Monday, February 08, 2010

Object 'X' of my affection...

I've honestly never been as intrigued with any NASA footage as I am
with this one. I am still sorting through youtube vids and I did, I
confess, print out and laminate the original NASA photo.

No matter how much I try to look at this with an objective mind, thinking that
yes, two celestial bodies can collide and create such a pattern, there
is a part of me that is still wondering, "What kinda shit are they pulling

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Rich said...

Off the cuff, I could easily believe the naturally formed explanation. Nature or the natural world is quite capable of "creating" things that look too "put together" to be natural. I do believe it created us and everything, however complicated the process was from "nothing to something." So, I am not easily swayed by the "this was built" explanation for these type of things.