Sunday, September 27, 2009

ESA: "Life on Mars"

I've watched the video and now I am stuck on the ESA website, and finding things...unbelievable things. I should be working...but this is far too
intriguing to ignore.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brad Steiger's REAL VAMPIRES

Review courtesy of forteanreviews.blogspot

First, I have to say that, in my own opinion, this is one Brad's finest books - and for several reasons, upon which I'll now explain and elaborate.

There can be very little doubt that even the merest mention of the word "Vampire" conjures up imagery of either (a) the classic vampires of yesteryear as portrayed on-screen by the likes of Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee (you know the ones I mean: they rather resemble pale-faced waiters in cloaks!); or (b) the latter-day vampires with whom Hollywood is so enamored and who resemble the offspring of some dark alliance between Marilyn Manson and TV's hottest Goth: the delicious Abby from NCIS.

As Brad is very careful to make abundantly clear to his readers, however, the cinematic vampire with which all of us are acquainted is - largely, at least - a creation of enterprising, enthusiastic and skilled screenplay writers, authors and horror-devotees. Separating the fictional vampire from the factual one, is a key aspect of the book - and a very welcome and informative aspect, too.

* I definitely have to get this!

The MOTHMAN festival

Read about it here.

What the 'EFF' is it?

I'm sure someone has the answer, but still...I've never seen a dog/kangaroo/thingy like that before. Never.

Add this to your list of crazy: WATER...on the MOON!

The new findings, detailed in the Sept. 25 issue of the journal Science, come in the wake of further evidence of lunar polar water ice by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and just weeks before the planned lunar impact of NASA's LCROSS satellite, which will hit one of the permanently shadowed craters at the moon's south pole in hope of churning up evidence of water ice deposits in the debris field.

The moon remains drier than any desert on Earth, but the water is said to exist on the moon in very small quantities. One ton of the top layer of the lunar surface would hold about 32 ounces of water, researchers said.

"If the water molecules are as mobile as we think they are — even a fraction of them — they provide a mechanism for getting water to those permanently shadowed craters," said planetary geologist Carle Pieters of Brown University in Rhode Island, who led one of the three studies in Science on the lunar find, in a statement. "This opens a whole new avenue [of lunar research], but we have to understand the physics of it to utilize it."

Finding water on the moon would be a boon to possible future lunar bases, acting as a potential source of drinking water and fuel.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Plain as day

John Lear @ BOA Audio

BoA:Audio closes the book on Season IV with one of the more enigmatic and infamous figures in the history of UFO studies: John Lear. In this two hour conversation, we'll cover the wild days of the 1980's in Ufology including Paul Bennewitz, Bill Cooper, Bill Moore, the 1989 MUFON Convention in Las Vegas, the alien spaceship that allegedly crashed and was buried because it was too big to move, the concept of souls and reincarnation and how the aliens may fit into that, the incident at the Dulce Base between an ET and the Army, 'human mutilations,' UFO disclosure and when it may happen, 2012 as a scam, interesting things on the moon, the secret space program, undersea connections beneath the western half of America, John's theory on 911 that the planes were holograms & the towers felled via space weapons, Bob Lazar and the Area 51 story, the state of Ufology, Exopolitics, why the 'mainstream' branches of esoterica seem to be so far off from John's theories, George Knapp, Art Bell, why Ufology isn't a 'team sport,' and a shitload more stuff.

To esoteric newcomers, and even many veterans, John Lear is almost mythical and certainly mysterious. A lot of contemporary folks dismiss John's material because of the sometimes outrageous things he says, without realizing (or acknowledging) the massive impact he had on the field, specifically in the 1980's. Both Art Bell & George Knapp have credited him with planting the seed for their future exploits exploring the unknown and, as most people know, Lear was side-by-side with Bob Lazar as one of the godfathers of Area 51. He is most certainly someone who forever altered the landscape of esoterica.

In keeping with tradition, we finish up the season with a stratospheric guest in an interview that will be listened to and enjoyed for years to come.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Coincidence of the day

Some people believe in Angels. Some don't. I am not going to argue for or against the idea of angelic beings. All I will say is, while watching a 2006 program on Ghost sightings (narrated by Jonathan Frakes), I had to stop and laugh when realizing that one of the most famous ghost/angelic photos ever taken (of the car accident of Rose Benvenuto), was by a woman named: SHARON BOO!

Yes. BOO. Boo, as in GHOST, as in CASPER. As in...BOO!

A photo of a ghost by a woman named Boo. I know I am not the only one pondering this.

Big 'Something-or-other'