Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Better approaches to finding E.T.

According to the New Scientist, radio signals don't yield results. So
what tell-tale signs can we look for in our quest to find our extremely
hot, blonde, 8ft tall, chocolate lovin' space brothers...or sisters?

1) Light pollution: Looking at earth from space, it's easy to see who's
got electricity, right?

2) Artificial compounds: Pollution is another way. Smog on Venus? Check.

3) Nuclear waste: Um. Apparently there'd be no one left to meet and greet.

4) Dyson spheres: Like a Dyson vacuum. Collects solar energy. And is totally

5) Dyson spheres (again): Collecting from other stars. Apparently. Like the
12 Colonies of Kobol. Or something.

6) Terra Firming: Or whatever it takes to keep your inhabited star from going
esplodey. I don't get it either.

Richard Carrigan's complete break down of the probable ways to detect E.T. can
be read here.

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