Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Craft in deep space?

Jeff Rense has been posting pics from a man named John Walson. Walson has been taking pics of unidentified, deep space craft with his telescope and a camera. At first I thought maybe he was capturing space stations and satellite's, but now, all I can think of is RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA.

I've never entertained the idea of spaceships being so beautiful and trippy looking like the Galactica or the Enterprise. On the contrary, I feel that should intelligent races from beyond our Solar System ever endeavor to come close enough to our planet, solely for the purpose of 'checking us out', then why be so obvious in a huge interstellar spaceship?

I for one, am a proponent of the idea that *real* spaceships are unassuming. Perhaps they look like asteroids or moons...but they don't look like our conventional idea of what a spaceship should be. And hence, maybe this is why this particular thing is unassuming and yet completely awesome in scope.

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