Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What if...?

I've gone through countless UFO's reports in my lifetime. I've read all the books...watched all the TV shows. Everything seems to be customary. Or atleast it used to be. UFO's were saucers once...then they became flying humanoids and jellyfish. They used to be metallic in appearance and then they became black triangles or transparent balls of light. I can handle the changes in the exterior details. People pay attention to that kind of stuff. The stranger it is, the more they eat it up. But, is anyone really paying attention to these odd details because there is one detail I've heard many times, and I've yet to see an extensive report on it. It's a little thing to do with...well, electricity. Not sure if it's staticy...heck, it may not even be electricity. But the since the descriptions are pretty close to an alectrical component, I am going to stick with it.
Recently, a witness to the O'Hare sighting stated that beneath the craft resembled a hive of millions of bees...moving around. During the Pheonix lights sightings, a young witness spoke of staticy movement beneath the craft, as if it were alive. What is this static electricity phenomena? Do UFO's use some sort of electricity for power? Or, are we looking at some odd dipersion of Ions? It gets more and more complicated when something that sounds so simple is so out of place? We've heard of electrical storms on mars. Is electricity in abundance in the universe? Is it the Philosopher's stone?

(to be continued)

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