Sunday, June 26, 2011

Giant creatures unearthed in Central America

And more giants unearthed here.
While I do adhere to the belief that giants once inhabited the earth, I don't see how Giant aliens makes any sense. Unless they are from a nearby planet, how could an especially tall species not lose bone density traveling through space? I mean, yes, they could be suited to such a task, but with no eyes, nose or mouth? Were they even actual living beings? Or is this entire story just bull shit?
If and when EBE's visited the earth, there is no way none of them did NOT die here and weren't perhaps ceremonial ushered into the afterlife by the people who came to worship them or live among them. But no legit scholar has ever legitimized such a possibility. So, what to make of odd mummy's of possible extraterrestrial origin? Fact or fiction?

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Rich said...

I would not pay much attention to anything not in a peer-reviewed journal...other than for mostly entertainment value. Not that peer review means "always correct, because it certainly does not mean this.

Regarding these findings, it is always good to pay attention to SPECIFICALLY who or what team found them, any pictures/video published, results of testing and where this stuff is published. This is a good start.

Did or do giants (and dwarfs) exist? Well they may have in some capacity and even exist today in some odd capacity...ever see a dwarf or extremely tall person?

Are they extraterrestrial? Probably not, since it appears all of the examined ones have quite earthly explanations. Though, I do still leave open the possibility of ET intelligent life "out there" and/or even perhaps here...however remote the possibility.

What (who) are they?
Humans with diseases/mutations and perhaps, back in the day, even other branches of humanity that are not around to be found today.