Sunday, June 26, 2011

Giant creatures unearthed in Central America

And more giants unearthed here.
While I do adhere to the belief that giants once inhabited the earth, I don't see how Giant aliens makes any sense. Unless they are from a nearby planet, how could an especially tall species not lose bone density traveling through space? I mean, yes, they could be suited to such a task, but with no eyes, nose or mouth? Were they even actual living beings? Or is this entire story just bull shit?
If and when EBE's visited the earth, there is no way none of them did NOT die here and weren't perhaps ceremonial ushered into the afterlife by the people who came to worship them or live among them. But no legit scholar has ever legitimized such a possibility. So, what to make of odd mummy's of possible extraterrestrial origin? Fact or fiction?

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Redfern and Noory discuss M.I.B.'s

British ufologist Nick Redfern discussed his research into the Men in Black (MIB) phenomenon, in which he looked at numerous cases from the start of UFO sightings to the present day. The first report of Men in Black was associated with Albert Bender, who was studying UFOs in the early 1950s and formed a popular group called the International Flying Saucer Bureau. But then, he suddenly shut the organization down after he was visited by three men wearing black suits who told him that he was getting too close to the truth, and if he knew what was good for him, he'd leave the subject alone. Later, researcher Gray Barker popularized Bender's tale, and implied that the Men in Black were government agents, Redfern detailed.
In many of the MIB accounts, witnesses describe the visitors as having somewhat odd appearances and behavior, including bulging eyes, being very short, sometimes lacking in emotion, and suddenly disappearing. Their goal always seems to be intimidation, which is typically accomplished with veiled threats, said Redfern, who added that he found it curious that people invariably allowed these strangers into their homes, which indicates the MIBs might employ a kind of hypnosis.

One hour audio interview w/ the Great Brad Steiger

Steiger discusses his new book (w/ Sherry Hansen Steiger), Real Aliens, Space Beings and Creatures from Other Worlds , as well as the kinds of things to make a grown person sleep with the lights on.

Hi-fives to Mike Clelland for a great job.

(Click the title for the audio.)

You can visit Brad and Sherry here.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Be afraid of the dark

When I was a kid, a series of events threatened to rock my very understanding of the Dark. From that point on, I slept in 3-4 blankets, all tucked under the mattress. I wore socks to my knees. I always slept with a full pajama set, even in 90-degree summer weather. But above all, my head had to be covered and a source of light had to be nearby. Not lamps. Not night lights. They could manipulate those. What I needed was a flashlight. It took longer to suck those dead.

You see, in my room there lived small, dark things that crawled onto beds, pulled covers, cackled and whispered in an odd language and above all else, they HATED BEING SEEN. I didn't have the courage to sleep with the lights off until I was 28.

So, now, some years later, Guillermo del Toro has produced the re-make of DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK.  Dark little things that lurk in walls and talk and crawl under covers. I will be at the theater watching this come August 26th, but only because I am curious to see just how del Toro has managed to bring these things to life on the screen. But if it's too close for comfort, I'll be sleeping with the lights on... for the next 28 years.