Monday, March 14, 2011

Aliens vs. Demons

I've said it before... the older I get, the more I lean towards Aliens-as-demons or Fallen Angels, if you will. Seems like I'm not alone.

Nick Redfern on the Djinn and Guiley's and Imbrogno's new book

Nick Redfern on Aliens and Demons...

I'm not as prolific as Redfern on the topic, so I'll just let him (and the links above) do all the talking.

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Rich said...

We'll, we don't truly understand the nature of whatever this all is. I find it hard to believe in things if there is no proof though or at least some circumstantial evidence. Believing and knowing are two different things though (a lot of us at times confuse the two) and we should always try to know something, otherwise it is mostly all (if not all) just smoke in the wind.