Sunday, March 06, 2011

Angels and Demons

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Last week, over at Mysterious Universe Micah Hanks talked briefly about UFO's, Extraterrestrials and their associations with the occult. If you would like to read the entire article, click the title above. It's an interesting thought considering the older I get the less I come to view E.B.E.'s as visitors from other Earths and more like evil, vengeful, fallen deities from other realms.

Yeah, sometime even I have a hard time understanding myself. Truth be told, had I not had the experiences that I've had in my lifetime, then maybe I wouldn't be so surefooted. But, I've never met an experience that was positive. There were no glowing entities with wings, promising to save humankind.

I get that there are people who claim to have such experiences, but they are few and far between. The rest of us see darkness, evil, fear and basically, something that shouldn't be there, and not because it's hard for us to grasp the reality of such things existing, but more so because something so downright evil has no place in our world.

Just think about it, we are flesh and blood creatures who live everyday with the same constant struggle: Awareness. We want to know who we are, what we are and where we came from. The unknown scares us. The unknown is like looking into the darkness and knowing, no matter how quickly you can look away, that there is a slim chance the darkness will look back.

As children we are told the darkness doesn't exist. It sets us up for failure. Because soon enough the day comes when we see what really lurks there (some of us sooner than most), and when we do, our world becomes even more chaotic and the answers seem farther from reach. We still have no clue who/what we are or why we are here, but even worse now we have to contend with the question of WHAT ELSE IS HERE WITH US.

And therein lies the inevitable fact that monsters can take on any guise. Superior monsters, those of old, ancient days are even keener to the ability of warping our perspectives. There was a time when they may have been beautiful men who glowed mysteriously and came down in chariots, but that's because our ancestors didn't know much about flight. But then again, even as I say that I am not fully satisfied or content with that answer.

Our ancestors met strange beings, called them gods, worshipped them, feared them and erected monuments in their honor. To say those beings didn't exist is like saying the celebrities that grace the covers of tabloids and sell films don't exist. Maybe in 15,000 years people will think Oprah was a myth too. Who knows.

The fact is, the beings of yore with their destructive powers didn't go anywhere. They just changed tactics. The wolf has changed clothes, but it is still a wolf.

(to be continued...eventually.)

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Rich said...

Assuming (though you say basically for sure) that parts of the Bible and some stories (or even history) of other cultures relate to some sort of other intelligence, then I would say the wolf does seem to change clothes, not only within any given time but also within any given culture.

Me personally, I think that those people were are on drugs and/or having some sort of hallucinations. I mean in reference to the Bible, I refer to this article:

Having said this, I do not know what we and everything ultimately are, OF COURSE.

My guess is some sort of "coded or programmed reality." Looks (and even can test to us) as random but really doesn't have an ounce of randomness to it. Wouldn't need any type of creator either or maybe there is some creator(s). This perhaps natural program would just run and run and run and run...infinity...maybe even becoming aware of itself....maybe we're part of this???????????

Where did the program come from?
Well, I think it has always been around (hard to imagine maybe). The states that it creates change but it itself never REALLY changes.

Kind of like the alphabet. A-Z are letters that are just there but the many, many different ways they can be put together CHANGE.

Take also water. Water can be ICE or WATER VAPOR or a LIQUID....but they are all H20.

These may not be the best examples, especaially about water, but I was trying to get across the point of "UNCHANGED CHANGE."

The letters of the alphabet change their position and go on and on and on but the letters STAY being letters FOR ETERNITY. Motion (and indeed time and perhaps existence itself) being more like illusions. Better to look at it this way though, the program (coding) doesn't have to change but its outcomes (what it renders) naturally do, which brings me to the next...

The letters (coding) are finite (A-Z) but the outcomes (words, sentences, paragraphs, etc) are perhaps limitless, especially if evolving (but not randomaly evolving just UNKNOWABLE). So basically the base is FINITE but its outcomes are INFINITE....which creates INFINITY.