Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Memoriam

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Every time a discovery is made of some lost, forgotten sunken land, people hop on the 'Atlantis' band wagon. Atlantis has become the Roswell of archaeology. If the place is ancient, under water and comprised of rings or concentric circles, than it is Atlantis. 

It is Annoying!

Consider the fact that many forgotten, sunken landmasses of yore lie scattered across the globe. Surely they can't all be Atlantis. Now, I venture to admit that much like we have our world divided into continents and countries and cities, etc.,. it may stand to reason that Atlantis may have been a continent or great country as well. 

That however, does not mean that every time we uncover some proof of ancient habitation on the sea bed that we are looking at a fabled land of Poseidon. We can't limit ourselves in that way. We have to realize that much in the way that our world is currently divided, our ancestors were perhaps not so different.

A discovery made in Spain has already been dubbed "Atlantis". How Atlantis came to be in the mud flats of Southern Spain is not only beyond me, but beyond Plato. It doesn't match anything every written about the whereabouts of the lost legend and there isn't much written about it to begin with.

This new find was located some 60 miles inland by and American Research team and the entire discovery has been documented by National Geographic to air on the channel as a special on Atlantis. But is it Atlantis? According to Richard Freund, the discovery may be a memorial city. Essentially, built in commemoration of the actual Atlantis. Perhaps by survivors.

But what if this 'memorial' isn't the only one? In fact, as I mentioned a while back, the city of Gilgal (Israel) and maybe even Stonehenge (with its concentric design) and many other spots on the planet may all be commemorations to an ancient way of life, an ancient land mass and an ancient people and perhaps the survivors of the catastrophe that wiped out Atlantis spread across various places on earth and went forth with whatever knowledge they had and tried to preserve it somehow. Somewhere.

Wherever they could.

Or, maybe Atlantis never existed. Maybe it's just a story. About a place. That time forgot.

You can read more on the discovery here.


Rich said...

I'm not quite sure why people would be so interested in Atlantis, seems like just another possible "sunken city." Was it a magical place or defy the laws of physics? I mean other sunken cities, places, things and other archaeology finds could seem just as interesting or probably even more interesting to me. I don't know, whatever.

Anonymous said...

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