Thursday, January 31, 2008


Does having an extensive internet presence make one a better ufologist? I am starting to think how such a probability is so. I mean, I don't live on the internet. I find that most of my answers (or the questions that may someday lead to possible answers), all come from the field. In the field there are no computers, no myspace pages, no blogs. There's just you and who or whatever you bring along for the ride.
My best friend and I have been cruising through the ESOTERIC SUPERHIGHWAY since high school. We've seen ghosts, we've talked to abductee's. We know where all the haunted places are, and yes, even still, we are just starting to pick up on some of the stranger qualities of North American Esoteric Living.
A couple of months ago we went in search of the BRIDGEWATER TRIANGLE. It was our first attempt. I must have made a zillion calls to Tim Binnall asking, "Where exactly is the dog track?" And, "Now, where is this trail?" But we made it, and we saw some cool things along the way. I made a mental note to return when the weather was warmer, so we could venture to the other side, with a crew and some equipment.
I am not precious when it comes to the supernatty. On the contrary, I will get down and dirty with the best. You need to me to crawl into a hole, I'm your girl. You want me to spend a night in a haunted pub, bring it on. I grew up in a haunted can't put nothing passed me.
So, I would say I've got experience. I've read all the books. I've had my own excursions. I even went looking for Faeries once...caught a really cool picture too...if I can find it. But, I don't have a zillion blogs, and even though I write everyday, I don't share EVERYTHING I write. So, in the end, does that make me any less of a researcher than the people who have bandwidth?
I mean, seriously, who's keeping tabs on all of this?
What will be the measure of a true, honest to goodness UFO/GHOST/PARANORMAL/ESOTERIC researcher? The web appearance or the knowledge? Someone seriously, let me know if I need to spread myself thin and start another blog, even though I'd much rather take a saturday morning car ride to the NORTH AMERICAN STONEHENGE.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Craft in deep space?

Jeff Rense has been posting pics from a man named John Walson. Walson has been taking pics of unidentified, deep space craft with his telescope and a camera. At first I thought maybe he was capturing space stations and satellite's, but now, all I can think of is RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA.

I've never entertained the idea of spaceships being so beautiful and trippy looking like the Galactica or the Enterprise. On the contrary, I feel that should intelligent races from beyond our Solar System ever endeavor to come close enough to our planet, solely for the purpose of 'checking us out', then why be so obvious in a huge interstellar spaceship?

I for one, am a proponent of the idea that *real* spaceships are unassuming. Perhaps they look like asteroids or moons...but they don't look like our conventional idea of what a spaceship should be. And hence, maybe this is why this particular thing is unassuming and yet completely awesome in scope.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


I can't say enough about how much I respect and admire Brad Steiger. Hopefully this interview will serve my respect justice.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dozens in Texas town report seeing UFO

"You hear about big bass or big buck in the area, but this is a different deal," Sorrells said. "It feels good to hear that other people saw something, because that means I'm not crazy."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

GOD TOLD ME TOO...the beginning of Modern abdution scenarios?

I've been watching a little known film called GOD TOLD ME TO. The first time I saw it, I was in high school. I was an amatuer ghost and ufo hunter at the time. My best friend and I had plans to write and produce epic films about alien invasions, and finding cult films at the local video rental place was just like going to film school.
This gem of a movie starts off auspiciously enough with murder. New York pedestrians are assassinated by a sniper who when confronted, says GOD TOLD HIM TO. From therein the tale unfolds from what seems like just some whack job on a routine mission to make the news, into an abduction tale with thrilling results.
The GOD in question is the son of a woman, who some 20 years before reported an abduction. An abduction of the extraterrestrial sort.
Left and right a New York City detective, played with calming effect by Tony Lo Bianco, is confronted with grizzly crimes in which the killers confess that GOD told them to do it.
As Detective Nicholas delves deeper into the mystery, he encounters a cult dead set on seeing this *GODs* plan through, whatever it may be. He is confronted by the boundaries of his faith, and the faith of those taken in by the deception.
This movie is rife with Christian motifs. Virgin births and the promise of a messiah. It's sinister undertone makes you wonder if people could be so easily decieved? What if a force did have the power to persuade the people that *it* was GOD? Or worse still, what if this same force invented GOD?
I've been watching this movie on and off for the passed week, courtesy of NETFLIX and it has plagued me with some serious questions. Considering that it's a horror/scifi film by Larry Cohen, the same man who gave us ITS ALIVE...this is startling, to say the least.
The question I asked myself after watching this film for the first time, some days ago is: Where'd Cohen get the material?
This film was made in 1976, the same year as the ALLAGASH ABDUCTIONS.
But did the ALLAGASH ABDUCTIONS come before or after the film? It's very hard to pinpoint just when GTMT came out in the theatre's, but if anyone saw it in the theatre originally, I would appreciate the info.
Another 1976 Abduction case of interest is the STANFORD KENTUCKY ABDUCTIONS. This case, as well as the ALLAGASH case, bares no resemblance to the plot of the GTMT film. For all I know, the film may not be based on anything, and if it isn't, that makes it all the more curious to me.
GTMT isn't the only ABDUCTION film making it's debut at a time when certain components of the modern abduction scenario weren't completely known or thoroughly investigated. There is also the 1980 film WATCHER IN THE WOODS. This film starts off giving the viewer the feeling that a) there's something in the woods akin to a monster or a depraved lunatic, and b) some crazy kids went into the woods oneday to try black magic.
However, after sitting through the entire film (which I did, solely because of BETTE DAVIS), one discovers that the missing young woman was abducted by a force, not substantially explained, but still, it makes you think nonetheless---what was going on back in 1980 to possess people to tell such a tale?
The movie is actually based on a book by Florence Engel Randall.
The original idea for the film included an insectoid alien, alien landscapes and a spaceship. But the ending was re-written by various writers, and it strayed from it's extraterrestrial storyline to one of a more paranormal element. It wasn't until it was released on DVD that the original ET-esque ending was added.
At this point in time, seeing as it was 1980, UNSOLVED MYSTERIES had already permeated the airwaves and the masses were already aware of this phenomenon known as the ALIEN ABDUCTION.
It's not like Alien Abductions were invented by hollywood, in the late 70's. That isn't what I am getting at. What I am trying to articulate is the probability that such films were based on the paranoia of the time, and even more so, may have been influenced by what was going on as far as abduction scenarios go.
If we look back at the science fiction films of the fifties, they were replete with bulbous-headed, bug-eyes aliens who favored blondes and not too long after that, people started seeing bulbous-headed, bug-eyes aliens...minus the blonde fetish. So who is imitating whom?
I'm not one to venture into thinking that Alien Abductions are a product of the imagination. On the contrary, I truly believe there is something going on. But when an old flick from 1976 is eerily accurate to the point that it seems as if the story came out of a UFO casebook, it's enough to make me wonder, are all the scifi scenarios we see on celluloid the products of the imaginations of gifted screenwriters or are they telling tales of the truth of a moment in time when everyone is looking the other way, and thus, no one knows where the story ends and the truth begins?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Will War Drive Civilization Underground?

This article was originally written in 1942...


It's 1975! All hell has burst loose in World War Three! The nations of this earth have lined up again on two sides. The slaughter, devastating fury, and material damage make the wars of past history seem like children's games with toy tin soldiers!

In an hour, gargantuan cities are blasted into nothingness. Desolated heaps of rubble and smoking, stinking debris mark the spot where a flock of towering skyscrapers lifted pointed peaks into the heavens.

Does this mark the end of a city's existence? Does it mean the Grand Climax of civilization? The ultimate Armageddon? The wiping out of a nation as one would crush a hornet's nest?

Not at all! For already the keen, dispassionate, incisive minds of scientists are fashioning the world in which many now living will be forced to exist when the next cataclysmic and catastrophic spasm of mankind occurs.

Friday, January 04, 2008

The Truth in the lie

Sceptics and believers alike are quick to tread lightly on the topic of ALIEN CONTACTEE's. And I don't mean ALIEN ABDUCTEES. The CONTACTEE is the product of a different era. The Contactee harkens back to the days when pulp magazines exploded on the scene, recanting the exploits of Venusians and their taste for blonde pin-up girls. George Adamski and Billy Meier are contactee's. Whitley Strieber is an abductee. Essentially, if your encounter is silly, and brings to mind a hokey episode of THE OUTER LIMITS, then no one cares about your ordeal. However, if your experience is reminiscent of an episode of THE X-FILES, then by all means, sit down, have a coffee...tell us all about it.
You see, none of this bodes well with me, because in reading through all the literature out there, regarding CONTACTEE's and ABDUCTEE's, I've come to the conclusion that their are illusionists on both sides, but there are also genuine experiences deserving of careful and respectable analysis.
So, my thing is this...what if Adamaski did see something? But, what if Adamski couldn't produce proof, so he faked it. That's right. He saw a UFO, he saw Blonde/Nordic beings, but he didn't take any pictures. So what did he do, he forged them. And what if Billy Meier and countless other so-called HOKEY Contactee's did the same thing?
Reminds me of the COTTINGLEY FAERIES incident. Two girls see faeries, they tell their one believes them, so they go off into the yard and they perpetuate a hoax. Does that mean they didn't have the experience? Does it in some way devalue that moment in time when two little girls danced among the faeries? I don't know. I wasn't there.
But I can't help but wonder whether there's a little truth to every lie and if so, maybe Adamski was the victim of his own vain attempt to do what we are all doing...everyday...
Trying to get people to listen.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


THREE MEN SEEKING favorite book. No doubt.
This is two hours!!! Two whole hours of Nick Redfern...check it out!