Friday, February 23, 2007

DNA extracted from alien hair

I couldn't resist passing comment on this one. According to the test conducted, the Mitochondrial DNA links this sub-human (because if she infact shares even some DNA with us, she is a subhuman), has a common ancestor with only 4 distinct people...all asian. This all brings me back to the tale of the YELLOW EMPEROR.
According to legend, the Yellow Emperor was the ancestor of all the Han Chinese. Here is an excerpt from the legend of the SONS OF HEAVEN, according to chinese mythology:

"...Egg, created by magical forces of gods Sa and Bal, exited under the action of its own weight from the divine bosom of empty sky. The shell became a defensive armor. The casing defended like amour, and that which is White became a source of strength for heroes. The inner casing became a stronghold for those who had dwelt in it...From the very center of the Egg came a human being, Possessor of magic force..."

Huang Ti was one of these SONS OF HEAVEN, later known as the YELLOW EMPEROR. He was said to have brough civilization to the chinese, who were at the time simple hunter gatherers. His wife was said to have taught them to cultivate silk from the silk worm.

The story parallels with the Sumerian tales of the Anunaki, and the ancient celtic tales of the Tuatha Danaan...and farther back to the biblical tales of the SONS OF GOD.

In a way it all harkens back to Panspermia and the article even touches on this. A better idea, for those who are science fiction-inclined, is BATTLESTAR GALACTICA---
A civilization of humans, prospering in a galaxy that is not their original home, searching, however feverishly for the fabled EARTH. It's all gobble-dee-gook in the hands of the wrong person, but it isnt too far fetched to consider that Von Daniken and Sitchin may have confused the details, but what if we were brought here,,,from somewhere else?

There is no other way to explain why entities from outside the earth would share our matter how miniscule the similarity. There is a common link. Does this mean we are them? Or are they us...through genetic manipulation?

This raises more questions than usual.

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