Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bellows Falls boogie men

Somewhere down the Connecticut River there is a series of ancient
faces, carved in stone. The story goes a Reverend ventured there
after hearing about the faces from a local boy. People have speculated
the faces were carved by the Native American's to ward off evil spirits.
The one aspect about these carvings that jumps out and immediately captures
my warped imagination is the presence of horns on atleast three of the figures.

Check it out.

You can read more about the Bellows Falls faces by clicking the title to this post or going here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Strange pic of the day!

A strange object has crashed down in Mongolia, which can mean one of
two things: 1) NASA is going to have a hell of a time trying to retrieve
their lost/forgotten/expensive but shitty space junk, and 2) We aren't
even .12233% lucky enough to be looking at an actual space ship from an
actual intelligent civilization from an actual planet inhabited by actual

Carry on.

Better approaches to finding E.T.

According to the New Scientist, radio signals don't yield results. So
what tell-tale signs can we look for in our quest to find our extremely
hot, blonde, 8ft tall, chocolate lovin' space brothers...or sisters?

1) Light pollution: Looking at earth from space, it's easy to see who's
got electricity, right?

2) Artificial compounds: Pollution is another way. Smog on Venus? Check.

3) Nuclear waste: Um. Apparently there'd be no one left to meet and greet.

4) Dyson spheres: Like a Dyson vacuum. Collects solar energy. And is totally

5) Dyson spheres (again): Collecting from other stars. Apparently. Like the
12 Colonies of Kobol. Or something.

6) Terra Firming: Or whatever it takes to keep your inhabited star from going
esplodey. I don't get it either.

Richard Carrigan's complete break down of the probable ways to detect E.T. can
be read here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sea serpents and stupidity

Does the Oar fish look like it could actually trick an
educated person into going, "Holy shit! A sea serpent!!!" ???

I didn't think so.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I saw my first Superhero when I was seven. She wore a bikini with stars, and
her breastplate was like that of an eagle, its wings outstretched, just like
her arms, covered from wrist to elbow in metal. She wore a tiara and carried
a lasso and she rocked my world.

Wonder Woman is the ultimate icon of feminine power, but I didn't admire her
because she fought alongside Superman and Batman. Nor did I admire her just
because she was beautiful, powerful and brave and had awesome hair. I admired
(and still do) her because she reminded me of something. Of someone. But that's
another story for another time.

And then, when I was nine I had my first glimpse of the things that may or may
not have influenced the whole superhero mythos. Things so old they may have
inspired greek myths of titans. All I know is one night, when I was a kid, I
saw a being that was no ordinary woman.

I was coming across the yard, from my grandmother's side of the house to my mother's.
It was late fall and I knew the door would be locked. It always was, because even if
I did call my mother to open it, it still took her a million years to come downstairs. Or so it seemed. I think that when you are a kid everything seems slower
than it actually is.

All I know is that in the space of time it took for my mother to come downstairs, I rang the bell like a mad child. Insanely, feverishly, and fearfully. Because peering
at me from the gate, down the hill and out into the street was a woman in black. She
was covered from head to toe in a slick black material that looked like liquid and
under the street lights she seemed almost purple. Violet even.

Her entire face was covered, like a ninjas, save for her long ponytail that seemed to jut out from a hole in the back of her head piece/mask. In the mere seconds it took for me to blink she managed to speed from one end of the gate to the other. An entire
span of 20 feet or less than 5 seconds.

Needless to say, I was scared shitless. So scared I pressed on the doorbell till my finger went numb. And then, just like that, this woman/thing zoomed across the street in a streak of speed reminiscent of the Flash...and up the tree she went. How, I don't know. She could have flown. All I do remember is the tree shaking violently, until a swift smack knocked me back into the moment.

My mother was standing there, pissed off and wondering why I was ringing the bell so frantically. The woman/thing was gone but the memory I have of her to this day is as fresh as the last comic book I read (Buffy Season 8, ahem). In fact, she's the reason I got into comic books in the first place. Whatever or whoever she was, she wanted me to see her, and to this day, when I walk through a crowd of people, I search their faces carefully, trying to distinguish the regular Joe's and Jane's from the people who just don't belong.

Do I believe in Superheroes? Never say never.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Object 'X' of my affection...

I've honestly never been as intrigued with any NASA footage as I am
with this one. I am still sorting through youtube vids and I did, I
confess, print out and laminate the original NASA photo.

No matter how much I try to look at this with an objective mind, thinking that
yes, two celestial bodies can collide and create such a pattern, there
is a part of me that is still wondering, "What kinda shit are they pulling

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Intelligence has left the building

"Giovanni is a ten foot tall Extraterrestrial from Planet ITALIA. He enjoys long space rides through the Andromeda Galaxy, learning new Alien languages and eating exotic Martian Wildlife. He's looking for a human female, preferably a blonde. Someone who doesn't care that he may or may not be a hermaphrodite or that he moves his bowels from an entirely different part of his anatomy. Giovanni loves to wear Hawaiian shirts and denim cutoff's because they make him feel 'human'. For more info on how you can meet Giovanni, the 10ft tall extraterrestrial who somehow resembles a normal Italian Dude on vacation, please contact Michael Salla..."

Yeah. Right now it's well passed 1 am and here I am, wondering where all the nut jobs come from. Is there a special baby factory that only manufactures nut jobs? Do the robotic hands at this particular baby factory hand pick specific genes and then shuffle them like a deck of playing cards; throwing them on the table and hoping for the best?

Is there some cosmic law that states there must always be nut jobs around to keep the balance? Either way, what ever happened to the good old days when nut jobs were backwoods hicks? All a'sudden nut jobs have PhD's and they convince large groups of people (most commonly referred as Homo Jackassis), that their brand of freak is good.

Well, every once in a while, some one new is inducted into my own personal 'Nut Job Hall of FAIL', and I must say, congratulations to Michael Salla, because dude...sometimes you feel like a nut.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Strange Photo Of The DAY!

Klingon Bird Of Prey. Cylon Raider. Whatever it's not like any comet or asteroid I've ever seen. Does the universe really make them like that? Whatever.