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*I can guarantee there's someone out there with a scientific explanation...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So the VATICAN says it's okay to believe in Aliens. Now what?

First of all, can I say, "Whoop-dee-doo, Basil!"
The Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes has been saying this for a while now. Anyone else watching the History Channel? The Vatican's take on this is that extraterrestrials, should they exist, are God's creation too. Fine. However, when you start to look deeper at the what? and not so much the how? It's nothing more than a one big religious paradigm.
Consider that there are some people out there who are content with keeping the EBE/UFO PHENOMENA strictly OUTERSPACE. We all know Friedman is one of those people. God bless him. But then we have Vallee who opened our eyes to the probability that we are not witnessing aerial phenomena from SPACE, but perhaps from our own terrestrial backyard, or farther than that...the dimension inside your closet.
Freak out if you want, but even farther than that is the belief that EBE's have been around for thousands, if not millions of years.
And that is where we bump heads with not only Sitchin and Von Daniken, but some Biblical scholars as well.
So, we come around full-circle.
Essentially, when we get to the end of the circle, what it all boils down to is the great cosmic truth that has been eluding us all...maybe Aliens are, infact, one and the same with Angels. Maybe there is no division between the two.
Angels/Aliens, according to human speculation do not reproduce like humans, are always said to bring some sort of message, hence the name ANGELS...and the fact that many Alien Abductions often precede some sort of message, whether it be about some impending disaster or awareness, or what have you is just too uncanny.
Angels/Aliens are both good and evil. Angels are mentioned in the OLD TESTAMENT 108 times and each time the specifics, depending on how you look at it, could be very indicative of some common abduction cases.
The Bible goes on even further to state that GOD created the Angels before he created the earth. This belief has been echoed by Abductees who have been told by EBE's that THEY have been around LONGER than we have.
It also appears that Angels are not born every day. They were all created at one time. Descriptions of EBE's depict them as fragile at times, almost ancient in either appearance or countenance. Couple all that with the fact that abductions of late have been peppered with ideas that some mass project to procreate is afoot, and there you have a race that cannot procreate and is very old, and the similarities are obvious even to non-believers.
In biblical times, Angels were known to appear as ordinary men, but there was always something off. Shining eyes, or a glow emanating from their bodies. Sometimes their faces were not visible. It's like the VENUSIANS all over again.
So the bottom line is, what does the VATICAN know that we don't? Perhaps they've already got a head start in the understanding that what we are dealing with isn't so simple as a race of beings masquerading as something out of a Stephen Spielberg movie.
Or is it?
My personal take on the subject is simple: I don't know diddly. So, whatever makes sense can assuage my unnerving need to over-analyze but it doesn't mean everythings been neatly configured, written down for all posterity and become gospel truth.
Aliens may be Angels and vice versa, or they may be two entirely separate things, but the fact that the VATICAN is embracing the possibility put them one step ahead of most ufologists, because essentially, the image this conjures is: If it exists, we already know about it.
I dare anyone to call their bluff.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Khyron expresses disdain over the latest hoax...and he's not alone.


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IN SEARCH OF---Lizard Man(?)

If this turns out to be a crocodile that got flushed down a toilet back in '85, I'm gonna be sorely dissapointed.

Magnetic field of dreams...

I am still trying to recall whether or not it was John Zaffis who said something about the reason ghosts and other anomalies come out at night is because of the Earth's magnetic field in relation to the places on earth not directly impacted by sunlight.
I could have the wrong person, and the wrong perception of the theory. I have thought in the past that there is something about the dark, or places that are dark that carry a certain attraction to the things that go bump in the night, and if it was John Zaffis, I would love it if he expounded on it.
And if it wasn't John Zaffis, I would still love it if the actual person who did so enlighten me with this theory, would still engage me in some conversation on the topic.
This is too too interesting not to ponder.