Monday, July 02, 2012

Chasing UFO's...

The National Geographic Channel has a new show called CHASING UFO's which features DESTINATION TRUTH's Erin Ryder and follows "3" experts on a road trip to UFO hot spots. Two episodes in and it's become apparent to me (actually, it became apparent back when all these UFO/GHOST hunting shows became popular) that searching/hunting/investigating UFO's isn't a job for a handful of "experts".

It's a job for every interested person on this planet.

UFO's don't just show up when you want them to. Sorry Stephen Greer. And they certainly don't show up just because you have a camera crew and some tech specialists in your entourage. The one characteristic that many well documented UFO sightings have in common are "multiple witnesses".

For too long UFOLOGY has been a boys club with only certain recognizable names on the Marquee. Not to say those men haven't done a swell job of documenting the phenomena and shedding light on the subject to engage the public's awareness, but we need a new take on the quest to get answers.

Other avenues need to be explored. UFOlogy needs to go beyond tv shows and blogs and podcasts and books. It needs to become a part of the public domain. And yes, the popularity of the subject has made more people willing to explore UFOLOGY and open up about their own experiences, but still, there is this pervasive feeling that only EXPERTS are allowed to speak on the topic.

That's just bull. Anyone and everyone who's seen and documented the phenomena should have a voice. There needs to be more public awareness that goes beyond the realm of the Entertainment Industry.