Sunday, October 07, 2007

Regarding So-called "Alien Abductions" by Michael Horn

All I have to say about the *entirety* of this article is that MICHAEL HORN presumes too much. He most certainly PRESUMES that E.T.'s think like us. Well, they shouldn't, because simply put, THEY AREN'T US. And that having been said, we don't think like them...which is why we run around in circles, chasing our tails, trying to figure them out. Who's to say that ALIEN ABDUCTIONS aren' their way of trying to figure us out? So simple, yet so probable. Too many people like to look down on the human race. Too many humans...and yet, what if there is something about us that puzzles these 'creatures' from elsewhere? What if they can't quite figure out who and what we are no better than we can? I think it's about time that people started thinking outside the box if we are going to contemplate the minds of beings living outside this solar system.

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Lesley said...

Yes, it is a general assumption that all intelligent races think like humans. Who knows how many different types of beings there may be and they all think like us? I doubt it. Even humans all think differently. Although I do believe they are probably like humans in that there is the good and the bad individuals and races.