Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Be afraid of the dark

When I was a kid, a series of events threatened to rock my very understanding of the Dark. From that point on, I slept in 3-4 blankets, all tucked under the mattress. I wore socks to my knees. I always slept with a full pajama set, even in 90-degree summer weather. But above all, my head had to be covered and a source of light had to be nearby. Not lamps. Not night lights. They could manipulate those. What I needed was a flashlight. It took longer to suck those dead.

You see, in my room there lived small, dark things that crawled onto beds, pulled covers, cackled and whispered in an odd language and above all else, they HATED BEING SEEN. I didn't have the courage to sleep with the lights off until I was 28.

So, now, some years later, Guillermo del Toro has produced the re-make of DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK.  Dark little things that lurk in walls and talk and crawl under covers. I will be at the theater watching this come August 26th, but only because I am curious to see just how del Toro has managed to bring these things to life on the screen. But if it's too close for comfort, I'll be sleeping with the lights on... for the next 28 years.

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Rich said...

Interesting how whatever you experienced impacted your life. I tend to think that what people label as paranormal really isn't and has more down to earth explanations such as with the mind playing tricks (particularly as with hypnagogia and hypnopompic states).

We humans (and anyone or anything like us) definitely have a propensity to create things that otherwise probably would not exist. We create our own reality which is not to say we actually create reality.