Thursday, September 03, 2009

Coincidence of the day

Some people believe in Angels. Some don't. I am not going to argue for or against the idea of angelic beings. All I will say is, while watching a 2006 program on Ghost sightings (narrated by Jonathan Frakes), I had to stop and laugh when realizing that one of the most famous ghost/angelic photos ever taken (of the car accident of Rose Benvenuto), was by a woman named: SHARON BOO!

Yes. BOO. Boo, as in GHOST, as in CASPER. As in...BOO!

A photo of a ghost by a woman named Boo. I know I am not the only one pondering this.

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Rich said...

Kinda funny! Things (information) just sometimes "line up" for whatever reason, if any. There are some great coincidences out there and I bet a lot of us have some stories of our own regarding them. Is there any meaning to chance? If there is, is it really chance then?

I base this on NO PROOF whatsoever but more a feeling... therefore very subjective. I believe NOTHING is left to chance and as the saying goes if something happens, it happens for a reason...even if this reason is one that we can in no way understand at the moment or even ever understand.

So when Sharon Boo supposedly takes a picture of a ghost or at least what can be interpreted to be a ghost...the "information" lined up (her last name Boo and ghost) all we have to do is figure out why. Present science says that it just happened to be that winning the lottery and the like. It is random.

To me, randomness is our inability to calculate what is ALWAYS in order (the whole world). NOTHING IS LEFT TO CHANCE...even if the meanings we assign to coincidences are totally wrong, THEY HAPPENED BECAUSE OF A CERTAIN VERY PRECISE, NON RANDOM, NEVER RANDOM PROCESS (or processes) GOING ON.

Of course, science so far very strongly points to randomness and probability and this doesn't seem to be changing any time soon. Again, this is all just a feeling of "mine." [WHAT EXACTLY IS MINE?]

Soooo...might I add that what would follow from this would be NO FREE WILL...EVERYTHING IS ORDERED and only seemingly VERY RANDOM (or even free) our every thought, feeling, etc, etc, etc would NOT BE OURS TO BE MADE OR MAKE. We would only be feeling like we make decisions but this would not be true at all.

So what would make the decisions then? The world as a whole would be "making the decisions." I'm being careful about giving any type of meaning to this because no matter how precise or ordered something is, WOULD NOT NECESSARILY MEAN THIS IS ALL INTELLIGENT...just could mean the knee bone is connected to the thigh bone, so to speak, because this is PRECISELY how it evolved to be with no other "choice" to be any other way.

Ok, so I wrote (typed) this long, long drawn out piece of BS...why I don't know but it is just something that I, again (and again and, feel to be correct even if science, especially with quantum maechanics, points VERY STRONGLY to chance and probabilities.

Hell, Einstein once said "God does not play dice" and well...

Anyway whatever...the owners manual to the world is in the drawer, next to the couch, in the living room, in a house, next to a street, under a sky, on a planet, in a solar system, in a galaxy, in a universe that happens to be nowhere. Did you find it yet??