Friday, November 27, 2009

A Rendezvous with Rama

Inexplicata reports some cigar-shaped Ufo's over Salta (In Argentina), and possible other cigar-shaped ship sightings over Peru.


*Note: I think Salta is close to the location where the 'Gnome' sightings were reported.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ask yourself this...

"If you didn't believe in other worlds, Ultra/Extra terrestrials, Bigfoot, Sea Monsters, Ghosts, Ufo's or Alternate Realities and Ancient Technologically advanced civilizations, would your life be any more or any less fascinating?"

Because there are mysteries to be pondered, everyday, across the globe and only those of us who wake up with the knowledge that life is NOT about waking up, going to work, taking a shit and then going back to bed...only we can give OTHER people a reason to wake up in the morning.

So give thanks for the high strangeness in the world. Give thanks for the people who have no qualms about finding answers. God bless them, whomever they are, because they make the world a cooler place to live.


Strange pic of the day!

Consider where all the tales of the 'little people' may have come from, and then take a good look at yourself and ask what it means to be a 'giant'.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jim Marrs & Jesse Ventura @ BOA

This is the Season Premiere. Get over to and take in the 5th season premiere, as Tim Binnall talks to Jim Marrs about his new book, 'Sisterhood of the Rose', and then delves into the late Ted Kennedy's thoughts (or lack thereof) on JFK's assassination theories.

I enjoyed this one immensely because Jim Marrs 'Alien Agenda' still blows my mind (and if nothing else, I love the mans voice!). If you dig UFO's, then you will dig this interview. Plus, Tim talks to Jesse Ventura (39th Gov. of Minnesota)about Conspiracy theories and what got him talking conspiracies (crazy talk) for his new show, 'Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura'.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Real Men who stare at Goats

*This is a clip from Jon Ronson's, "The Crazy Rulers of the World" documentary. I mean George Clooney may look 'good' doing it...but this man is the real deal.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I love Science...and why I always will...

...because Carl Sagan was my teacher.

Check out this great article @ Bad Astronomy. Carl Sagan was all about introducing the masses
to the Sciences. Cosmos showed so many of us what lay beyond our own small
planet. I dreamed of one day working for NASA, discovering life on Mars, or just
becoming a brilliant Professor... teaching Astronomy. I owe all my respect, understanding and passion for
the unknown and the drive for the truth to Carl Sagan. Like a wise woman once said,
"I can open the door. But you must be the one to enter."

Saturday, November 07, 2009

'Destination: Truth' finds Yeti proof

*cough* Sexy beast *cough*

Okay, so yes...I admit it: I have a humongous crush on Josh Gates. There's just something about a researcher with a killer sense of humour. When I watch 'Destination: Truth', I am not weighed down by dry, serious bits of fact and analyses. I don't force myself to watch it for the 'good' parts. Truth be told, they've stumbled on some great evidence in their three seasons on the SYFY channel. Sometimes the team changes, but the current team is stellar. Josh is on his A-Game and Jael and Bicha are my faves. They work hard and they know when to play. They are the dream team of paranormal study.

Recently they added more evidence to the YETI mystery. A hair sample that matches nothing in the millions of samples so far collected. It's a huge deal. I just hope they need another team member so I can finally get a real job. A girl can dream.

Hair Sample analyses and findings:

A tale to tell:

There is more here.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Hoaxes and Valor

Two major slaps in the face on the cheek of Ufology happened recently. First, Lonnie Zamora passed away. The late New Mexico Police Officer was at the center of one of the most bizarre UFO stories of all time. You can read more about Zamora's encounter here.

The second slap came in the guise of a film. The Fourth Kind. We outta have a list of UFOlogical Bullshit.

The First Kind: Ridiculous Claims.

The Second Kind: Ridiculous People with said Ridiculous Claims.

The Third Kind: Ridiculously easy to manipulate researchers who believe EVERYTHING!

and finally,

The Fourth Kind: Ridiculous Claims manifesting in the media as film, literature and fodder for late night talk shows...

The Fourth Kind is one ridiculous stream of Hollywood cliches. There's 'supposed' actual footage. There's a small town with missing people who do not exist. There's a Doctor with mental issues, hypnotizing abductees that levitate and commune with evil aliens who speak Sumerian. Speak Sumerian! Honestly...can any actual researcher of Sumerian texts tell me how SUMERIAN ACTUALLY SOUNDS?

No disrespect to Milla Jovovich, because honestly she is probably the only solid actor in a film filled with ridiculous portrayals. How this movie should happen to scare anyone is the TRUE mystery. There's absolute nothing valid in this film. At all!

Ufology is a joke to the mainstream press. Ufology is a joke to Hollywood. Ufology is a joke to just about every idiot on the planet who prefers to walk across the street, staring at their phone and thinking they're invincible.

Having cold, hard cases with some basis in fact means nothing if stupid, lame stories are allowed to manifest and perpetrate as fact. What researcher wants to deal with the task of separating fact from fiction when the fiction pile reaches the heavens?

Should Ufologists file for defamation? Yeah, it sounds absurd, but it's no laughing matter for actual, existing, honest and haunted Abductees.