Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sonic Boom in San Diego

Last night San Diego was rocked by another Sonic boom of unknown origin. I couldnt find any official media on it, so for those who are unaware of the rash of sonic boom related phenomena in San Diego, here's an older story referring to the same type of phenomena. More to come.


Ep. 53


Gene and David discuss the Phoenix Lights

NASA to probe Jupiter

North Lincolnshire claims NO UFO sightings in passed 5 years...

Are they even bothering to look up?

They came too close to a UFO - they disappeared

Reminds me of the Christopher Columbus log that spoke of he and his crew witnessing bright lights in the sky, throughout their voyage. Surely this lends credence to the probability of UFO's coming from our oceans.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

O'HARE- A lead-In to Revelation?

Thread started by Ray Dickenson

Howard Hughes and UFO's

Nick Redfern

A new look at the BATTLE of LA


This years roster:

Dr. Steven Greer
Lloyd Pye
Michael Salla
Paola Harris
Patrick Heron (Ireland)
Derrel Sims
Paul Stonehill
John Greenwald Jr.
Sesh Heri - Author of "Wonder of the Worlds"
Jun Ichi Yaoi (Japan)
Jim Sparks
Wendelle Stevens
Michael Horn
Ted Loman
Jaime Maussan (Mexico)
Santiago Yturria Garza (Mexico)
Jim Marrs
Richard Dolan
Yvonne Smith
Sean David Morton
David Jacobs, Ph.D
Richard Dolan
Maurice Cotterell (U.K.)

Of Dragons and Dinosaurs

(Parts 1-3)

Jesus Tomb and the eventual titanic fall of bad science

Not many people can associate Jesus with Ufology. But I do. For many, many reasons that would take many posts. But for now, satify yourself with this exposition.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

How to create a crop circle



Forget the Oscars!

Roswell @ 60

Destination: Moon Camping!!!

Pioneer Anomaly

Raising HUGE questions about Physics as we know it.


Check it out!



UFO's over Maine

Maybe they'll take a detour through Boston...

How to deal with Spaced-out Astronauts

Dear NASA,

Does this include astronauts that believe in Aliens???

Not only are they more abundant, but now they're getting bigger!!!

Estimated mile-long UFO in Tucson

Article about Brian Vike in the TRI-CITY news

For some weird reason only known to me, this online paper reminds me of the DAILY PLANET.


Friday, February 23, 2007

No water spells a 'Mystery' for extrasolar planets


Keep a close eye on these Demon/Bat/Humanoid sightings

I have a feeling they will only get bigger...

Mysterious Universe Ep.52

David Biedny recounts a ghostly counter that took place in Florida, 12 years ago.

"...there is a moment when your brain and your eyes disagree..." (David Biedny)

DNA extracted from alien hair

I couldn't resist passing comment on this one. According to the test conducted, the Mitochondrial DNA links this sub-human (because if she infact shares even some DNA with us, she is a subhuman), has a common ancestor with only 4 distinct people...all asian. This all brings me back to the tale of the YELLOW EMPEROR.
According to legend, the Yellow Emperor was the ancestor of all the Han Chinese. Here is an excerpt from the legend of the SONS OF HEAVEN, according to chinese mythology:

"...Egg, created by magical forces of gods Sa and Bal, exited under the action of its own weight from the divine bosom of empty sky. The shell became a defensive armor. The casing defended like amour, and that which is White became a source of strength for heroes. The inner casing became a stronghold for those who had dwelt in it...From the very center of the Egg came a human being, Possessor of magic force..."

Huang Ti was one of these SONS OF HEAVEN, later known as the YELLOW EMPEROR. He was said to have brough civilization to the chinese, who were at the time simple hunter gatherers. His wife was said to have taught them to cultivate silk from the silk worm.

The story parallels with the Sumerian tales of the Anunaki, and the ancient celtic tales of the Tuatha Danaan...and farther back to the biblical tales of the SONS OF GOD.

In a way it all harkens back to Panspermia and the article even touches on this. A better idea, for those who are science fiction-inclined, is BATTLESTAR GALACTICA---
A civilization of humans, prospering in a galaxy that is not their original home, searching, however feverishly for the fabled EARTH. It's all gobble-dee-gook in the hands of the wrong person, but it isnt too far fetched to consider that Von Daniken and Sitchin may have confused the details, but what if we were brought here,,,from somewhere else?

There is no other way to explain why entities from outside the earth would share our matter how miniscule the similarity. There is a common link. Does this mean we are them? Or are they us...through genetic manipulation?

This raises more questions than usual.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This is NOT a FLAP...this is an INVASION!

Okay, so maybe INVASION is too strong a word, but a quick look at the SIGHTINGS LOCATOR at UFONEWS.TV only magnifies the belief that this is indeed a flap...and the UFO's are a-flapping all across the US!

Here's a rundown of the most recent:

02/05/07--Lake Erie--Bright Flashing Lights
02/07/07--Kernersville,NC--Bright Lights That Made No Noise
02/14/07--Cincinnati--Bright Silver Egg Shaped Sphere Hovering High In The Sky
02/04-02/14--Puerto Rico--Bright Lights, Red Lights, White Lights (in two separate sightings)
02/09/2007--Winnipeg,Manitoba--Moving High In The Sky Looked Like A Plane Fuselage Without Wings Or Tail-Then it transformed into a disc
02/04/07--Missouri,Illinois,wisconsin--Lights in the sky like balls of fire-falling-meteors?
02/16/2007--O'HARE--Huge UFO shaped cloud appeared in sky above airport
02/10,02/08,02/10,and 02/13--California--Dark objects, birght lights, and Multiple lights

UFO sighting in Latvia

(with depression photos)

Phoenix UFO cluster photos

Brian Vike!!!

Recent Spate Of Vivid UFO Sightings In Puerto Rico

Scott Corrales @ The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What if...?

I've gone through countless UFO's reports in my lifetime. I've read all the books...watched all the TV shows. Everything seems to be customary. Or atleast it used to be. UFO's were saucers once...then they became flying humanoids and jellyfish. They used to be metallic in appearance and then they became black triangles or transparent balls of light. I can handle the changes in the exterior details. People pay attention to that kind of stuff. The stranger it is, the more they eat it up. But, is anyone really paying attention to these odd details because there is one detail I've heard many times, and I've yet to see an extensive report on it. It's a little thing to do with...well, electricity. Not sure if it's staticy...heck, it may not even be electricity. But the since the descriptions are pretty close to an alectrical component, I am going to stick with it.
Recently, a witness to the O'Hare sighting stated that beneath the craft resembled a hive of millions of bees...moving around. During the Pheonix lights sightings, a young witness spoke of staticy movement beneath the craft, as if it were alive. What is this static electricity phenomena? Do UFO's use some sort of electricity for power? Or, are we looking at some odd dipersion of Ions? It gets more and more complicated when something that sounds so simple is so out of place? We've heard of electrical storms on mars. Is electricity in abundance in the universe? Is it the Philosopher's stone?

(to be continued)

HBCC Latest reports

Stonehenges all around us...

Unknown objects over lake Erie

Sunday, February 18, 2007


"And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpets exceeding loud; so that all the people that was in the camp trembled…And mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire; and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly…And the voice of the trumpet sounded long, and waxed louder and louder…"

– Exodus 19:16-19.

Ball lightening mystery solved?

Jerry E. Smith @ BinnallofAmerica


FARMINGTON - Strange lights with no obvious cause were spotted all over northern Franklin County Tuesday night, Sheriff's Department dispatchers said.

HBCC UFO report

Friday, February 16, 2007

Stanton Friedman on DREAMLAND

Whitley Streiber interviews Stanton Friedman on the O'hare sighting...


Check it out!

A skeptical take on Alien Abduction

It's always good to know what the 'other' side thinks...

3 good ones from


Unexplained 'big bang' heard throughout region

"It was a loud bang, something loud enough to be heard across southern and central Ohio, and loud enough to make small objects move in houses. Reports have rolled into The Advocate from Hanover to Heath, from Buckeye Lake to Granville, and NBC4 heard reports from Muskingum, Fairfield and Pickaway counties."

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Strange history of Saint Valentines day

A day late but still worth the read.

Red Planet 'hiking maps' produced


"Scientists using data from a European space probe orbiting Mars have produced new topographic maps of the Red Planet."

Wm. Michael Mott - A Cave Fable

Wm. Michael Mott disects an old fable regarding subterranean creatures and their influence on Human history...
The probability of ET's being inhabitants of subterranean earth has been explored extensively by many people, most recently MAC TONNIES, who gives an excellent exposition on CRYPTOTERRESTRIALs.


Dugway, Utah UFO (video)

Evolution of life

"The question of evolution of life on the Earth and elsewhere in the Universe has ever been as challenging as the question of evolution of the Universe itself. Science does not provide authentic explanation regarding the origin of the Universe in the controversial ‘Big Bang’(1,2) theory for evolution of the Universe, nor does it provide any satisfactory explanation regarding the origin of life despite considerable advancements in the fields of genetics and microbiology in recent years. The ‘Big Bang’ model for evolution of the Universe is not secure enough to serve as a foundation for beliefs about the origin of life, which is exemplified very much by the fact that the most distant galaxies, we can see today, look as rich and fully evolved as our own, even though they are theoretically only 5 per cent as old. Among the several factors leading to beginning of life on this planet, ‘panspermia’ appears to provide the most favoured hypothesis for emergence of life on our planet. This paper examines the various prevailing hypotheses regarding origin of life on this planet. It also hints at a very interesting inference that probably delivery of life-bearing organic molecules by the comets in the early history of Earth alone was not sufficient to provide the requisite trigger mechanism for initiation of life on our planet."




UFOLOGY: What is the point?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The latest from Brian Vike:


Graham Conway of UFO*BC.

Mysterious Universe

Mysterious Universe

I am starting to agree with Gene Steinberg that it isnt the sightings that have gotten big, it's the attention.

But, this is the FLAP some people have been waiting for so who am I to kill the ride.
The Socorro/Zamora sighting has been explained away as misidentification of a test (air)craft...see here:

Which leads us straight into the article at Ufomedia.blogspot,regarding comparing known craft to unknown craft, and vice versa.

And, admittedly, even when I was an aspiring physicist, never did I disagree with any thing more than I disagree with the Drake needs to be recalculated...reduxed. Something. But for those who need a little brushing up, here ya go.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ERICH VON DANIKEN's Mystery Park has closed its doors after receiving less than the projected 500,000 attendees.

The space-age park opened its doors in 2003.
Fortean blogsite:

I found a lot of interesting articles here regarding THUNDERBIRDS and general CRYPTOZOOLOGY.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The constant in balance

A wise man once said,"The paranormal is nothing more than a technology far beyond our capacity to comprehend." This quote alone has been the foundation of my esoteric learning. Ufo’s, because they are often hard to explain, have an almost supernatural quality to them. A hundred years ago man only dreamed of flight. In the vast jungles of the amazon, human flight was an accoutrement of the Gods. To see airplanes traverse the air daily must have made those who were not schooled in the technological advances of civilization, bow down in effigy to the great winged, metal gods. This is not too different from what we find ourselves doing today. We have cults who worship these unknown spinning metallic anomalies, without caution. We have scientists who, despite their public reluctance, ponder over the broken laws of physics a ufo can define. But, does that make UFO’s supernatural?
Anything that is misunderstood is dangerous. Misunderstanding leads to misinterpretation, and from misinterpretation comes misinformation. This has been the root of a vast majority of the ideas behind Ufology. Something is hovering over a barn; it is metallic; it glows like a candlestick. This is all the detail that can be attained from such an encounter and yet, once the sighting is reiterated it becomes something else all together. The story may stay the same but the ideology has already mutated.
This does not mean that UFOLOGY will only find its way out of the abyss if it allows science to take the reigns. Science can do no better. Science is a scant attempt to do what God and Womankind can do naturally: Create. Thus, science will create an explanation and the explanation itself is not the truth. It is not the end all be all. As far as science is concerned it is an enigma to be studied, categorized, cross-referenced and in the end, the answer is no better than it was left in the hands of capable men of lesser degree and stronger pursuit.
In this context, how is it that we will ever separate the supernatural from the technology of the flying saucer? Is it possible to technologize something that the mind can barely comprehend? Or is that too far reaching? What if they are no more advance than we would be ourselves given an extra 150 years? Does it really take a million, a hundred thousand or even a thousand years to perfect such a technology? Is it perfect? What if it is an amalgam of technology, smoke and mirrors? What if what we are seeing is not essentially what there is?
Is it possible that the ETs themselves have been perfecting, not the perfect craft-but the perfect persona? Impressing us with their lying wonders. Holding us captive to their impressive array of tricks. Why? To scare us? To impress us? Or to fool us into giving them a technology we ourselves possess and may not even know the significance of.
More still, what if their stunts are nothing more than attempts to get our attention. Could it be as simple as cultivating a malevolent presence solely to the effect of securing a safety they know is with warrant should they land on the white house lawn? Wouldn’t we fake it too?

In the end the answer is never simple. But most UFOLOGISTS know this and accept it. We know the answer is not around the corner. We are aware that it may take a lifetime or two to comprehend the crux of this phenomena. We are not anxious for it all to be known, for where is the thrill in that? The world needs mystery. The world needs the supernatural...but that does not mean that one cannot look into the void, stretch his arms forth and grab on to something solid, so long as he is willing for the ride.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another video: SIGHTING IN 3 STATES!!!


Mysterious Lights Spotted Over Phoenix, Again:

The military says they are flares, fine...but look in the upper right hand corner...what is that dot? A flare? The moon? I beg to differ...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Part 1:

Part 2:
...And the 'FLAP' is...err...agh...flapping...

Edmonton, Alberta:

Jacksonville Florida:

Marrickville, New South Wales (Jan 30th)


And I missed this one, reported on January 17th, 2007...with intriguing pics:
Just when I was starting to warm up to the idea of a manned (or WO-MANNED), mission to MARS, they go and do this...and I guarantee it'll cost more.

The price we pay for innovation.
This is trippy. The biggest science facility in the UK looks like a UFO. Check it out:

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dan Aykroyd has first dibs on the O'hare photos:
Tim Binnall interviews John Greenewald of the BLACKVAULT.

Check it out:
Yucatan sighting:

Mexican airliner sighting:

Fake, but nice.
Amazing UFO footage over Bulgaria...but somehow I am not convinced.
All across the globe, various kinds of UFO's have been spotted. From cigars to triangles, from saucers to boomerangs. The shapes are as diverse as life itself. But there is one shape that has its roots in ancient times (see DROPA). The saucer with what appears to be a hole in the center and a knick in one corner. I've seen plenty of footage with this same sort of disk. The best evidence (supporting the existence), of this type of vehicle can be found in this NASA footage on YOUTUBE.

What do you think?
And the FLAP plays on:

In Mexico:

In Arkansas:


North London:


Exciting times indeed!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Check out the PARACAST @, as David Biedny and Jeff Ritzman discuss their take on the O'hare photo(s). They went farther than most by actually analyzing the photos, putting them through various program tests to come to an unbelievable conclusion.
And Brad Steiger in the 2nd half is none too shabby too.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Brian Vike recounts a UFO sighting in Thousand Oaks, California.

SCIFI.COM is now playing classic scifi and horror films. It's like a drive-in on the web. I haven't taken the time to watch any yet, but I have seen almost ALL of them sometime or another. There was a time when AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS (AMC) played some TRUE classics...but that was a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.