Saturday, November 07, 2009

'Destination: Truth' finds Yeti proof

*cough* Sexy beast *cough*

Okay, so yes...I admit it: I have a humongous crush on Josh Gates. There's just something about a researcher with a killer sense of humour. When I watch 'Destination: Truth', I am not weighed down by dry, serious bits of fact and analyses. I don't force myself to watch it for the 'good' parts. Truth be told, they've stumbled on some great evidence in their three seasons on the SYFY channel. Sometimes the team changes, but the current team is stellar. Josh is on his A-Game and Jael and Bicha are my faves. They work hard and they know when to play. They are the dream team of paranormal study.

Recently they added more evidence to the YETI mystery. A hair sample that matches nothing in the millions of samples so far collected. It's a huge deal. I just hope they need another team member so I can finally get a real job. A girl can dream.

Hair Sample analyses and findings:

A tale to tell:

There is more here.


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yha. Gates is pretty steller, i was really excited about the yeti episode. hehe one step closer to finding the truth ne?