Thursday, February 04, 2010

Intelligence has left the building

"Giovanni is a ten foot tall Extraterrestrial from Planet ITALIA. He enjoys long space rides through the Andromeda Galaxy, learning new Alien languages and eating exotic Martian Wildlife. He's looking for a human female, preferably a blonde. Someone who doesn't care that he may or may not be a hermaphrodite or that he moves his bowels from an entirely different part of his anatomy. Giovanni loves to wear Hawaiian shirts and denim cutoff's because they make him feel 'human'. For more info on how you can meet Giovanni, the 10ft tall extraterrestrial who somehow resembles a normal Italian Dude on vacation, please contact Michael Salla..."

Yeah. Right now it's well passed 1 am and here I am, wondering where all the nut jobs come from. Is there a special baby factory that only manufactures nut jobs? Do the robotic hands at this particular baby factory hand pick specific genes and then shuffle them like a deck of playing cards; throwing them on the table and hoping for the best?

Is there some cosmic law that states there must always be nut jobs around to keep the balance? Either way, what ever happened to the good old days when nut jobs were backwoods hicks? All a'sudden nut jobs have PhD's and they convince large groups of people (most commonly referred as Homo Jackassis), that their brand of freak is good.

Well, every once in a while, some one new is inducted into my own personal 'Nut Job Hall of FAIL', and I must say, congratulations to Michael Salla, because dude...sometimes you feel like a nut.


Rich said...

In my "humble" opinion, we are all nut jobs but just in varying degrees. Just think of ALL the life (really people) that came before us. They lived, almost all of them were not considered crazy and then they died.

But, hey it wasn't necessarily their fault they died. It's only natural.

Natural, but not crazy OF COURSE...just NOT crazy.

I don't know about you, but I call that crazy but I don't here many people complaining about it.

Besides, this is all fun (at least sometimes) and besides there "must" be some "higher purpose" to this all.

Ask yourself this...if it is fun for you right now or most of the time, is it fun for whatever other life is suffering and/or dying, not to mention the other countless "natural or divine misfortunes" (notice not crazy though) that has happened and is happening?

We're not's all natural or some divine plan or perhaps a mix of both...yeah that must be it. BUT, please, don't call it crazy or god forbid call us ALL crazy. GOD forbid.

Now, ask yourself this...if there is indeed a "higher purpose" to this it YOUR purpose? Is life yours? Is this all yours? Are you yours?

But like the air we breathe, most things/people are not considered crazy...just normal.

Nah, we're not crazy.

Ask yourself AGAIN, normal for who? You? Me? Those who came before us? Who is this NORMAL for?

But, we're not crazy.

I don't know about you but death and suffering and things fucking up terribly...I don't consider NORMAL...I guess I'm just crazy though and it is the "way of the universe," it's just natural, or "the way of God" or way of whatever the fucking hell this, this, this...does ANYONE KNOW what the fuck this all is?

Guess not...but we're not crazy.


I know I'm not crazy;-)

Rich said...

I don't hear anybody complaining and not here.

lol...or any other errors.