Monday, February 12, 2007

The constant in balance

A wise man once said,"The paranormal is nothing more than a technology far beyond our capacity to comprehend." This quote alone has been the foundation of my esoteric learning. Ufo’s, because they are often hard to explain, have an almost supernatural quality to them. A hundred years ago man only dreamed of flight. In the vast jungles of the amazon, human flight was an accoutrement of the Gods. To see airplanes traverse the air daily must have made those who were not schooled in the technological advances of civilization, bow down in effigy to the great winged, metal gods. This is not too different from what we find ourselves doing today. We have cults who worship these unknown spinning metallic anomalies, without caution. We have scientists who, despite their public reluctance, ponder over the broken laws of physics a ufo can define. But, does that make UFO’s supernatural?
Anything that is misunderstood is dangerous. Misunderstanding leads to misinterpretation, and from misinterpretation comes misinformation. This has been the root of a vast majority of the ideas behind Ufology. Something is hovering over a barn; it is metallic; it glows like a candlestick. This is all the detail that can be attained from such an encounter and yet, once the sighting is reiterated it becomes something else all together. The story may stay the same but the ideology has already mutated.
This does not mean that UFOLOGY will only find its way out of the abyss if it allows science to take the reigns. Science can do no better. Science is a scant attempt to do what God and Womankind can do naturally: Create. Thus, science will create an explanation and the explanation itself is not the truth. It is not the end all be all. As far as science is concerned it is an enigma to be studied, categorized, cross-referenced and in the end, the answer is no better than it was left in the hands of capable men of lesser degree and stronger pursuit.
In this context, how is it that we will ever separate the supernatural from the technology of the flying saucer? Is it possible to technologize something that the mind can barely comprehend? Or is that too far reaching? What if they are no more advance than we would be ourselves given an extra 150 years? Does it really take a million, a hundred thousand or even a thousand years to perfect such a technology? Is it perfect? What if it is an amalgam of technology, smoke and mirrors? What if what we are seeing is not essentially what there is?
Is it possible that the ETs themselves have been perfecting, not the perfect craft-but the perfect persona? Impressing us with their lying wonders. Holding us captive to their impressive array of tricks. Why? To scare us? To impress us? Or to fool us into giving them a technology we ourselves possess and may not even know the significance of.
More still, what if their stunts are nothing more than attempts to get our attention. Could it be as simple as cultivating a malevolent presence solely to the effect of securing a safety they know is with warrant should they land on the white house lawn? Wouldn’t we fake it too?

In the end the answer is never simple. But most UFOLOGISTS know this and accept it. We know the answer is not around the corner. We are aware that it may take a lifetime or two to comprehend the crux of this phenomena. We are not anxious for it all to be known, for where is the thrill in that? The world needs mystery. The world needs the supernatural...but that does not mean that one cannot look into the void, stretch his arms forth and grab on to something solid, so long as he is willing for the ride.

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