Saturday, August 29, 2009

Matt Damon to portray Bob Lazar

Yeah, know it's coming. I'm going to say something unsavory before this post ends. I'm not going to do it on purpose. I'm not aiming to disrespect anyone, but c'mon people! Throw me a bone here. Matt Damon was really itching to play Bob Lazar? Really? Did he read a script that was about anything but the whole story?

I mean, let's just think about it for a second: Bob Lazar (according to..Bob Lazar), worked for S4. S4-Sector 4 sounds like something out of a James Cameron film. It was located near Groom Lake (Area 51). He claims to have seen discs and knows how they travel.

I'm going to admit it, when I was like ---what--- twelve, I believed him. Okay, not believed, but I was fascinated by his story. What kid, totally in love with the idea of life in space wouldn't have found his story fascinating?

So, Atomic Element 15 (the element that Lazar says makes UFO's fly, not the element in Donald Trump's hairspray), supposedly produced effects akin to anti-gravity. But Bob Lazar has been under fire for various things that basically throw his credibility (if he ever had any) under such close scrutiny, Howard the Duck looks more respectable than he does.

Matt Damon is a great actor. Maybe he's looking for an artistic challenge. Personally I would suggest he do a David Mamet movie, but whatever. Actors are a strange lot. Especially the really good ones who make massive amounts of money. Maybe Bob Lazar's story should be told. Because who knows...maybe he is telling the truth.

The 12-year old Tina would have given him the benefit of the doubt.


Lesley said...

I know it is easy these days to not believe anything Lazar said because of certain other things Lazar has claimed that were not true about his education and such. However, the fact remains that he took both John Lear and George Knapp out to Area 51 and strange things began flying around just like he said they would and when he said they would. So somehow he knew something. Also, I have a great deal of respect for George Knapp and I can't totally write off anyone that he believes in. So I believe there is at least some truth to Lazar's tales.

Plube said...

Hmmmmm Bob Lazar now why would hollywood want this to be done....they whom control media....what is the real purpose...more disinformation to inflict upon the human race...lets be very wary of this...and lets not continue to be swayed by the stories that people will want to use to blind us to the truth...Baob Lazar....hmmmmm

Plube said...


Rich said...

There certainly isn't much to go on coming from Lazar it seems, just tales which amount to just tales...and even just outright fabrications period.

John Lear seems too far out for me in general, though it is good to at least give an ear to all things in "Ufology" and whatever else...even if just for a laugh or cry.

Never be so certain of something UNLESS you PROVE it wrong or right. I have never been to the moon (as far as I, and everyone around me, knows) and obviously can't say EXACTLY what is up there for sure. I can only take uneducated/educated guesses based on what I read and have seen in wacky and good photos.

I will say this though, if true, the Area 51 thing with George Knapp and John Lear does add JUST A TINGE (very slight) of credibility to Lazar...especially if he got the times right regarding WHEN they would be flying or whatever the hell is going on over there.

I can only guess that they do test "arial crafts" or whatever over there and that if one goes there you might see these things. So, if they test them ONLY during certain times (like no moon at night under darkest sky or whatever the hell else) and you DO KNOW when they test, then this adds JUST A TINY BIT of credibility to you...certainly not enough to say you are a truth teller though.

RJM1138 said...

The truth is out here. Somewhere. Robert Lazar is an exceptional character. I can tell you that he did indeed work for and at the S4 faucility. Aliens? He may know something I don't. Flying disc? Yes. One would be inclined to believe they were alien spacecraft rather than where the truly appear to be from.

The Truth is Back There.

MuThink said...

I worked with Bob. He is telling the truth. You only know half the story.