Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cosm(et)ic History

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Body modification is nothing new. People have been altering their appearances since before the first cosmetic surgeon cut his way out of the womb. So it shouldn't raise any eyebrows (no pun intended) when any new kind of modification is introduced into the mainstream.

The latest mod comes in the form of Elven ears. You heard me right. People are getting their ears modified so they can look like elves. The thing is, no one is 100% certain just what elven ears look like. If and when Elves did exist, it was most likely about the time the Children of Dana came down to the Hill of Tara. That's thousands of years. I don't recall any tomb drawings of just exactly what their ears looked like.

What I do know is that there is plenty of evidence to support the existence of the Long-eared people. Could these be one and the same? You don't have to look too hard or too far to find evidence of the Long-eared folks. Buddha had them. The Moai of Easter Island have them. In some indigenous cultures it is customary to modify ones earlobes to create the long-eared look.

The long-eared people closely resemble the Elven people of lore, with their red hair, fair skin and long, thin noses. Could we be talking about the very same people? And if so, then I'd hate to tell all the World Of War Craft enthusiasts getting their ears modified to a point because there's a very strong chance they're doing it wrong.

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