Thursday, January 31, 2008


Does having an extensive internet presence make one a better ufologist? I am starting to think how such a probability is so. I mean, I don't live on the internet. I find that most of my answers (or the questions that may someday lead to possible answers), all come from the field. In the field there are no computers, no myspace pages, no blogs. There's just you and who or whatever you bring along for the ride.
My best friend and I have been cruising through the ESOTERIC SUPERHIGHWAY since high school. We've seen ghosts, we've talked to abductee's. We know where all the haunted places are, and yes, even still, we are just starting to pick up on some of the stranger qualities of North American Esoteric Living.
A couple of months ago we went in search of the BRIDGEWATER TRIANGLE. It was our first attempt. I must have made a zillion calls to Tim Binnall asking, "Where exactly is the dog track?" And, "Now, where is this trail?" But we made it, and we saw some cool things along the way. I made a mental note to return when the weather was warmer, so we could venture to the other side, with a crew and some equipment.
I am not precious when it comes to the supernatty. On the contrary, I will get down and dirty with the best. You need to me to crawl into a hole, I'm your girl. You want me to spend a night in a haunted pub, bring it on. I grew up in a haunted can't put nothing passed me.
So, I would say I've got experience. I've read all the books. I've had my own excursions. I even went looking for Faeries once...caught a really cool picture too...if I can find it. But, I don't have a zillion blogs, and even though I write everyday, I don't share EVERYTHING I write. So, in the end, does that make me any less of a researcher than the people who have bandwidth?
I mean, seriously, who's keeping tabs on all of this?
What will be the measure of a true, honest to goodness UFO/GHOST/PARANORMAL/ESOTERIC researcher? The web appearance or the knowledge? Someone seriously, let me know if I need to spread myself thin and start another blog, even though I'd much rather take a saturday morning car ride to the NORTH AMERICAN STONEHENGE.

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