Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dress codes: Cryptozoology, Ufology, Ghost hunting and Fishing

Loren Coleman recently posted a question on Cryptomundo: "Are there reasons for the way the public sees me and others, or wishes to see cryptozoologists?"

It's a valid question, but as I was reading Coleman's post, all I could think was, "Who gives a shit?" And this was in no way projected toward Loren Coleman (because I adore the man). It was projected at the public-at-large.

I can tell you as someone with a degree in fashion design, what you wear does say a lot about who you are. You are showing the world who you are or what you do, but it's not an accurate portrayal of the person inside. Most of the time, what you wear is a costume.

A theoretical physicist in dungarees is no less a great physicist than the one in a suit. Maybe the one in dungarees is on vacation, or writing a book. Maybe the one in a suit is promoting a book or visiting the white house. Who knows, and who cares?

My point is, yeah...Cryptozoologists sure do wear a lot of hats, but who wouldn't under the beating sun, in the jungle, out in the field...looking for cryptids? It's a uniform because it's essential! Cryptozoologists don't wear suits because they don't find answers in offices.

Now, skeptics do a lot of talking. A majority (but not all), never leave the confines of a warm and cozy building. They talk a lot and they type a lot. They are indoor folk. Indoor folk pay attention to what they wear, especially if they sell books about how much more they know and how nothing exists because they say so. Skeptics are SUITS.

Ufologists, Ghost hunters and Cryptozoologists are adventurers. Adventurers don't play dress up. I would never take an adventurer seriously if he/she didn't have a little dirt under their nails, a sunburn here or there, at least one pair of cargo pants or shorts in their closet and some hiking boots/sneakers.

That is what the public should be aware of. The talkers may look good? But the actual doers look sharp. On and off the field. Just wait till Coleman is in a suit. Shermer and his button ups don't stand a chance.


Rich said...

I guess there will always be "odd" things to be looked into. I'm glad there are people looking into them.

I don't need to go anywhere and just look at the things/life around me. Quite odd enough for me to say the least.

Loren Coleman said...

For more on this topic, see "Hats and Heads, Part Dos," with more images and videos.