Friday, August 28, 2009

The Legendary BUDD HOPKINS @ BOA

Budd Hopkins is part of what I like to call 'the holy trinity of Tina's esoteric madness'. John E Mack and Brad Steiger round out the tail end of my THREE. That's not to say I haven't got more favorites, because I do. Loren Coleman knows I am talking about him. So does Whitley Strieber with whom my fascination is more like 'where does that dude come from'?! But in a GOOD way. And I had/still have the greatest respect for John A. Keel.

When I was a kid, BUDD HOPKINS' 'Intruders', JOHN MACK'S 'Abductions', BRAD STEIGER'S 'Project Blue Book','Star People', and 'Overlords of Atlantis...', WHITLEY STRIEBER'S 'Communion', LOREN COLEMAN'S 'Mysterious America', and JOHN KEEL'S 'The Complete Guide to Mysterious Being's' rounded out my slow decline into the strange and fantastical.

It's a shame though. Because when I look at my list, there isn't a single woman on it. But I am working on that.

Go listen to Tim Binnall asking all the good questions, regarding BUDD HOPKINS life in Art and UFO's... @ BOA AUDIO.

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