Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To see or not to see

I used to think experience was enough when it came to the paranormal. If you saw a ghost then you knew better than anyone else what it was. Better than the skeptic. Better than the guy who has never seen a bat in flight, much less a hazy apparition of a long since dead relative.

That was back when people had integrity, or maybe it's because back then no one could afford to lie the way they do today. Today lying can get you anywhere. Lying can get you fame and fortune. In this new generation of 'proliferation of exaggeration' everyone's got a story. And therein lies the dilemma.

I've experienced my fair share of the paranormal and maybe I'm not much of a sharer when it comes to personal matters, but I've come to know that being an experiencer doesn't make me an expert. I never say I know anything definitely and  I never lie. I'm coming to the conclusion that experience and honesty are working against me.

Maybe if I had more stories to tell, just maybe more people would read my blog. But there are just some lines I won't cross. Maybe this will lead me down to the road to obscurity where no one will ever really KNOW what I have to offer, to say, to add to the growing mystery that is the supernatty. Maybe Ufology will continue to be a male dominated endeavor.  Maybe all the popular bloggers with webcasts and magazines will continue to ignore me because I didn't have a probe shoved up my ass. Maybe... maybe... and maybe.

Maybe I just don't give a shit.

Maybe I should.

I didn't just fall into the paranormal. I grew up in a haunted house. I was the 5th grader in the library looking for books by Jacques Vallee and Erich Von Daniken. I imagined a career writing books and exploring haunted and hidden places. Then I grew up and came to the conclusion that if I didn't have a 'story' to tell, well then I was assed out.

This isn't always the case, but for those who have made it through the cracks having never been fully interested in the paranormal, or having never seen anything out-of-place and yet still making the glorious climb through the ranks, I commend you. You have it. The spark. Or whatever it is.

I think that I, like most, am just waiting for that one thing to happen... that one experience to trump them all. Then, maybe then I can write about something that hasn't been written before. Because most abduction stories bare the same basest elements. Many of the UFO sightings are ripped from the same page in the book of UFOLOGY and many a ghost encounter has its roots firmly set in the lore of every other ghost tale.

It seems there is nothing new to share and maybe that's my problem. I have nothing NEW to share. Nothing to amaze the masses. Nothing to make jaws drop, heads spin or interviewers stalk me for the deets. Nothing. But I know I am not the only one.

And  I am waiting for it. I know it's coming. Hell, it's happened before and I feel a wind blowing. Something wicked this way... it comes. It's in the air. It's testing the waters around me. I know a story is coming. If and when it happens I will write about it.

I might even share.



Rich said...

I'm waiting for what the Large Hadron Collider finds or doesn't find or whatever. Help form a better picture perhaps for some "Theory of EVERYTHING."

I'm waiting for the results of "Can GEO600 hear the quantum noise of spacetime?," which might lend some truth to this being a "holographic universe." I believe there may be something to this idea....there is that word BELIEVE and also the word "may."

The problem with paranormal stuff is that it doesn't always have any REAL basis to back it up. If someone shows a picture of a ufo...well it could be this or that or whatever. Also, no matter how much a person experiences, there does need to be some sort of proof backing it up. This is the problem with the paranormal and even indeed the "universe" as well sometimes or maybe even all the time.

I think speculation, imagination, and the like are fine when dealing with the unknown. The problem becomes when that is all there is to it.

New GOOD evidence for anything paranormal doesn't seem to pop up everyday, every month or even every year. It may even take years and, in the end, still show nothing.

Sometimes we need to look at the new discoveries of science, medicine, etc and just leave the paranormal aside. These discoveries can almost be just as strange. The paranormal is fine when there is some sort of evidence for it, unless one is just compiling stuff or something like this.

In EdgeScience magazine I believe I read an article that said (amongst other things) that the HIV virus has never ACTUALLY BEEN ISOLATED AND SEEN. Is this true? Are infected people fighting a virus that only has circumstantial evidence at best for...??

I don't know. Just my two cents.

Rich said...

Of course by mentioning two things above of what I'm waiting for, this would not mean to exclude the others. There are others.