talks a little bit about some of the strange animal elements explored in his book Pet Ghosts, such as the apparent ability of some creatures to sense impending death. This segues into Joshua talking about the need for more studies of animals with regards to paranormal abilities, such as psychic skills. This leads to some speculation about whether or not such testing has been done in underground, "black" departments.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Rendezvous with Rama

Inexplicata reports some cigar-shaped Ufo's over Salta (In Argentina), and possible other cigar-shaped ship sightings over Peru.


*Note: I think Salta is close to the location where the 'Gnome' sightings were reported.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ask yourself this...

"If you didn't believe in other worlds, Ultra/Extra terrestrials, Bigfoot, Sea Monsters, Ghosts, Ufo's or Alternate Realities and Ancient Technologically advanced civilizations, would your life be any more or any less fascinating?"

Because there are mysteries to be pondered, everyday, across the globe and only those of us who wake up with the knowledge that life is NOT about waking up, going to work, taking a shit and then going back to bed...only we can give OTHER people a reason to wake up in the morning.

So give thanks for the high strangeness in the world. Give thanks for the people who have no qualms about finding answers. God bless them, whomever they are, because they make the world a cooler place to live.


Strange pic of the day!

Consider where all the tales of the 'little people' may have come from, and then take a good look at yourself and ask what it means to be a 'giant'.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jim Marrs & Jesse Ventura @ BOA

This is the Season Premiere. Get over to and take in the 5th season premiere, as Tim Binnall talks to Jim Marrs about his new book, 'Sisterhood of the Rose', and then delves into the late Ted Kennedy's thoughts (or lack thereof) on JFK's assassination theories.

I enjoyed this one immensely because Jim Marrs 'Alien Agenda' still blows my mind (and if nothing else, I love the mans voice!). If you dig UFO's, then you will dig this interview. Plus, Tim talks to Jesse Ventura (39th Gov. of Minnesota)about Conspiracy theories and what got him talking conspiracies (crazy talk) for his new show, 'Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura'.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Real Men who stare at Goats

*This is a clip from Jon Ronson's, "The Crazy Rulers of the World" documentary. I mean George Clooney may look 'good' doing it...but this man is the real deal.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I love Science...and why I always will...

...because Carl Sagan was my teacher.

Check out this great article @ Bad Astronomy. Carl Sagan was all about introducing the masses
to the Sciences. Cosmos showed so many of us what lay beyond our own small
planet. I dreamed of one day working for NASA, discovering life on Mars, or just
becoming a brilliant Professor... teaching Astronomy. I owe all my respect, understanding and passion for
the unknown and the drive for the truth to Carl Sagan. Like a wise woman once said,
"I can open the door. But you must be the one to enter."

Saturday, November 07, 2009

'Destination: Truth' finds Yeti proof

*cough* Sexy beast *cough*

Okay, so yes...I admit it: I have a humongous crush on Josh Gates. There's just something about a researcher with a killer sense of humour. When I watch 'Destination: Truth', I am not weighed down by dry, serious bits of fact and analyses. I don't force myself to watch it for the 'good' parts. Truth be told, they've stumbled on some great evidence in their three seasons on the SYFY channel. Sometimes the team changes, but the current team is stellar. Josh is on his A-Game and Jael and Bicha are my faves. They work hard and they know when to play. They are the dream team of paranormal study.

Recently they added more evidence to the YETI mystery. A hair sample that matches nothing in the millions of samples so far collected. It's a huge deal. I just hope they need another team member so I can finally get a real job. A girl can dream.

Hair Sample analyses and findings:

A tale to tell:

There is more here.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Hoaxes and Valor

Two major slaps in the face on the cheek of Ufology happened recently. First, Lonnie Zamora passed away. The late New Mexico Police Officer was at the center of one of the most bizarre UFO stories of all time. You can read more about Zamora's encounter here.

The second slap came in the guise of a film. The Fourth Kind. We outta have a list of UFOlogical Bullshit.

The First Kind: Ridiculous Claims.

The Second Kind: Ridiculous People with said Ridiculous Claims.

The Third Kind: Ridiculously easy to manipulate researchers who believe EVERYTHING!

and finally,

The Fourth Kind: Ridiculous Claims manifesting in the media as film, literature and fodder for late night talk shows...

The Fourth Kind is one ridiculous stream of Hollywood cliches. There's 'supposed' actual footage. There's a small town with missing people who do not exist. There's a Doctor with mental issues, hypnotizing abductees that levitate and commune with evil aliens who speak Sumerian. Speak Sumerian! Honestly...can any actual researcher of Sumerian texts tell me how SUMERIAN ACTUALLY SOUNDS?

No disrespect to Milla Jovovich, because honestly she is probably the only solid actor in a film filled with ridiculous portrayals. How this movie should happen to scare anyone is the TRUE mystery. There's absolute nothing valid in this film. At all!

Ufology is a joke to the mainstream press. Ufology is a joke to Hollywood. Ufology is a joke to just about every idiot on the planet who prefers to walk across the street, staring at their phone and thinking they're invincible.

Having cold, hard cases with some basis in fact means nothing if stupid, lame stories are allowed to manifest and perpetrate as fact. What researcher wants to deal with the task of separating fact from fiction when the fiction pile reaches the heavens?

Should Ufologists file for defamation? Yeah, it sounds absurd, but it's no laughing matter for actual, existing, honest and haunted Abductees.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

ABC's 'V' reboot

I am not exactly clear as to why ABC has a 'problem' with 'V'. The claim is they don't think people are into epic Alien invasion stories. I'd like to ask them who exactly it was that thought a show about idiots on an island that may or may not be another dimension or whatever other crap J-Brams can come up with, was a good idea. The fact that 'LOST' even has ratings should prove that 'V' is on the right network. But still, there are misgivings. Apparently ABC will air 3 episodes and if it looks like anyone's watching, they'll air the rest. Whatever.

Here are the first 8 minutes. It looks promising, and it'd be a shame if ABC doesn't have any high hopes for such a venture. If todays tv viewing audience can get through a few seasons of LOST, I think they can get through anything.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mac Tonnies

When I first started this blog, I was already intrigued with another one: POSTHUMAN BLUES. It was Mac Tonnies baby and it was a wonderland...full of futuristic, science fiction and paranormal references, links and thoughts. So I emailed him and I asked him what I could do to make Yufology as interesting. He was kind, intriguing and helpful. From then on I commented on our shared taste in music or movies. We twittered recently about District 9. He was never a friend I hung out with, but he was someone whose unique perspective gave me a reason to tune in and pay attention. I am very saddened by this irreplaceable loss to the esoteric community. A great thinker is gone. Mac Tonnies may you find all your answers.

Rest in peace.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

They did the Mash...the Monster Mash...

I don't get out like I used to. Maybe it's got to do with the fact that the better half of my twenties was spent suffocating ( to this day large crowds freak me out). Or maybe it's more so the fact that it's really hard to find like-minded people. Which is why, every year at about this time I look forward to the MASS MONSTER MASH.

It's like a convention for super cool people who just so happen to like delving into the unknown. Because honestly, no matter what you may think about Ufologists, Cryptozoologists, Ghost hunters or just plain old enthusiasts of the Paranormal...they aren't your garden variety weirdos.

In fact, they are some of the finest, most intelligent people you will ever meet. Because what a lot of people fail to realize is it takes a certain amount of intelligence to try and comprehend the universe, its curiosities and the things that dwell therein. No idiots allowed. It's the lay of the land.

Tonight's MASS MONSTER MASH (or TRIPLE M, as I prefer to call it) was no exception. While Loren Coleman engaged us all in a trip through the life and times of Tom Slick, Nick Redfern had our attention at 'Chupacabra'. Jeff Belanger, humorous as always, enlightened us on White House ghosts. Matt Moniz spoke about the recent Bigfoot sightings in Massachusetts, while Christopher Balzano managed to scare the crap out of me with his presentation on Zombies and PukWudgies! (I think I am more afraid to go to bed tonight than I was when I saw 'Paranormal Activity'!)

The Hibernian Hall was packed and honestly, this year was far more interesting than the last. I found myself so engaged in the topics at hand that my best friend's iphone became our encyclopedia to the unknown. We spent the better half of the conference looking up data in reference to what the speakers were sharing with the world-at-large.

There were also great guests, who although weren't presenting, did not fail to round out the night with their knowledge and information. Derek Gunn was on hand with more great information on all of the unknown, untapped and just plain underappreciated archaeological mysteries around New England. Jeremy Vaeni (of Paratopia fame) and I talked about Ufology's unnerving need to never be second-guessed, with no small thanks to the people involved who fail to see the wheel turning.

I chatted with James Boyd (always a pleasure), signed up with the folks at, and got to check out the awesome wares from,

But the night would not have been complete with out Mr. John Horrigan, and Mr. Tim Binnall. Both personified the evening with their impeccable delivery, smooth execution of what was another great convention, the respect with which they handled both the guests and those in attendance, and mostly their friendship.

If I forgot anyone, or anything, it has less to do with my gratitude waning and more to do with the it being past midnight, because these days I have a mental curfew. Needless to say, I can't wait till next year!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why Scientists can be whack-a-doodles and other things...

So, the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is being sabotaged by its own future. Yes, you heard it right. Because, "...God hates Higgs particles... " and because, well...crackpot theories can only come from respected scientists. Seriously. Consider the fact that had anyone in Ufology said, "The Large Hadron Collider is doomed to fail because its creation has already rippled back through time, thereby stopping it before it could create a Higgs boson!" there would have been enough backlash to keep CERN scientists in the spotlight for months.

Just imagining the flurry of smack-talk is enough to justify why some people prefer to keep their theories to themselves. There'd be wisecracks about this particular ufologist being a conspiracy theorist. There'd be jokes about scientists from the future, traveling back in time to sabotage the LHC. You name the jack ass theory and they'd have it all written, polished and ready to go. Because that's just the way things are.

But, you get some respectable scientists and you showcase their theory in, let's say THE NEW YORK TIMES and you got yourself a bonafide explanation for why such an expensive ass machine, which should only be running particles in circles, like a giant washing machine, would be so damn hard to put into commission.

Maybe it is being sabotaged from the future, and maybe the theory is sound. But that doesn't change the fact that it sounds ridiculous...even coming from the mouths of physicists.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

ESA: "Life on Mars"

I've watched the video and now I am stuck on the ESA website, and finding things...unbelievable things. I should be working...but this is far too
intriguing to ignore.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brad Steiger's REAL VAMPIRES

Review courtesy of forteanreviews.blogspot

First, I have to say that, in my own opinion, this is one Brad's finest books - and for several reasons, upon which I'll now explain and elaborate.

There can be very little doubt that even the merest mention of the word "Vampire" conjures up imagery of either (a) the classic vampires of yesteryear as portrayed on-screen by the likes of Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee (you know the ones I mean: they rather resemble pale-faced waiters in cloaks!); or (b) the latter-day vampires with whom Hollywood is so enamored and who resemble the offspring of some dark alliance between Marilyn Manson and TV's hottest Goth: the delicious Abby from NCIS.

As Brad is very careful to make abundantly clear to his readers, however, the cinematic vampire with which all of us are acquainted is - largely, at least - a creation of enterprising, enthusiastic and skilled screenplay writers, authors and horror-devotees. Separating the fictional vampire from the factual one, is a key aspect of the book - and a very welcome and informative aspect, too.

* I definitely have to get this!

The MOTHMAN festival

Read about it here.

What the 'EFF' is it?

I'm sure someone has the answer, but still...I've never seen a dog/kangaroo/thingy like that before. Never.

Add this to your list of crazy: WATER...on the MOON!

The new findings, detailed in the Sept. 25 issue of the journal Science, come in the wake of further evidence of lunar polar water ice by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and just weeks before the planned lunar impact of NASA's LCROSS satellite, which will hit one of the permanently shadowed craters at the moon's south pole in hope of churning up evidence of water ice deposits in the debris field.

The moon remains drier than any desert on Earth, but the water is said to exist on the moon in very small quantities. One ton of the top layer of the lunar surface would hold about 32 ounces of water, researchers said.

"If the water molecules are as mobile as we think they are — even a fraction of them — they provide a mechanism for getting water to those permanently shadowed craters," said planetary geologist Carle Pieters of Brown University in Rhode Island, who led one of the three studies in Science on the lunar find, in a statement. "This opens a whole new avenue [of lunar research], but we have to understand the physics of it to utilize it."

Finding water on the moon would be a boon to possible future lunar bases, acting as a potential source of drinking water and fuel.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Plain as day

John Lear @ BOA Audio

BoA:Audio closes the book on Season IV with one of the more enigmatic and infamous figures in the history of UFO studies: John Lear. In this two hour conversation, we'll cover the wild days of the 1980's in Ufology including Paul Bennewitz, Bill Cooper, Bill Moore, the 1989 MUFON Convention in Las Vegas, the alien spaceship that allegedly crashed and was buried because it was too big to move, the concept of souls and reincarnation and how the aliens may fit into that, the incident at the Dulce Base between an ET and the Army, 'human mutilations,' UFO disclosure and when it may happen, 2012 as a scam, interesting things on the moon, the secret space program, undersea connections beneath the western half of America, John's theory on 911 that the planes were holograms & the towers felled via space weapons, Bob Lazar and the Area 51 story, the state of Ufology, Exopolitics, why the 'mainstream' branches of esoterica seem to be so far off from John's theories, George Knapp, Art Bell, why Ufology isn't a 'team sport,' and a shitload more stuff.

To esoteric newcomers, and even many veterans, John Lear is almost mythical and certainly mysterious. A lot of contemporary folks dismiss John's material because of the sometimes outrageous things he says, without realizing (or acknowledging) the massive impact he had on the field, specifically in the 1980's. Both Art Bell & George Knapp have credited him with planting the seed for their future exploits exploring the unknown and, as most people know, Lear was side-by-side with Bob Lazar as one of the godfathers of Area 51. He is most certainly someone who forever altered the landscape of esoterica.

In keeping with tradition, we finish up the season with a stratospheric guest in an interview that will be listened to and enjoyed for years to come.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Coincidence of the day

Some people believe in Angels. Some don't. I am not going to argue for or against the idea of angelic beings. All I will say is, while watching a 2006 program on Ghost sightings (narrated by Jonathan Frakes), I had to stop and laugh when realizing that one of the most famous ghost/angelic photos ever taken (of the car accident of Rose Benvenuto), was by a woman named: SHARON BOO!

Yes. BOO. Boo, as in GHOST, as in CASPER. As in...BOO!

A photo of a ghost by a woman named Boo. I know I am not the only one pondering this.

Big 'Something-or-other'

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Matt Damon to portray Bob Lazar

Yeah, know it's coming. I'm going to say something unsavory before this post ends. I'm not going to do it on purpose. I'm not aiming to disrespect anyone, but c'mon people! Throw me a bone here. Matt Damon was really itching to play Bob Lazar? Really? Did he read a script that was about anything but the whole story?

I mean, let's just think about it for a second: Bob Lazar (according to..Bob Lazar), worked for S4. S4-Sector 4 sounds like something out of a James Cameron film. It was located near Groom Lake (Area 51). He claims to have seen discs and knows how they travel.

I'm going to admit it, when I was like ---what--- twelve, I believed him. Okay, not believed, but I was fascinated by his story. What kid, totally in love with the idea of life in space wouldn't have found his story fascinating?

So, Atomic Element 15 (the element that Lazar says makes UFO's fly, not the element in Donald Trump's hairspray), supposedly produced effects akin to anti-gravity. But Bob Lazar has been under fire for various things that basically throw his credibility (if he ever had any) under such close scrutiny, Howard the Duck looks more respectable than he does.

Matt Damon is a great actor. Maybe he's looking for an artistic challenge. Personally I would suggest he do a David Mamet movie, but whatever. Actors are a strange lot. Especially the really good ones who make massive amounts of money. Maybe Bob Lazar's story should be told. Because who knows...maybe he is telling the truth.

The 12-year old Tina would have given him the benefit of the doubt.

The Loch Ness Boatster

It could be a monster. It could be a boat. I'm actually curious about the things to the left of the object, or from the viewers perspective, they're at 9 o'clock.


Friday, August 28, 2009


If you're in NEW ENGLAND, or from the neighboring states and thinking of something cool to do this fall, well then come check out the MASS MONSTER MASH!!! Every year the speakers and their topics get better and better. I have been to the TRIPLE M twice so far and it never ceases to amaze me; the people and the research. Everything you've ever wondered about...better yet all the things you thought you knew are covered. From the Bridgewater Triangle to the Ghosts of Rehoboth. This years special guest speakers include Loren Coleman and Nick Redfern (which I forgot to include in my last post, because 'Three Men Seeking Monsters'is still one of my all-time fave books...but I digress). Jeff Belanger (he's really funny), and Christopher Balzano (very knowledgeable) will also present. The always awesome John Horrigan will be host, with special thanks to Tim Binnall for his support in putting together this years event.

There will be refreshments, giveaways, books to buy and people of likemind to mingle with and make connections (the kind of people who will follow you into the dark unknown). Tickets are $25 and available here.

Come join the Dark Side! We have cookies...

The Legendary BUDD HOPKINS @ BOA

Budd Hopkins is part of what I like to call 'the holy trinity of Tina's esoteric madness'. John E Mack and Brad Steiger round out the tail end of my THREE. That's not to say I haven't got more favorites, because I do. Loren Coleman knows I am talking about him. So does Whitley Strieber with whom my fascination is more like 'where does that dude come from'?! But in a GOOD way. And I had/still have the greatest respect for John A. Keel.

When I was a kid, BUDD HOPKINS' 'Intruders', JOHN MACK'S 'Abductions', BRAD STEIGER'S 'Project Blue Book','Star People', and 'Overlords of Atlantis...', WHITLEY STRIEBER'S 'Communion', LOREN COLEMAN'S 'Mysterious America', and JOHN KEEL'S 'The Complete Guide to Mysterious Being's' rounded out my slow decline into the strange and fantastical.

It's a shame though. Because when I look at my list, there isn't a single woman on it. But I am working on that.

Go listen to Tim Binnall asking all the good questions, regarding BUDD HOPKINS life in Art and UFO's... @ BOA AUDIO.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Morning Glory Clouds

These mysterious clouds appear over Burketown, Queensland, Australia, and no one can figure out how they are made...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fantastic Maps of old

(Courtesy of Dark Roasted Blend)

The World according to Ptolemy:

Sea Serpents figure heavily in old maps...

Giant Squid:

Gods and Angels:

Twisted logic

We've been told that humans came out of Africa so, so long ago. That's fine with me, but for some reason I cannot wrap my head around the fact that some of the most intricate and awe-inspiring ancient structures are found anywhere but. That's not to say Africa doesn't offer some intriguing sites for Archaeologists and enthusiasts alike, but c' you ever hear about any of it?

There are stone circles and megalithic structures strewn across the landscape of Ireland (we are constantly reminded). There are pyramids in Mexico. South America has some great sites to ponder, as does the Middle East. You always hear about these places. But when it comes to Africa, the closest we get to ingenuity is Egypt. Egypt this and Egypt that. Standing stones and Megaliths of Africa are not well documented at all. You'd have to search long and hard to find any mention of such pursuits in the cradle of humanity.

You have to search long and hard to find info on GREAT ZIMBABWE, or the Kamabai Rock Shelter in Sierra Leone. Perhaps it's not the lack of sites, but the lack of interest. Just imagine the stories Africa has to tell, and no one is listening.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The 4th Kind

The 1st kind: A sighting
The 2nd kind: A landing
The 3rd kind: Contact


The 4th kind:

1n 1972, a scale of measurement was established for alien encounters. When a UFO is sighted, it is called an encounter of the first kind. When evidence is collected, it is known as an encounter of the second kind. When contact is made with extraterrestrials, it is the third kind. The next level, abduction, is the fourth kind. This encounter has been the most difficult to document ... until now.

Structured unlike any film before it, The Fourth Kind is a provocative thriller set in modern-day Nome, Alaska, where-mysteriously since the 1960s-a disproportionate number of the population has been reported missing every year. Despite multiple FBI investigations of the region, the truth has never been discovered.

Here in this remote region, psychologist Dr. Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich) began videotaping sessions with traumatized patients and unwittingly discovered some of the most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented.

Using never-before-seen archival footage that is integrated into the film, The Fourth Kind exposes the terrified revelations of multiple witnesses. Their accounts of being visited by alien figures all share disturbingly identical details, the validity of which is investigated throughout the film.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Without delving into the whole Ancient Astronaut theory, let's just think for a moment about UFO's. Unidentified Flying Objects. Flying machines and/or unknown animals, who for some reason beyond us, manage to evade our detection. I say 'evade detection' because at the rate in which 'supported' sightings seem to appear, you'd think the skies were teaming with UFO's. And yet, not everyone has noticed them.

For some reason or other, they can manage to travel through our skies, under our seas and from (possibly) planet to planet without a trace of evidence. But back in the 1800's they were a little careless.

The Airship sightings always consisted of an airship, some occupants who may or may not have spoken any number of European languages. Sometimes Russian. They looked like men. They had a knack for handing out baked goods (like the faeries of lore who also liked to hand out cookies or little cakes).

They weren't sneaking up on people in the night, and stealing them away. And if they were, no one was really talking about it. It was as if they took to kidnapping special people in Biblical times and then the 'taking' tapered off.

So it's safe to ASSUME the airship sightings don't come complete with abduction tales. Abductions begin to occur (again), much later. It's a giant jigsaw of schizophrenic alien endeavors. Which leads me to conclude more than one alien race is at work here, and they don't always check up on one another.

"Hey, Zeta Alpha, did you guys happen to abduct some life forms from earth in the passed, oh...I don't know...500 years?"

"Negative, Zeta Beta. We were just chillin' with the natives. They gave us peote. It was nice."

Whatever. Something about all of this is erratic. That is the best way to describe not only UFO's but the entire phenomena. Erratic. Which leads me to conclude there may be a dark agenda at hand. Oh sure, I could be exercising my right as an american to be paranoid. But...think about it...several different races, pulling tricks on humans, like the Trickster or worse, the Devil. The nice little encounters are miniscule compared to the freaky, outlandish, frightening and downright evil encounters.

Erratic, possibly. Ancient, maybe. Evil, definitely.

Weird pic of the day/year/century


Timothy Good @ BOA

Direct from London, England, venerable UFO researcher Timothy Good joins us for an in-depth discussion on his latest book Need to Know as well as a number of elements of the UFO phenomenon which he has uncovered in his lengthy career investigating the phenomenon.

We'll be discussing the early intelligence conflicts between the US and UK with regards to the Swedish 'Ghost Rockets' wave of the 1930's, Winston Churchill's failed attempts to find out about UFOs from the MoD, the story of Polish biophysicists and their visit to JPL where they saw remains of a dead alien possibly from Roswell, information that Good has received about alien bases located around the world and what their purpose might be, the ongoing, secret conflict between Earth and alien races, stories of retaliation by UFOs against planes that challenged them, the concept of "gradual disclosure" of the UFO phenomenon, the MJ-12 papers, Good's role in their publication and what he really thinks was going on back in the 1980's when they were released, and the state of Ufology in general. Plus, of course, tons and tons more.

It's a thought provoking edition of BoA:Audio with a researcher who has uncovered some truly unique information that may have you taking a second look at the UFO enigma.

Full Preview: We kick things off by finding out how Timothy Good first got interested in the UFO phenomenon. We then talk a bit about how Timothy has had some amazing sources over the years and he reflects on how one works with getting such information, especially bit and pieces over long periods of time.

We then dive into some areas of discussion from Good's latest book Need to Know, beginning with how the US and UK had a rather chilly relationship with regards to UFOs during the 1946's Swedish 'Ghost Rocket' flap. This leads to some discussion on if that relationship changed over time and makes a startling revelation about US control over the UK's nuclear weapons. Timothy goes on to tell us further about Sweden's 'Ghost Rocket' flap of 1946 and why the UFOs probably weren't Soviet V1 rockets. We next talk about Winston Churchill's failed attempts to get UFO information from the UK MOD. This leads to some discussion on the early 1950's "UFO Working Party" in the UK, a precursor, of sorts, to Project Blue Book.

Timothy talks about information he has received about Polish biophysicists who were first tasked with examining a piece of UFO wreckage and were, later, shown parts of a dead alien inside the secret lower levels of JPL in 1977. The story includes some interesting information regarding the blood of these particular aliens. We then cover what Timothy has learned about alien bases being located throughout the world and he shares information he's received since he first published these revelations. This leads to us talking about the aliens, themselves, and Timothy explains how there are different types of aliens with different agenda and histories of dealing with the human race. He talks about what may be the agenda behind the abductions and how there are conflicting perspectives on it, depending on whether you look at it from humans or aliens' point of view.

Segueing from there, we muse about how deeply US interaction with ETs has been over the years, is there a working arrangement, hostility, etc. We then discuss the concept of "Needing to Know" and how that may be seemingly completely arbitrary depending on time and place. We ponder the concept of "gradual disclosure" and how it seems like the process has been almost too gradual. This leads to us finding out what happened between his previous book Unearthly Disclosure and his latest book Need to Know that made him change his mind about how UFO disclosure should unfold. We find out more about the conflict that has been ongoing with the US (and other nations) and the ETs.

We next hear about the W56 group out of Italy, which is a fascinating story of human / ET interaction. Timothy shares stories, as told by Stephano Brecia in the book Mass Contacts, of ETs taking humans to their underground bases, a humorous tale of an ET trying to drive a car, and how the ETs got food for their base in Italy.

Following that, we get Timothy's perspective on what seems to be the changing face of UFOs over the years, from balls of light to cigar shape to saucer shape to black triangles. Timothy shares his advice on how to tell if a UFO is "one of ours or one of theirs." He talks about joint operations between US jets and UFOs as well as information he has received about how extensive the UFO knowledge is inside the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). We also get Timothy to expand on his statement in Need to Know that he is certain that the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon is involved with UFOs as well as find out his thoughts on a potential Puerto Rico / UFO connection.

This leads to a sidebar about the importance of emphasizing official statements about UFOs from high ranking and highly respected people such as Edgar Mitchell and, more recently, Col. Charles Halt regarding the Bentwaters Incident. We then talk about the popular notion of ETs on the moon and Mars and get Timothy's take on these ideas.

Our conversation then moves further into the 'war' between UFOs and Earth and how it seems like this is one aspect of the phenomenon that Ufology does not want to discuss. This leads to us talking about the ETH and how Timothy endorses it "with qualifications" and challenges the notion of what is "extraterrestrial" if not just something from outside of Earth and, if 'ETs' were here first, then they are not really 'extraterrestrials.'

Moving back into Need to Know, we cover one of the more interesting stories in the book: a richly detailed alien contact story from an Air Force reserve, Sid Patrick, in 1965. Timothy recounts the story with remarkable detail and draw some parallels from the information gained in the Patrick case to the Gary McKinnon revelations. We then briefly talk about the Gary McKinnon case as well.

Next, we discuss Timothy's integral role in the MJ-12 'documents' story and get his opinion on the veracity of the documents and what he thinks was really going on in the mid-1980's when he was given that information. We then discuss who might be at the top of the UFO information pyramid in contemporary times and Timothy shares some surprising names and some expected ones. We then discuss Ufology's public relations problem and, if Timothy had his druthers, where he would like to see Ufology go in the future. This segues into some discussion on how the National Enquirer used to do some great reporting on UFOs, which is ironic given that it has such a terrible reputation. We also get Timothy's take on the 'Obama mania' that is sweeping some circles in Ufology.

We also talk about the media coverage of the UFO phenomenon and how it has seemingly started to improve in the last few years. Timothy also makes a stunning and hilarious revelation about some of the much-ballyhooed UFO files being released by the UK government. Timothy also highlights the positive side of these file dumps, even if the Ufology community isn't getting much of substance from it. Timothy also discusses another element from Need to Know: the ten year study of UFOs by the Soviet military.

Getting back to our discussion on 'gradual' disclosure, we talk about how it may be a generational movement and Timothy shares a story that encapsulates that idea. This segues into some discussion on the religious institutions and how they probably feel about the ET situation and we talk about the Vatican's announcement that it is 'okay' to believe in aliens. We also get Timothy to speculate on where Ufology may be in the next few decades and reflect on how the field seems to have gone off the rails in the last 30 years.

Heading towards the close, we find out what Timothy may be working on for future projects. Right before the close, we also go down a brief side road and talk about Timothy's other work as a professional musician and he talks about recording with Paul McCartney.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dress codes: Cryptozoology, Ufology, Ghost hunting and Fishing

Loren Coleman recently posted a question on Cryptomundo: "Are there reasons for the way the public sees me and others, or wishes to see cryptozoologists?"

It's a valid question, but as I was reading Coleman's post, all I could think was, "Who gives a shit?" And this was in no way projected toward Loren Coleman (because I adore the man). It was projected at the public-at-large.

I can tell you as someone with a degree in fashion design, what you wear does say a lot about who you are. You are showing the world who you are or what you do, but it's not an accurate portrayal of the person inside. Most of the time, what you wear is a costume.

A theoretical physicist in dungarees is no less a great physicist than the one in a suit. Maybe the one in dungarees is on vacation, or writing a book. Maybe the one in a suit is promoting a book or visiting the white house. Who knows, and who cares?

My point is, yeah...Cryptozoologists sure do wear a lot of hats, but who wouldn't under the beating sun, in the jungle, out in the field...looking for cryptids? It's a uniform because it's essential! Cryptozoologists don't wear suits because they don't find answers in offices.

Now, skeptics do a lot of talking. A majority (but not all), never leave the confines of a warm and cozy building. They talk a lot and they type a lot. They are indoor folk. Indoor folk pay attention to what they wear, especially if they sell books about how much more they know and how nothing exists because they say so. Skeptics are SUITS.

Ufologists, Ghost hunters and Cryptozoologists are adventurers. Adventurers don't play dress up. I would never take an adventurer seriously if he/she didn't have a little dirt under their nails, a sunburn here or there, at least one pair of cargo pants or shorts in their closet and some hiking boots/sneakers.

That is what the public should be aware of. The talkers may look good? But the actual doers look sharp. On and off the field. Just wait till Coleman is in a suit. Shermer and his button ups don't stand a chance.

Is the Large Hadron Collider cursed?

Does anyone believe it was ever going to work in the first place? What if it was all a ruse? They made all these huge claims about what the HC can do, but they had no clue how to make it work, or (of course) what would happen once it did. SO repairs...sound like excuses. It's not going to work. It's an abomination, as awesome a machine (concept?) as it is. It's outcome is unknowable, and that makes it bad mojo.

Decisions will be taken as to whether there are more that need repairing or not within the next couple of weeks, and when we know that, we will be in a position to be a little bit more definitive about what we plan to do for the rest of the year... Essentially what's happening is we're proceeding with extreme caution. We have to be absolutely certain that when we switch on this time, it stays switched on.

The 37 mil in repairs should go to building/designing a better freakin' space shuttle!

Cockamamey, crap, bull...and all the rest

Today Carlos Cotta and Álvaro Morales from the University of Malaga in Spain add another angle to the discussion. One consideration is the speed at which a sufficiently advanced civilization could colonize the galaxy. Various analyses suggest that using spacecraft that travel at a tenth of the speed of light, a colonization wave could take some 50 million years to sweep the galaxy. Others have calculated that it may be closer to 13 billion years, which may explain why we have yet to spot extraterrestrials.

Cotta and Morales take a different tack by studying how automated probes sent ahead of the colonization could explore the galaxy. Obviously, this could advance much faster than the colonization wave front. The scenario involves a civilization sending out eight probes, each equipped with smaller subprobes for studying the regions that the host probe visits.

This is not a new scenario. One previous calculation suggests that in about 300 millions years, those eight probes could explore just 4 percent of the galaxy. The question that Cotta and Morales ask is this: what if several advanced civilizations were exploring the galaxy at the same time? Surely, if enough advanced civilizations were exploring simultaneously, one of their probes would end up visiting the solar system. So that fact we haven't seen one places a limit on how many civilizations can be out there.

Buzz Aldrin and Monoliths on Phobos

Buzz Aldrin is the man. He doesn't make any wild claims. The man says the universe put a monolith on one of the moons of mars. And why not? What is the universe? Who runs the universe? Who or what tells the universe what to do and when? Yeah...sounds ridiculous. But...on second thought...does it really sound that crazy?

Antikythera mechanism much older...!

The mechanism was probably not used for navigation but perhaps served more as a beautiful representation of an ordered, clockwork universe. "Something to elevate the spirit and get closer to God or the true meaning of things," as Marchant put it during a talk at the Royal Institution in London last night.

So what about the new stuff? Research from Prof Alexander Jones of the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York, which has yet to be published, suggests that rather than dating from the 1st century BC the Antikythera mechanism may in fact have been constructed in the preceding century.

The new data concerns the four-year Olympiad dial, which has the names of significant Greek games etched into it – Isthmia, Olympia, Nemea, Pythia and Naa (plus one other that hasn't been deciphered). The first four were major games known throughout the ancient world, but the Naa games, held near Dodona in northwest Greece, were a much more provincial affair that would only have been of local interest. "One possibility is that it was made by or for somebody in Naa," said Marchant, who described the clockwork computer on the Guardian's Science Weekly podcast last year.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Starchild skull

The esoteric community has been throwing me for a loop lately. I had surgery on my lung and lived in ICU for six days, and the entire time all I wanted to do was get out of that bed, get the tube out of my rib cage and go monster hunting. It's who I am and at the same time, it's who I wish I was. I didn't die, even though I could have had I decided to ignore the fact that I could no longer think straight, sleep or breathe. But I didn't die. Instead, some great men who were the foundation stones of this community died. What did it teach me? To keep doing my thing. Screw the naysayers. I was born alone and I will die alone, so I've got no one to impress by myself. I think we all need to come together and recognize that the bully in the playground (the Shermer's and his brethren), are just insecure about their place in the world. They want everyone to think like them. They're already losing. They're losing because for as many know-it-all skeptics there are, cocking their heads and talking sideways, there's equally smart ufologists/paranormalists/esotericanas who know their shit and have known their shit for decades. If there's going to be a fight, bring it on. There's more on our end. There's more brains, brawn, passion and potential. Case-in-point, I watched the UFO HUNTERS episode about the starchild skull. I saw a replica of the skull become a face and it was NOT human. Its ears were too low and it's eyes were too big. It's neck was too skinny and its cranial capacity was epic. If a skeptic can look at that and still see a human being, then we can all clearly point out the idiots in the room.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have never seen a mermaid. Lord knows I always wanted to. Blame it on SPLASH. I thought it was possible to fall off a ferry and have a mermaid rescue you. But then I grew up. And even though I was still fascinated, I kept it on the downlow...because, well...people look at you funny when you talk about mermaids. They look at you funny when you talk about Ufo's, Aliens, Bigfoot and Sea Serpents too. But they really, really look at you, cock their head to one side...make a whirling-like finger signal near their temple and roll their eyes. They automatically classify you as 'one of those'.

So...even though one of my childhood fantasies was to PROVE the existence of such cryptids, I didn't discuss this 'dream' with everyone. And now, over at Cryptomundo, it seems a lot of people are delving into the topic. Mostly their just stating their opinions or provoking discussion. It's all good. We need to talk about it. We need to peel off the stigma attached to it. After all, our ancestors talked about mermaids like we talk about celebrities in tabloids.

Same diff.

I grew up hearing tales of mermaids from my grandmother and a host of other people. They never laughed it off as some trick of the eye. They never suggested it was a manatee or any other sea creature easily mistaken for a humanoid with a fish tail. No. Instead they embraced the fact that they saw something extraordinary. That's how it used to be.

But now, you can't believe in mermaids. Why? Because science says they are impossible. Well excuse me, but I seem to remember this thing called evolution that states quite unnervingly (if ya ask me) that land mammals strolled on out of the waters some time ago. Yup. They scampered out of the sea, and their fins turned into legs and they went on their merry way.

Soooo...there seems to be NO contest with this theory. And yet, no one can accept that maybe some mammals just didn't come out of the water and sprout landfaring appendages. Maybe some of them (think aquatic apes), evolved differently. We got accustomed to oxygen this way...and they got accustomed to pulling oxygen out of water. We grew legs to walk on this dry earth with. But they, being of oceanic origins, grew fins. We have aposeable thumbs and they have crab claws, or hooky talons.

I could be more scientific about it, but why should I be? Why should I throw in all of these biological facts just to say one simple thing: If you believe in humanoids in space, then how the frak can you NOT believe in humanoids in the ocean?

We haven't even explored the entirety of the earths seas. And yet, here we are too sure of ourselves, saying what is and isn't there. FOr all we know Megalodons could be chilling down their...or sea serpents that elude us every day because they just really don't like us.

Who knows what is here and what isn't. Far be it for me to argue with anyone on the matter. Especially if I don't have first hand knowledge to back it up. But I will say this: When people see something extraordinary, they talk about it. That's how all these stories evolve. Just because you don't believe it, that doesn't make it any less likely. Or any less fantastic.

Mermaids. Fact or fiction? I'll let you know when I see one.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Credibility in Ufology: Why it matters

No offense to Steven Bassett, but credibility IS an issue in the disclosure process. Infact, (lack of)credibility is what has doomed Ufology, as far as disclosure goes. It's one thing to have credible researchers, asking the big questions. But it's an entirely different ball game when some questionable characters are added to the mix.

Ufology does not garner the respect it deserves. Not until E.B.E.'s hover over a major city and threaten to annihilate a couple million people...not until then will the government turn to its only line of defense: The people who study the phenomena day in and day out.

Ufologists are a rare breed. Intelligent individuals seeking the truth no matter how uncanny. Some of us are very well educated and some are self-taught but highly motivated. We're a mixed bag of characters. Nothing wrong with that.

Look at the Scientific community. Feynman was a showman. But he was a brilliant physicist. And therein lies the dilemma. How to be a credible Ufologist and still be charismatic enough to draw in the numbers; to get the world at large to sit down and pay attention.

What you don't do is let the loons speak for the majority. I'm not speaking about anyone, specifically. But I am pointing out a 'type'. A certain kind of person that has plagued Ufology since its inception. The kind of person who craves attention. The kind of person who wants everyone to embrace their explanations, no questions asked.

Most of the time, their credibility is questionable. They are the very same individuals who make the layperson cringe. They are the reason you can't go one day without someone asking, "So, you still studying UFO's?" And snickering as you try to find a qualitative answer that will remind them that the universe is greater than the mind can fathom, and nothing is left to chance or human perception.

But that doesn't make it any easier to explain why you choose to fight the good fight. It makes it harder. It makes it harder because credibility is everything when you want nothing more than for the world-at-large to respect your work.

Those of us who want answers...we don't wake up in the morning thinking about how many hits our blogs can get, or how many podcasts we can circulate between before our idea of ZOLOFTA THE HORNED REPTILIAN OF ALPHA ZUMEDIA gets mass attention, as our faux entities send us telepathic messages of peace, love, unity and stupidity. Those of us who want answers, wake up...pat ourselves on the back for even making it on so little sleep, before sitting down to write yet another appeal to the masses, to listen and not judge. To understand with an open mind. To appreciate that we aren't doing this for our health, the wealth or some psuedo-celebrity.

We're doing this for the greater good. And we fight hard to give credible answers, credible explanations and credible information. Credibility. It doesn't come in a Happy Meal, no matter what your Alien liaison from Andromeda tells you.

BOA: Audio Season IV


BoA:Audio once again goes global as we welcome Clas Svahn, head of UFO Sweden, for his first-ever American radio interview. We'll be discussing, in amazing detail, the world of Swedish Ufology. We'll find out about some of the key UFO cases in Sweden's rich history such as the 1808 mass UFO sighting, the 1933 phantom lights flap, the famous Gosta Karlsson case, the ghost lights of 1946, the 1958 Domsten close encounter case, Project Argus of the 1970's, the 1984 Minsk case, the 1999 UFO "crash" in Sweden, and many others. Clas will also give us his first hand perspective on the birth & evolution of UFO studies in Sweden, including how Sweden was a major player in the very early days of the modern UFO phenomenon, the reaction of the Swedish military and government to UFOs, how the media coverage of the phenomenon has changed over the years, and what the everyday Swede thinks of UFOs.

Of the many international editions of BoA:Audio, this one surely will rank among the very best. Clas Svahn showcases the world of UFOs in Sweden, a country who's contributions to the history of Ufology have been all-too-often overlooked.

Full Preview: We kick things off with the bio / background on Clas Svahn and find out how he became interested in the UFO phenomenon. Clas talks about UFO Sweden and how they try to stand for a "third way" of UFO research, centered around scientific investigation of the phenomenon. He also details why he feels that this method is the most reasonable way of looking at the UFO issue and most fruitful for actually finding answers.

We then begin looking at some of the most famous UFO cases in Swedish history, beginning with the first documented UFO sighting from 1808. Clas provides tremendous detail on the case which saw an amazing array of strange objects witnesses by a large group of people. Following that, we discuss the "Ghost Flyer" wave over Sweden in 1933, which pre-dates even the Foo Fighter era of modern Ufology. Clas shares insights he gleaned from speaking with people from the Swedish military who were tasked, in the 1930's, with watching for the "ghost flyers." This segues into some discussion on the Foo Fighters of WWII and we get Clas' take on that phenomenon.

Following that, we discuss Sweden's most famous UFO case: the Gosta Karlsson case of 1946. Clas is in a unique position to speak on the event, having written a book on the case with Gosta Karlsson, himself. Clas first provides the basic details of the case, which saw Gosta Karlsson witness a landed UFO, approach the craft, and have some kind of encounter. We find out about the two objects that Gosta claimed to recover from the event, a ring and a rod, which Clas has personally handled and UFO Sweden put on display in 1996, but have since gone missing. Clas gives his honest assessment of the two items, based on his handling of them. We also find out about Gosta's claims of having gotten recipes for medicines from the ETs and how it ended being the foundation for his future pharmaceutical company.

Clas also talks about the book he wrote about the case with Gosta and what makes it different from many books written with first-person UFO witnesses. We get Clas' verdict on the case, as to whether it happened as Gosta said it did or if it was more of a confabulation. We also find out the fate of the purported alien ring & rod, as of today, and why Clas thinks they have become so hard to recover from Gosta's heirs. Clas also talks about the fame that befell Gosta after the case and how it still resonates in Sweden today.

We move on to discuss the 1946 "ghost rockets" flap in Sweden. Clas talks about what was being reported during the wave, what made it unique for the time period, and the overarching trend of objects falling into lakes during the "ghost rockets" flap. He talks about one specific case, which he has thoroughly investigated, from August of 1946 where objects crashed into a lake and the military staged an unsuccessful search for the object. Clas also gives his opinion on military theories of the time that these objects were Russian rockets and also talks about the close working arrangement between Sweden and the US/UK during the ghost rocket flap of 1946.

Once known as the "best UFO picture in Sweden," the Mora Picture from 1952, is our next case to be discussed. Clas explains how, in recent years, UFO Sweden may have figured out what the Mora picture is and how he ended up potentially solving the case. He also explains how the Mora photo exemplifies some of the key tenets of UFO investigation, namely getting all the information as soon as possible following a case. This leads to some discussion on how advancements in celestial computer programs have allowed for a fresh look at many UFO cases and shown that there are more natural reasons for many previous UFO sightings. We also find out about how UFO Sweden's style of thorough investigation has drawn criticism from others in Sweden, who accuse them of being skeptics because they prove classic UFO cases to be prosaic events.

The next case we look at is the 1958 Domsten case, a close encounter that is fairly well known by even American UFO researchers. Clas first provides the details of the case and some of the more interesting facts about the aftermath, including how the witnesses were the first-ever to be put under hypnosis following an encounter. He then details his investigation into the case and the surprising information he has uncovered about the case and witnesses. We also find out what the reaction was, in Swedish Ufology circles, to the results of Clas' investigation into the event.

We then look at the 1965 Erik Einmark case which produced "four extravagant pictures" purportedly of a UFO and Clas gives his take on this event. He explains how there is a connection between this case and Maj. Kehoe, who was in Sweden when the sighting happened.

Following that, we talk about the 1970's Project Argus, which was a quasi-UFO investigation by the military in Sweden. Clas provides some amazing detail on what the project was and who was involved in it. Clas also talks about UFO Sweden's remarkable investigation into Project Argus and what they uncovered. He also explains why he doesn't put much credence into the conventional reasons for the UFO flap that necessitated Project Argus.

Staying within the time frame of Project Argus, we find out if Sweden underwent the "abduction spike" that the US did during that time period. We then move on to the 1980's and talk about a case involving a cigar shaped object crashing into a lake. This segues into some discussion on the repeated reports of objects landing in water in Sweden and we find out what Clas thinks of this interesting trend. This leads to Clas detailing an amazing 1999 UFO crash in Sweden which was witnessed by seven different people over three locations around a lake.

Wrapping up our discussion of famous Swedish UFO cases, we talk about the 1984 Minsk case. Clas also tells us about a 1948 UFO crash witnessed by the Swedish Commander in Chief of their Armed Forces. In light of the preponderance of objects falling into the water, we find out if there are any reports of objects coming out of the water, ala USOs. We also find out if there has been an evolution of UFO shapes in Sweden like there seems to have been here in America. This leads to some discussion on contactees in Sweden and one that Clas has been researching for over two decades.

We also get Clas to speculate on how much of the UFO activity over Sweden can be attributed to their closeness to Russia and their potential testing of experimental craft. We also get his take on the possibilities that the Swedish UFOs are the result of some kind of strategic military alliance between that country and the US / UK. Closing out the specific UFO event discussion, we find out about the "mothership" case which was mentioned by Klas Hager in the original email which inspired this interview.

Looking at other aspects of Swedish Ufology, we start with the history of UFO studies in that country. We begin with the pre-UFO Sweden era, leading up to 1970 and Clas tells us about how and why UFO Sweden ended up being formed. Clas details how UFO Sweden was "very different" in the 1970's when it first began and, has since, undergone a radical change in outlook regarding UFOs. Clas details how Swedish Ufology has become much more open to non-ETH interpretations of the UFO phenomenon in the last few decades. Paying tribute to one of the original Swedish Ufologists, Clas talks about Gosta Rehn. This leads to some discussion on the ETH and Clas shares his critique of American UFO studies and Ufologists.

Next we find out about the working relationship between UFO Sweden and their neighboring counterpart UFO Norway. In turn, Clas talks about the Hedallen Project, the first joint UFO research effort done between two countries' UFO organization. Clas also tells us about some of UFO Sweden's bi-annual UFO projects which reap a wealth of new information from Swedish citizens. He also explains the means by which UFO Sweden accomplishes this remarkable feat every other year. This leads to some discussion on how UFO Sweden has really raised their public profile in the last 20 years to a level of high respectability in the minds of the media and public in Sweden.

In turn, we end up discussing UFO Sweden's unique relationship with the military in that country. Clas explains why UFO Sweden and the Swedish military have formed a strong working agreement. He also details a stunning connection between the two groups and how beneficial it is for UFO Sweden. Staying within the realm of military discussion, Clas speculates on what the military in Sweden really knows about UFOs. We also find out if Sweden has had any document releases like some of the other European countries have had over the last few years and how Sweden differs from those countries with regards to UFO files. We also get Clas' take on the folks in Swedish Ufology who object to UFO Sweden working with the military and claim that there is some form of cover up over there. Wrapping up the government & UFOs discussion, we find out about Anders Gernandt, a Swedish politician who pushed for UFO disclosure in the 1960's.

Looking at another big pillar of Ufology in Sweden, we find out about the Swedish media and how their portrayal of the UFO enigma has changed over the years and decades since the phenomena burst onto the scene. Clas talks about the "giggle factor" which remains in the US but seems to have subsided substantially in Sweden. Clas also reflects on and traces the media coverage of UFOs in Sweden from the 1950's to today. He talks about what caused an explosion of interest in UFOs from the media in the mid-1990's. We also find out what the world of academia in Sweden thinks of UFOs and Clas reveals a surprising area of the academic community there that is taking a "huge interest" in UFOs.

Closing out our discussion on the world of Swedish Ufology, we talk about the mindset and opinions of the general and public and find out from Clas how it has evolved over the last few decades. He also makes some amazingly deep observations about the present world of Ufology, the Internet, and young people.

Wrapping up this massive interview, we discuss UFO Sweden's Archives for UFO Research, the world's largest archive of UFO material in the world. Getting personal, we find out if Clas thinks he'll see an answer to the UFO phenomenon in his lifetime. We also get Clas' advice for researchers who are looking at the UFO enigma. Finishing things up, we find out what's next for Clas Svahn and UFO Sweden.

The Paracast

Gene and David talk to Greg Bishop!

Coming June 14th: BUDD HOPKINS!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jason Offutt @ BOA

BOA Audio is back with Jason Offutt, talking Shadow People and why you shouldn't listen to this before going to bed. Actually, he doesn't say that, but he should. Because I'm listening to it right now, and being someone who has witnessed shadow people throughout my mortal existence on this planet we call Earth...I don't think I'll be getting much sleep.

As if I sleep anyway.

Tim Binnall rules! Nar der.

An Alien Abduction Story: Extraterrestrials, Spirit Abduction or Sleep Paralysis?

Howz about all three? Seriously.

Robert Hastings and Don Ecker @ The Paracast

And...on May 31 L.A. Marzulli. I've read some of the NEPHILIM TRILOGY, and I'm interested in what he has to say about E.B.E.s and Fallen Angels, et al.