Friday, December 11, 2009

Norway Spiral (Update)

Firstly, can I just say I love NEW SCIENTIST. I wish I could write for that publication of 'bad-ass-scientific-awesome'. I'd be extremely happy. Um. Yeah. So... about that blue Norwegian Spiral.

This is what 'they' had to say about it:

It looked like a time-travelling vortex fit for Doctor Who, but a strange spiral observed in the skies above Norway on Wednesday morning was actually a failed Russian missile launch, says a Harvard astrophysicist who monitors space launches.

Gosh those Astrophysicists are sooo smart. If American Colleges weren't so expensive,
maybe I'd be one by now. Maybe.


Rich said...

Science in general can be pretty interesting. I mean take a look at this article at New Scientist:

The world and everything is a whatever. If the world does have a purpose, I imagine it exists for itself, whatever that means.

Ants that rebuild their walls after every rain, etc.

The most beautiful sand castles that are only really sand.

The most beautiful minds, "souls" and the like that are only just...???

Are we really so different than bedbugs or dare I even say sand?

Rich said...

I don't know, it just seems to me that the world (whatever this all is) was not designed for life, especially "higher" life forms like us.

Actually, there are very good arguments against any notion of design.

So, I reason that everything basically is whatever...kinda like sandcastles....whatever, because in the end they are just sand and in an odd way were never meant to be.

Just because something can be done and/or looks smart, looks beautiful, etc...only means whatever.

A rather dreary look at life/existence but whatever.