Friday, January 04, 2008

The Truth in the lie

Sceptics and believers alike are quick to tread lightly on the topic of ALIEN CONTACTEE's. And I don't mean ALIEN ABDUCTEES. The CONTACTEE is the product of a different era. The Contactee harkens back to the days when pulp magazines exploded on the scene, recanting the exploits of Venusians and their taste for blonde pin-up girls. George Adamski and Billy Meier are contactee's. Whitley Strieber is an abductee. Essentially, if your encounter is silly, and brings to mind a hokey episode of THE OUTER LIMITS, then no one cares about your ordeal. However, if your experience is reminiscent of an episode of THE X-FILES, then by all means, sit down, have a coffee...tell us all about it.
You see, none of this bodes well with me, because in reading through all the literature out there, regarding CONTACTEE's and ABDUCTEE's, I've come to the conclusion that their are illusionists on both sides, but there are also genuine experiences deserving of careful and respectable analysis.
So, my thing is this...what if Adamaski did see something? But, what if Adamski couldn't produce proof, so he faked it. That's right. He saw a UFO, he saw Blonde/Nordic beings, but he didn't take any pictures. So what did he do, he forged them. And what if Billy Meier and countless other so-called HOKEY Contactee's did the same thing?
Reminds me of the COTTINGLEY FAERIES incident. Two girls see faeries, they tell their one believes them, so they go off into the yard and they perpetuate a hoax. Does that mean they didn't have the experience? Does it in some way devalue that moment in time when two little girls danced among the faeries? I don't know. I wasn't there.
But I can't help but wonder whether there's a little truth to every lie and if so, maybe Adamski was the victim of his own vain attempt to do what we are all doing...everyday...
Trying to get people to listen.

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nesbittplac7 said...

A truth in the lie, quite possible. I imagine that there is a degree of exaggeration in many of the personal experiences we read. On the other hand, aliens are notorious for making something appear as if it were something entirely different than we originally thought. I am an alien contactee and have experienced many things that are too "out there" for even my standards. I won't even repeat the majority of my experiences for obvious reason. These were their doings however, and I was left with something that I had to define based on my own thoughts and imagination and not theirs. They do that. They give you something to look at and then expect you to figure it out instead of giving up the ghost. I sense it to be essentially nothing more than psychological tests on my psyche. They're crazier than most realize. They know crazy well anyway. If you're interested, my experiences are found in the following location. They're minced amongst other articles but look for titles that begin with "me" or "my".

By the way, I have difficulty swallowing the Adamski story whole, except the fact that they were yanking his chain and what happened to him was just an OBE or a good lucid dream. They've yanked mine many a day.